Bruce Haines’ Response to Mary Hamer about “Why are the White Hats Punishing the Awakened People?”



Operation Disclosure | By Bruce Haines, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 28, 2022

Response to Reader Mary Hamer:

I would start by reminding you that the people of the earth are engaged in a war.  More to the point, those soldiers of many nations let by the Alliance and DJT, the leaders of the other nations, and the Galactic Federation are putting their lives on the line and are dying every day to clear out the DUMBS and liberate countless children and others held hostage for the pleasure of the Satanic Freemasons and the Reptilians and Grays. 

Secondarily, the light warriors are also battling hard in their own way  to find strands of truth through the fog of the MSM to those awake and make sure those strands of truth are there for the not-yet woken masses. 

In case you have forgotten, we are in the midst of WW III and it has been underway for quite some time now  This age of darkness and of lies and stealing our freedoms has been going on for 6,000 years.  Maybe more.  The complexity of the Deep State evil extends to all aspects of our lives – medical, scientific, political, entertainment, music, education, cultural, the courts, law enforcement, the military, business, religion, the list is a long one and the moving pieces that the Alliance and the White Hats have to deal with are infinitely more complicated than you or I or any other citizen can possibly understand.

Your simplistic and naïve pleas for the White Hats to end the movie and bring it all to a conclusion lacks facts – facts that only they who are in the battle on the front line and behind the lines can fully grasp and juggle and change and alter strategies according to those Deep State counter moves, which I am betting are many, as their way of control and power is coming to an end and they know it.  That does not mean they are giving up and going quietly to their defeat and doom.  They are fighting with all they have which, again, none of us not involved firsthand have any idea what those fighting steps being taken are. 

Consider statements we all have heard:  “this is going to be a near-death experience.”  Sadly, in war, there will be real deaths on the side of good.  That is war.  You are pointing out the physical issues that are taking place – the truck convoys, the possible use of DEW weapons (you state that is the White Hats utilizing them with no proof). The Deep State have these weapons and don’t hesitate to use them to create more chaos. 




Yes, we all want this to end.  But I would ask, what about a near-death experience do you not understand?  We are not even close to that.  Those over billion souls who have been “vaccinated” with the bioweapon we casually call “the jab” may be losing their lives in the next several years if they were not lucky enough to have been given a placebo. 

I believe this time of waiting and watching, researching, putting out blogs and videos and comments to help people understand the truth is critical to this “movie” having an ending that is an assured victory.  If you think the Alliance wants more deaths, you just don’t understand (because no one can fully understand what we don’t know) the moves they must make to insure this is a victory. 

The Alliance has ONE SHOT at this being successful.  

One shot at ending thousands of years of being debt-slaves and being crushed as a species. 

One shot at making sure everyone understands what has happened and to educate them so it cannot happen again.   

Any wrong move at this stage of the war, and we are all screwed.

That you would infer because of your (and our) limited view of this war from outside the battle zones of the DUMBS and all the intricate maneuvering that are going on constantly without end, that DJT and the Alliance are on purpose trying to delay and cause more deaths and confusion is an insult to the efforts of those in the trenches fighting for all of us. 




If the Alliance and DJT could move faster, they would.  They have a love for this country that is not matched by anyone, you included. 

They will continue to fight this war with all that they have and if that means we are delayed getting it to the finish line, then so be it.  I trust they have the guts and courage and the patience to do the right thing to insure a victory for mankind. 

One shot is all they have.  One shot is all WE have and that too, includes you. 

I’m glad they are professional enough to make sure that shot is a bullseye. 


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