(Reader: Rambo) Do you See it?


Reader Post | By Rambo

Please tell me you all see it?

How can you not?  The “PRECIPICE” is here!!!  We’re “IN THE STORM” people!!  But you all knew that now, sorry.

The Fake WW3 Nuclear War Scenario is about to play out, scaring all the Drones out of their slumber, shaking people to their core, “LEST WE FORGET”!!!  But you and I are not worried, because we follow “Q” and we were told this was coming.  We understand that, “It had to be this way” – “Q”, because of the 11.3 Law of War Manual, because the corruption was so monumental in ALL of Congress, the Courts, the Legislative and obviously with the “Foregin Occupier” in the “White House” (now that’s laughable). Let’s not forget all the branches in city and state governments, I mean the pervasiveness of it all could only be ferreted out by the MILITARY and MILITARY JUSTICE!!!  But we KNEW THIS TOO!!!  It had to be this way because we KNEW that they would NEVER serve “justice” upon themselves, right?  That’s funny!!!!  And so when “Q” said, “Military saves the world”, it all started to make sense!  

Now with the financial machinations going on throughout the world now, it’s setting itself up for the takedown of their “Swift” NWO System and the boot up of the QFS!!!  I don’t need to tell you all this though, because it’s just SO OBVIOUS NOW!!  Hello, Ukraine, anyone?  And now with China and Russia off the Petrodollar, their bullshit enslavement system is cooked!!  But you all realize this anyway, sorry to preach to the choir.

We also knew that, “TIMING IS EVERYTHING” – “Q”, and that the R.V. is one of the puzzle pieces that is necessary at the PERFECT MOMENT IN TIME in order to take the knees out from the NWO Global Satanic Elites with the elimination of their Private Western Central Banking System!!!  Thereby clearing the way for the QFS and GCR!!  Coincidentally, well not really because “Q” always said, “NO COINCIDENCES”, it will lead to fair elections, again, thanks to Trump allowing them to steal it from him, I mean, I don’t need to tell you all that it was a sting operation all along so that all elections from here on out will actually be honest, that those we truly elect actually govern us and not those that “they”  INSTALLED!!!, right?  Of course, how silly of me.

We also know that all the new technologies are coming with free energy, Med Beds and a 1950’s cost of living index, to just name a few.  And most importantly, NO MORE BANKER WARS!!!!  ALL THANKS TO “THE PLAN” and their implementation of the Quantum Financial System that we’ve waited for!!!

Yea, it’s been a bit difficult getting to this point, but we all knew that it was an over a centuries old Pedophile Devil Worshipping Psychopath Elite who infiltrated all the alphabet agencies in every government throughout the world and that getting them all would take a PERFECT “PLAN” started 50 plus years ago, and executed FLAWLESSLY, in order to defeat them, right?  Of course we did!!  Because we had patience, we studied, we researched, and since “Q” said to us, “The choice to know is yours”, WE CHOSE WISELY and believed!!!


And now that we’re “IN THE STORM” as Trump told us all about, and that TAIWAN is next, and after that, we know their “SAVING ISRAEL FOR LAST”, we know our time is at hand!!

Now do we know exactly WHEN the puzzle piece of the R.V. will be “called” upon?  Nope, but we knew that too, seeing as it’s a “Military Operation” and who in their right mind runs around telling people anything in a M.O.?  Seriously, that would be INSANE!! Nobody does, but you all knew that, my bad.  But, one thing for certain though, we know now, that it’s close, real close, seeing as we’re UNDOUBTEDLY IN THE STORM NOW!!!!

Thanks to “Q” (JFK Jr.), “Q”+ (Trump) and all the amazing Military Intelligence Team, we’re about to experience TRUE FREEDOM, TRUE LIBERTY and TRUE JUSTICE, like never, ever, never experienced in human history before!!!!

But most of all, “Thank you, God!!!”

Man it’s good to be us!!!




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