The 2/22/22 Pluto Return


Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 19, 2022

On 2/22/22, the United States will experience its first Pluto Return, as the planet of death, rebirth and transformation returns energetically for the first time since the symbolic birth of the nation on July, 4, 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

This major transit will unearth corruption, wrongdoing, and power struggles hiding in the shadows, yet, ultimately it signals a renewal of the origins and ideals which birthed this nation, as things formerly hidden are brought to light to be contended with out in the open. Empires have a tendency to rise and fall (or be reborn) upon Pluto Returns. The Fall of Rome is one example. Naturally, the revolutionary birth of the USA, which we tend to take for granted today, is another.

It should be acknowledged that Native Americans were living in this land long before this date. This chart reflects the birth of the current laws, beliefs and documents that created the America that we know and live in today, whether or not you believe that those freedoms and ideals of that document are currently being lived up to or not. The reality is that we are about to collectively and nationally face ourselves in the mirror for the first time since July 4, 1776, and address whether this country will rise, fall, or be reborn into a new era of freedom and idealistic clarity. 

It is interesting to note that George Washington’s birthday was on 2/22. This 2/22/22 transit is comprised of master numbers that can reflect divine forces arriving to influence political affairs. Whether or not you personally believe such influences exist, the founding fathers of the USA were very clear that they both believed in, and relied on Divine Providence to succeed in their revolutionary quest. Considering what they were up against, it is not surprising that they would look to something beyond strictly logical human understanding to aid in their revolution, since by all tenets of logic and reason, they had virtually no chance of winning the war against the British Empire. The fact that they did, against all rational odds, is why we have a country today, in which individual human rights and equality, as given by the Creator (and not the State or the King) are considered as a national cornerstone, along with the motto: In God We Trust, that we curiously enough even put on our money. You can ask yourself whether you think we are currently living up to these cornerstones or whether they are crumbling beneath us.  

The Country, from Pluto’s perspective, has now made a complete revolution since its conceptual birth, the first revolution of its kind. And now we are back to revisit these ideals and to collectively struggle to either renew them or see them subsumed by another, darker agenda. The Empire that the Continental Army fought against still exists today, though it is characterized in other ways, such as the Deep State, the Cabal, or in more mundane terms, the private central banking system, or the corporate technocracy. There is no shortage of terminology. It is the kind of Empire that could conceivably shut down citizen-owned businesses for well over a year, while keeping corporate giants like Walmart and Target, or McDonalds and Taco Bell active the entire time. This Empire could also pressure the People under its thumb to take certain vaccines and medications to combat a designer virus, while denying them other ones that have long been proven effective. It could also get people to mask up their children, forcing them for years to breathe in their own carbon dioxide, which stunts their healthy development and growth. Nice Empire, huh?

The founding fathers, and the “ordinary” citizens who joined their revolution, were fighting for the concept of the freedom of the individual, and yet also for the freedom to collectively create their own system of governance, one based on ideals which they claimed had their foundation in the unifying principle of God itself. Naturally, this was a lot to live up to, and these people were not perfect. First of all, they had to win this revolution, one that looked impossible by any measure. Also, they only had 5% of the populace who were willing to take up such a task. And then the reality was, were they to win this war “by Divine Providence,” they would then have to live up to the words on that parchment, which had declared the equality and rights of all human beings, as given by God. Thus, a coming Civil War to end slavery was more or less built into that first victory of the American Revolution.

However, the Empire that the British represented was not so easily defeated. When they realized that they could not win on land, so to speak, they determined to return to the fight with other methods, namely the “infiltration instead of invasion” tactic that JFK spoke of, and the private central banking system the founding fathers warned of, which incidentally was instituted in the City of London, a region of England which is a legal entity unto itself, separate from the rest of the country, like our District of Columbia in the US, and the Vatican City in Italy. This is where the Empire has staked its occult obelisk, while the sleepwalking citizens walk on in the “mental darkness” that Frederick Douglass spoke of, unwitting subjects of those that would rule by secrecy.

Yet, it has long been prophesied that an awakening of humanity is in the cards. All across the world, citizens of every country are waking up to the institutional dynamics of tyranny operating behind the scenes, and the People are taking back their power as individuals and as a collective. It is called We the People, after all, the true power behind representative government. United as a People, the governments of the world are our public servants, not our rulers. Most of these so-called public servants today have long since been bought off by corporate industry. However, there are yet those with higher ideals within the system, willing to fight for what is right and uphold the values inherent in such documents as the United States Constitution. Hope, it is said, remains while the company is true. Though the quest stands on the edge of a knife. 

This Pluto Transit does not come and go in a rush. It is a slow moving celestial body. Three times in 2022, the Pluto Return energies will spike, as we experience our exact degree-based return on February 22th, July 11th, and December 28th. The Pluto Return is so profound that its pre-influences have already been felt in 2008, when the corrupt Wall Street credit-default swap nearly crashed the US economy, and more significantly in 2020, when the first major signs of its arrival hit, and the US went through the Covid Plandemic and the 2020 US election steal.

People can argue about whether Covid was planned or whether the 2020 US election was corrupt and fraudulent, however, given enough time, history will prove this to be the case. But bear in mind, history is written by the victors. Therefore, this coming Pluto Transit, which signifies the death, rebirth and transformation of the United States, will require a victory in the Second American Revolution in order for this nation to be reborn to its original ideals  and for the truth about what has taken place to fully come to light.

Fortunately, this revolution is more of a spiritual and information war, and not one which requires citizens taking up arms against their fellows. The Canadian Trucker Convoy is one example of the kind of peaceful protests this new revolution represents. That said, there have been and are battles taking place behind the scenes, and political battles both past and present, which will determine the outcome of this revolution. There are also battles in the financial and tech sectors, battles to institute new systems and dismantle old ones. In a way, there is no field which will not be included in this revolution, and that means the medical and energy industries as well, since this passage signifies a true rebirth, if the energies which signify the fall of a nation do not prevail.  

A rebirth and transformation of the world’s systems may seem a bridge too far to many people, and far too large a task to accomplish. Many felt the same way about the first American Revolution. It is my take that the Second American Revolution began when Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for President in 2015. The backlash to this from the Empire, best characterized by the response of the corporate media, was severe. The political establishment joined the fight, as well as big business, and soon it seemed as if the whole world, minus the actual majority of the voters, was against Donald Trump. He won anyway, which delivered a radical shock to the system.

Just like in the first American Revolution, the Empire did not give up when they lost the initial war, they re-circled and regrouped and determined another way to regain their lost power. This time around, they used everything at their disposal, including the medical industry, to contend with the awakening populace and their populist president. It would appear to many that they succeeded in stealing the 2020 election and foisting their puppet ‘Joe Biden’ onto the populace as their supposed “elected” leader. The candidate who garnered the most votes in US history. LOL.

Not only are the Pluto Energies not done with ‘Joe Biden’– truly they have not even begun to address him. The Pluto Transit, which returns the USA to its birth and destiny, officially begins in earnest on 2/22/22, and then it spikes two more times in 2022. Then it completes its revolutionary transit in 2024. So, we have a tumultuous and remarkable time period ahead of us. It is my belief that ‘Joe Biden’ will be gone long before 2024, but if he isn’t, then there is a hugely significant election in that year. Without the ability to alter election results with Dominion software and mail-in ballots, Trump would win in a landslide of over 80% of the real vote. But perhaps it will not come to that, or something will happen before then. We will see.

There are many in the political world who are not simply waiting for another presidential election to resolve this. The forensic audit of the 2020 election has not gone away, though the media tries to ignore it. It is being proven for those with eyes to see that the election was compromised and stolen in the battleground states, and in others, as well. The Durham investigation has also proven that Hillary Clinton manufactured the fake evidence of “Russian Collusion” which media-dominated the first Trump presidency. With the help of tech allies, Clinton spied on Trump’s campaign and presidency, which, by the letter of the law, is a criminal act. Obama and his administration were both aware of this and complicit in it. And, of course, the corporate media played its role in putting it all over.

Biden has long proven himself to be a political criminal, as well. He and his family have taken money from foreign entities, like China and Ukraine, and as such, Biden is a deeply compromised agent, should the actual laws of our country be accounted for and enforced. With each passing day, ‘Biden’ is revealed to be more and more incompetent and corrupt– and we haven’t even hit 2/22/22 yet. It would be interesting to see how many people think he can make it all the way to 2024 or not. It’s a long way off from here, and a transit through truly revolutionary energies. Good luck, Joe! 

In the end, just like with the 1776 movement, the bigger picture here is a spiritual one. Without the foundation of Divine Providence, these coming changes to the world system would be beyond the scope of mere mortal hands. The current system, like the Matrix, is simply too entrenched to be removed without the aid of what might either be termed supernatural guidance, or something that has been placed in the cards energetically by a divine hand, something that we will have to face collectively whether we liked it or not, and something that cannot be derailed by the worldly powers that be. 

Since we are about to go through a time that might be likened to a birth canal, before we come into the light of a new era, there are many that would no doubt prefer we not have to deal with this, or those that are so heavily invested in the old world and its systems, that they will fight with everything they have to stop it. And then there are others, a strong contingent indeed, who cannot wait to make this passage, regardless of the efforts it will require to get through it, chiefly because of the promise of what lies on the other side of the river, so to speak. 

A lot of well-meaning people have hated Trump, and not understood what he was in actuality fighting for. These people, I am sure, do not believe he will return to office. While this coming historical moment is beyond the purview of simply one individual political character, and whether or not he returns to the presidency, there has been so much deception forced onto the general public around Trump and what he truly represented by those powers that fought him, that we are going to collectively have to face a reckoning in these matters, where the actual truth comes to light and is ultimately resolved. The Durham investigation is merely one facet of this, which is just now coming to public revelation. Much more is in the cards. 

The Storm is here. It will blow many old structures down and make space for many new ones to be born, reborn, or re-instituted. We are collectively back in 1776, whether we like it or not. Personally, I love it. I am not overly idealizing the individuals that were part of that first revolution, but I deeply admire their courage and convictions, and the incredibly brave reality of what they were fighting for. We live in a country that was founded on their legacy, yet it is an incomplete legacy. We are not done yet, as the sacred principles on that Declaration of Independence still need to be fully instituted into the world system at large. You can ask yourself whether you are among the “5%” type who fought in that first revolution, whether on the fields or in their hearts, or more of the “watch from the sidelines” type, waiting to see what happens while keeping your own cards close to your vest. Miraculous victories don’t come around every season, sometimes it takes 248 years before you get another chance to change the world for the better. Discernment as to who is who in the zoo, politically speaking, has never been more important. Yet the mind control aspects of the media have done their bit on the hearts and minds of the populace. We’ve come a long way since the printing press of 1776. We can indeed be controlled by our communications technologies and yet also freed by them. It is an interesting dichotomy. 

To those that would support Tyranny over Freedom, whether unwittingly or not, I will say this: It is officially ‘Game On’ now. Let’s see which structures can survive the coming storm, which ones are worthy of being maintained, and which ones fall. We are all collectively tasked with envisioning a better system, one in which integrity and virtue prevail– “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence” to help see this all through. I may have lost a few atheists with that one.

From all sides the ‘old world order’ system has promoted division and separation amongst the People. Racism, sexism, and every other divisive “ism” is its calling card. Yet, a certain Prince of Peace who walked the Earth some 2,000 years ago heralded a different way of being, one known as Unity Consciousness. That way of being was a nuclear detonation to the political world of its time. Back then, the general public, let alone their system of governance, was not ready for that kind of consciousness to prevail. However, the seed was planted.

While I don’t expect Christ to return as an individual personage per se, I do expect that it is Christ Consciousness or Unity Consciousness which will ultimately emerge as a driving force in this world in the ages to come. Since it is so radically different from the consciousness of separation we know so well, one can only imagine what a world governed by it would look and feel like. Perhaps terms like ‘paradise’ and ‘a golden age’ are the only ones which could begin to do it justice.

Sometimes, you must go through the Dark to get to the Light. It doesn’t sound like fun when you still have it ahead of you, but it is nevertheless the Hero’s Journey that every great Hollywood epic is based on, so why not embrace that aspect of it, and appreciate the possibility of what it portends?

1776 is back, and this time we can complete the promise of the ‘Declaration of Independence’ and fulfill the divine truths of the words on that glorious parchment, for which the men and women of that time mutually pledged their Lives, their Fortunes, and their sacred Honor, giving birth to a Country whose destiny is to be a light unto the world, and a shining beacon for what is possible in the arena of human affairs, when Unity is made the cornerstone upon which all foundations of governance are built.


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