Helping Freedom Win: Clif High Exposes Everything


Clif High is an amazingly accurate computer expert who has very accurate predictive abilities (see more about him below). What he tells Nino in this MUST-SEE video puts a new light on everything that’s going on right now. Click the link for the Clif High video if it doesn’t appear, just below, on this page.

Some Major Points of the Video

  • We are in a world war, the biggest one ever, but because the Dems and MSM (mainstream media) refuse to act on or even acknowledge anything to do with it, the masses of people on the planet are unaware of this fact.
  • There has been more death from this war than even World War II, but because no one is aware we are all lacking the “shock factor” that normally would/should accompany a war of this magnitude. So, therefore people are remarkably unemotional (i.e., asleep).People need an emotional “oomph” to fight enemies, but we lack this, and this is a very key point.
  • What we need, or what anyone fighting a war needs, is all the folks at home talking about the war. This talk is necessary to inspire the necessary push of support to end the war.
  • Because the war has been going on so long, with no actual wake-up “bombs”, it has eroded away at our culture; polluted our social order; degraded our people with drugs and abhorrent sex models; broken up our families with division and hatred; killed our children; and ruined our educational systems and churches to a point where our minds are polluted.
  • The stolen election is just one small part of this war.

What Must We All Do to End This War?

  • We must start talking about this war in whatever way we can without freaking people out.
  • The enemy wants division and hatred, so we must promote love and kindness while waking up our fellows.
  • It is so important for us to be calm, that the military is taking on the war without our help until such time as they can see people know about it.
  • There is a true maxim, “It’s always darkest before the dawn”, that applies here. Some kind of a big, dark, BOOM is necessary to have people actually know that “OMG, NOW we are truly at war!”
  • Examples of this kind of BOOM in the past were Pearl Harbor and 911. But, our BOOM doesn’t have to be destructive; it just has to be such a kind of thing that wakes up the masses to the war that is.

Think of the Matrix. Neo was awake and several thousand others, but the vast majority of the masses were asleep. You can see how it would serve no good for masses of people to all wake up in panic-mode. Public panic is not what we need right now. That would actually hurt humanity’s chances of winning this war. People need to wake up, yes, but it has to be done in the right way.

In many ways we’ve already won the most dangerous part of the war, but don’t know it. The awake civilians are spending their time learning and sharing, but until that “trigger” comes it feels like we’re in a crazy-house of mixed realities.

Clif believes the trigger is coming very soon. People MUST start openly talking about the war we’re in and supporting it (rather than being in division and hatred of each other over it). The trigger is necessary, or us “talking about it” will be a real bear. This (both the trigger and the talk) is the only way we’ll know the war has come; the enemy has been defeated; and the war has ended.

Who is Clif High?

Clif High is a computer scientist and linguistic. He is the founder of the “Predictive Linguistics” field. His technology uses vast amounts of internet data to understand the nature of humans. His tech uses computer software & bots to collect & analyze enormous amounts of data from the emotional content of the words used on the net.


He predicted 911, Trump winning the 2016 election, and many other major events with his technology. Now he’s using his technology to help us all wake up. He tells us how it must be done too, which I highlight some of above.

Helping Freedom Win

See my main page,, for more about what you can do to help our world right now.


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