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ok imma explain something here and everybody needs to try and wrap their heads around this. Jesus explained to us he exists inside us. The evil powers that be tell you to look for a savior outside of yourself. Why would you do that when Jesus already told us he exists inside of us As above so below. Our father in heaven. As above so below. John 10:34 is it not written in your laws I have said you are Gods? Psalm 82:6 As above so below. God exists above God exists below. 

God made man because he wanted a relationship with them. God came to earth to live amongst us. Get it yet? This matrix if you want to call it that IS God. The divine matrix as Greg Braden calls it. Ask and you shall receive. Pray from Gratitude not from fear. Everything is God. Everything you can see everything you can not see IS GOD. YOU are GOD your sons and daughters are GOD. Your ancestors are GOD everything in this creation is GOD. Those were the spiritual parables Jesus spoke of. 

The fall of man does not refer to a physical event it refers to a spiritual event the fall of mankind’s level of consciousness to this 3D realm. Our battle is not that of flesh and blood but against the evil that controls the world. A SPIRITUAL battle.

Go to town and find the man with the water pitcher. That is a reference to the constellation Aquarius. The age we are entering into. Ezekials wheel is a reference to the cosmic calendar. 666 6x6x6=2160 years×12 zodiacs=25,920 solar years. That completes the cosmic calendar Right back to the age of aquarius. God made the stars to tell the changes in the seasons and the times(aeons or epochs)This is the occult knowledge. 

Occult does not mean evil it means hidden which yes of course the evil that controls this world has hidden so everyone will continue to look for a saviour outside of themselves. Again is it not written in your laws I have said you are gods? As above so below God exists above God exists below. YOU ARE GOD. Jesus told us this. Who do you believe? A church that tells you what you should believe or GOD himself telling you what you are. This is the awakening plain and simple. Anyone who tells you otherwise does not want to see you Spiritually grow beyond this 3D conciousness. 

The bible is a spiritual guide book with tons of astrotheology. The ancients knew this and astrology/astronomy didn’t become a “sin” until 325 a.d at the council of Nicea when all of this information was taken and hidden away in an attempt for us to lose who we truly are. Anybody who claims they are Gods chosen people and operate in the shadows obviously are not. We are all children of the God most High. 

Satan controls this 3D experience (level of conciousness) As you awaken you approach higher dimensions of consciousness (Christ cosmic consciousness) this isn’t new age religion this is ancient knowledge. Hindus called the Age of Pisces Kali Yuga and the age of aquarius is Satya Yuga. Vishnu is the rider on the white horse who appears between  the age of pisces(Kali Yuga) and the age of Aquarius(Satya Yuga) 


Revelations- First horseman with a crown and a bow represents Sagitarius. The rider with the scales represents Libra. The rider on the pale white horse named death represents Scorpio as indicated on certain tarot cards. Fixed constellations North (man) represents Aquarius East Bull (Represents Taurus)  South (Lion) Represents Leo and West (Eagle) is Scorpio. We are Spirits in a material world. The emerald tablets of thoth and many Sumerian tablets describe this perfectly.

The pineal gland is your connection to the almighty creator of ALL things seen and unseen. Just remember your 5 senses only interact with what exists in the visible light spectrum not the 95% of matter that you can’t see. We are told we come from monkeys. We are told God is a being that exists outside of ourselves when in fact Jesus told us he exists inside all of us. Don’t you get it? As above so below… God exists in heaven God exists on earth. We are all a part of our Creator. The Gospel of Thomas and Jesus both speak of our ability to manifest our own reality. God gave you this ability.

Sumerian tablets illustrate the pineal gland or pinecone as does the Popes staff and the giant pinecone in front of the Vatican. Representing the seed of knowledge from the heavens. Knowledge of the Ancients. The knowledge that was taken from us in order for the forces of darkness to control us. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth also speak of very similar things that The Gospel of Thomas and Jesus himself spoke of. Manifesting your own desires into reality. Ask and you shall receive. You see these beings do not have this ability so they use us to manifest their desires by using lies deceit and fear. Wake up my brothers and sisters. The truth shall set you free. We are all children of the God most High. I Love you all!


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