Why Does it all Take so Long?



Operation Disclosure | By Glasnost, Guest Writer

Submitted on February 21, 2022

Why does it all take so long (spiritual approach)!

Part 1

In these days, many people are impatient. Everyone wants to see change. After all, we humans suffer from tyranny, lies and fear in an always life threatening world.  A new world was promised where there would be prosperity and joy. Admittedly, the process of change to obtain that world is still slow. However, let’s look at the current situation through the spiritual point of view.

Every being is basically a divine particle wrapped in human flesh. Our lives take place on a prison planet and then also in duality in a veil of separation. So we don’t know anything about former lives.  If you now look at this planet from the higher dimensions, it is said that you did not have to go to this planet. You wanted to. You wanted to learn and experience certain things yourself. Experiencing what it is like to live in a world with omnipresent evil accompanied by oppression, tyranny, poverty, disease, adversity, natural disasters and so on.

How does this process work now? Ultimately, every soul must become a god. For this, every soul has to travel a route with learning processes and various exams. As far as earth is concerned, this means living many tens of lives in varying capacities. Sometimes man, sometimes woman, sometimes poor, sometimes rich, sometimes with a different religion etc. Ultimately, learning process  must lead to a dimension leap (in this case from the 3rd to the 5th dimension), in which the being turns into some kind of superhuman. This means that we go back from 2 to 12 DNA strands and get the remaining 90% of unused brain capacity back (all this had been dismantled by the Anunnaki in a distant past).

This transition is done through an exam in an end time. An end time does not mean that the world perishes, but that the world passes to a higher dimension. This exam means making a leap of consciousness meaning knowing what is happening around you and parrying difficult matters with love. Why love? Because otherwise a universe cannot exist. This development up to the dimension jump all happens in a cycle that lasts 26000 years. Then everything starts all over again. So those who have not passed their exam will only then get another chance. This type of cycles were counted by the Mayan population through the famous Haab calendar. They count cycles of 26000 years, after which the counter jumps back to 0.




Okay, now, with this knowledge in our pocket, let’s look at the current situation. We know that the world we live in is full of misery, especially war, famine, disease, terror, environmental pollution, and death and destruction. What is not told is that this is all artificial. After all, there is evil present that has been tolerated until now. This is to let the not evils (the normal people with a house, tree, critter live) learn things and develop spiritually. This toleration has now come to an end. Understand that one of the most important lessons is to realize that this omnipresent evil is present at all. Understanding that the corona story is not there without reason, but that it is there to give people the chance to see through this dirty artificial hoax, especially to do something with it. Understanding who brought this hoax into the world. Understanding that these are the same evil entities that have brought all the wars into the world and are now trying to start WW III, that caused terror ([9]-11, Fukushima), that manipulated elections (everywhere) to always ensure that the evil ones  remain in power everywhere. To understand that by definition virtually all governments, apart from a few individuals, are evil. Understanding that diseases are artificial, understanding that the whole system is one big control system, etc.

Now, for the sake of convenience, let’s focus on one important exam component. The corona hoax. Evil has been working on it for a long time. Just look at Dean Koontz’s 1981 book. What about the Rockefeller files from 2010. It describes exactly what is happening now in detail. See annex 1 at the end of this writing!

Also, take a look at the content of the vaccines. See annex 2 at the end of this writing.

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