Helping Freedom Win: It’s a Very Complicated Cat and Mouse Game and Now We’re the Cats



I was watching this recent very well-done documentary about JFK, the Mob, the CIA, oil tycoons, FBI and the rest, who plotted and carried out the JFK assassination. And, I realized that until we ALL (good guys) start thinking like cats, we’re likely to never get out of this cat and mouse game we’ve been in for thousands of years.

How does a cat think? Well, he watches (quietly) and then when he’s ready, he pounces. The trick is, as a cat, YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE WHO THE MICE ARE! The mice are supposed to be the bad-guys, not the good-guys.

Who Are the Good-Guys?

It’s easy for me to define who the good-guys are. They’re the people who believe in fair-play, do-unto-others, love-thy-neighbor, kindness, and decency.

But, to many people this differentiation is not so easy. Our society gets implanted with the poison of lies and brainwashing, and this drives some people mad.

An example of this is just this morning in Canada. A shop owner gave a truck driver some money from her own personal funds, to buy him a tank of gas, so he wouldn’t freeze. Somehow the news of her “donation” got out publicly and she was suddenly hit on all sides. Some of the people hitting her were making threats and doing malicious vandalism to her and her shop. What was most upsetting to her was some of the crazed people weren’t even strangers. They were neighbors, who formerly had good will toward her. But, her simple act of donating to a cause they were mind-poinsoned against was a trigger to them. These people were like very crazed cats, pouncing on the wrong “enemies”.

There are many other examples of “crazed cats” like this when it comes to politics or religion. The brainwashing sets in and takes over the rationality.

If you look at the cabal’s history, with their power over religion, education, medicine, politics, money, media, lies, crimes and every aspect of society for centuries, then you can see it’s been a much bigger game of cats and mice over all these years, but we were the mice.




It’s only pretty recently that we (good and ordinary people) even have had a chance to be the cats in this cat and mouse game. We can only be so bold against the likes of the Al Capone mob, because we now have some back-up. Trump and the military (Q) have been working behind the scenes, and will soon come out in the open to back us up. So, let’s take this power now and learn how to be cats.

We First Have to Learn to Recognize the Real Bad-Guys

The real bad-guys are very recognizable. For instance, in the documentary, above, you can see the real bad guys. The Mob were and are real criminals, so are Satanists, pedophiles, and treasonous monsters (like Hillary, Al Capone, Hitler, Bush, Obama, The Pope and Biden). I think the majority of the world will achieve unanimous agreement about these monsters once the veil of deception is lifted.

But for some, there will always be a confusion about who is who. I can only trust that the majority of crazed and brainwashed people who aren’t actually bad will eventually come around.

Next, We Need to Learn How to Pounce

If we’re the cats now, and we really are, it’s time for us to take over this cat and mouse game. We better get out of our comfort zones and learn how to pounce. This is a great time for our planet. Trump and the military are leading the way, but OUR HELP IS ESSENTIAL.

There are many ways we can be proactive.  i.e., truck convoys, rallies, election audits, lawsuits, writing our representatives, participating in schools and local government decisions, spreading the word about Truth Social. Anything you can do that’s proactive for the cause of tearing down the cabal is a pounce on the enemy.




Helping Freedom Win

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