The Sovereign Character


Operation Disclosure | By Brent Johnson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 4, 2022

The Sovereign Character

If you knew… really knew… with every fiber of your essence… that you were king or queen… that you were royalty, literally and in the truest sense of the word… if you knew this without any room for doubt…
… would you behave any differently when dealing with your public servants

– Brent Johnson

Recently, a listener commented to me that he finally realized what it means to be sovereign. He correctly explained that sovereignty is a statement of character. A sovereign carries himself differently, with an air of power and authority about him (or her), so that all the world can see by his demeanor that he is special, he is majestic.

The listener then told me something with which I cannot help but agree. He said that throughout his trial, Saddam Hussein held himself like a sovereign. I realized that he spoke the truth and felt compelled to share with you my thoughts on Saddam Hussein and the sovereign character.

Let me first say that my comments should in no way be interpreted to even suggest that I ever approve of lawlessness, murder, or oppression in any form. I loathe these things and have dedicated my life to resisting and opposing tyranny, in whatever forms it may take.

Saddam Hussein was elected President of Iraq. Now you may say that the vote was fixed, or that the elections were fraudulently conducted, or raise any number of issues implying that the election of Saddam Hussein was in some way manipulated, and therefore should be disregarded. However, the fact is that Saddam Hussein was elected President of Iraq, and you can no more resurrect Iraqi elections of several years ago, than you can demand a recount of the 2000 and 2004 United States presidential elections, in which there is strong evidence of manipulation of the electronic voting machines, to George Bush’s favor.

Remember, Bush never won a presidential election. His position of President was bogus. At least, that’s the conclusion that any sane person reached if the governing principle he used to evaluate the question was that you must always follow the Rule of Law, regardless of the inconvenience of doing so.

Saddam Hussein was elected President of Iraq, thereby making him President of Iraq. In 2003, the United States invaded Iraq without first obtaining a constitutionally mandated declaration of war from Congress. This means that the invasion was illegal under both constitutional and international laws. This also means that anything that happened as the result of the illegal American invasion was itself tainted by foundational illegality; since the invasion was illegal, nothing good came of it. This is sometimes referred to as the Poisoned Tree Principle: a poisoned tree cannot yield good fruit.

Because an illegally invading army forcibly deposed Saddam Hussein, under the Rule of Law he remained President of Iraq; he was a deposed president, but retained his office, and he absolutely conducted himself accordingly throughout his trial.

I marvel at the numerous audio, video and print clips of Saddam facing down the judge, the prosecutor, and the jury. He understood that he was sovereign, and he expected to be treated as one, and so he was treated as one. He carried himself with dignity, and as far as I know, he never appeared defeated or beaten in any way. When Saddam talked, people listened. That is the mark of a true sovereign.

People regularly ask me about paperwork and procedures to be sovereign. That is the wrong question to ask, because no amount of paperwork, no understanding of procedure, and no documentation will make you sovereign.

Sovereignty is a state of character. If you really knew yourself to be royalty, then why would you continue to go along with everything that your public servants tell you, especially when you know they are liars and cheats who disregard both the Constitution and Rule of Law?

What makes you sovereign is your attitude. By acting like a sovereign you are seen that way. Despite the fact that he had been (illegally) imprisoned, Saddam Hussein continued to act as a sovereign, and his captors therefore treated him with respect. You can do the same.

I have been teaching sovereignty for over 30 years and over that time period I have seen many successes and many failures. The successes come because the individual displays the correct character. The failures come because the individual depends solely on the paperwork, procedure and law for his remedy.

You see, those people who have been given the responsibilities of administering our laws and impartially and fairly adjudicating disputes in our laws, have themselves ceased to obey our laws. When the government fails to follow the law, then the law will no longer provide a remedy for the individual. Those who depend on the law for justice find themselves victimized and abused.

Conversely, those who understand that government workers who fail to obey the law are outlaws, lawbreakers, and criminals, have placed themselves in a much better position from which to successfully assert their sovereignty.

Since the government is staffed with criminals, solely depending on the law for your remedy will fail. You need to make your stand in the psychological arena. You need to fight you battles on the psychological battleground. That is where you will find success. That is where you will find your sovereignty.

A sovereign carries himself majestically. He behaves like royalty. That doesn’t mean he orders people around and acts like a would-be dictator. To the contrary, a sovereign respects people of all classes, ages, genders, and faiths. A true sovereign knows that he is the ruler of his own life, so he has no need to prove it by “pulling rank” on people.

The interesting thing is that when a sovereign behaves majestically, everyone with whom he comes in contact responds accordingly. Without even knowing why, people afford him due respect, because they sense that this person is royalty, this person is special.

Bureaucrats are no different. When you display it properly, they sense your sovereignty and always respond appropriately. I can tell you numerous stories of bureaucrats doing the exact opposite of what they were trained to do, because a sovereign told them to do so.

I have seen judges dismiss cases, police let drivers go without even a warning, administrative clerks go beyond their duties, and bankers circumvent their rules and regulations… when approached by a sovereign man or woman. It really is quite amazing.

I regularly tell people that your success asserting your sovereignty is dependent not on the processes you use or the documents you prepare and submit, but rather on how you conduct yourself, which is determined by the character you display. Successful sovereign Americans all have one thing in common: they carry themselves majestically.

Saddam Hussein, whatever you may have thought of him and his behavior, showed the world a perfect example of displaying the character of a sovereign. If even just a small percentage of Americans would assume the character of the sovereign, the tide of totalitarianism, tyranny and oppression could be seriously turned toward liberty and the Rule of Law.

People tell me there is little or no hope of restoring America to her once-great heritage of individual rights and freedom from government control, but I don’t believe it. I believe that there are choices we could still make – as individuals and as a country – that have the potential to inject the American spirit of individualism and liberty into our sick and ailing Republic.

We have seen large groups of people effect major political changes by standing firmly on the principle that they, the people, are the ultimate rulers of their own nation. We have been shown first-hand that the general population really does have the ultimate power in a society, if they would only wield it.

Saddam Hussein stood as an inspiration to all people who value Due Process, the Rule of Law, and individual sovereignty. He was responsible for everything he did, but nevertheless, he displayed the character of the true sovereign and for that, we can recognize and even thank him.

Freedom isn’t free. Freedom must always and at all times be defended, protected and preserved. It cannot be retained through passive acts. It cannot be sustained through inaction and apathy. Freedom needs your active participation. It calls you to unending duty. It requires your eternal vigilance to survive.

Freedom, liberty, and the right to self-determination can only last in the presence of and when supported by people of the right kind of character… the Sovereign Character.


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