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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Here I am again. Two nice quotes I found:

Mark Twain, US writer
“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.”
Jim Davis, U.S. comic book artist and creator of Garfield
“Imagination is a powerful tool. It can color memories of the past, shade perceptions of the present, or paint a future so vivid it can be tantalizing…. Or terrifying, depending on how we behave today.”

And the text continues:

There were no more borders, no more fences, nothing like anything else I’ve seen in the world, for example. Death strips, border controls, wars, it’s all a thing of the past. There is still a military, just with different tasks. Today, those who have chosen to be soldiers are part of the galactic federation. They defend and protect Earth and all other Federation member planets. Yes, there are still opponents and enemies and there are also many other planets whose inhabitants are now as we once were. In lower dimensions, but ready or about to ascend as well.

I had started early, a result of my personal change in the last years of the 3D world on Earth, to look at a future life and future tasks. Everything I had done and was doing in my life had led me here. To me consciously or unconsciously. And I tell you, it has come, except for a few small things, everything as I have always dreamed. I used our exchange to promote new technologies and to fulfill the dream of every person who wanted it. We basically opened a money distribution center, just as the alliance had envisioned. My project partner’s dream/vision of standing on a dune and distributing gold coins to people became a reality. And we four founders could see so many happy faces in a few months because all of a sudden all of people’s dreams came true. Money as a negative energy, which had caused so much suffering and so much bad in our world, became almost overnight a positive energy that healed everything.

The positive side effect of this money glut was that almost overnight all criminality had disappeared. The real bad guys, all the stooges of the so-called Deep State, had been watched for some time. After all the evidence was together, there were the mass arrests. Likewise, all their “creations”, like biorobots, clones or soulless were “disposed”. Every move the Deep State had planned had been turned by the Alliance. Vaccinations only harmed the many stooges and collaborators, 5G activated consciousness and undid indoctrinations, blackouts brought free energy, crash of stock market and cryptocurrencies enabled 100% activation of quantum internet and QFS. What many had suspected always happened only in the background. While on the outside everyone was busy dealing with the show, succumbing to divisions, being tugged in different directions by real and fake informants, the Alliance was quietly and secretly making its preparations and pulling off THE PLAN. Because of this, it still had to admit many things that most, until the end, did not understand. The gaze of MSM and alternative media was always directed to where the Alliance was not acting. The plan was brilliant, the absolute secret and finally led to the new world.




Our whole planet is green and clean again. Wherever you look and go, it is all nature, pure nature. Factory farming became obsolete, no one had to hunt anymore, the now free-living animals are becoming more and more trusting. They don’t have to be afraid anymore either. And many pests have disappeared, blood-sucking animals and insects that were also brought to earth by the cabal. And we humans are learning more every day to communicate with animals. This has helped many when confronted with poisonous species that only wanted to defend themselves during encounters. We live together on one planet, and have finally realized that we need to share it with all living things. Pets we still have, sure, but they come to us voluntarily. Nobody buys animals anymore to be able to have them or to have to have them.
In every country, or rather every region of the country, people are doing equally well. They have all come together to form communities that really work. No one is sick anymore, no one suffers hunger anymore, no one has to work for others anymore, everyone is free to do what they want. And, believe it or not, the willingness to do something for a community has become enormous. Envy, resentment, strife no longer exist. Every person tolerates the other just as he is. Worldwide. Governments have been reduced to a minimum, there is hardly anything left for them to do. Among themselves the peoples are united, a single earth law is kept “Thou shalt not steal!”. That is enough.

There are still different languages and dialects, but we understand each other, no matter where we are on earth. And everyone speaks in his own language. Today it is much more important to be able to conduct communications with other civilizations of the universe. Especially for me it is important. Soon I have to get on the road again, we have goods to deliver and goods to pick up, for something my long logistic experience must have been useful. The Earth Alliance has found so many trading partners in the universe who trade Earth products with their own products. Not everything can or may be produced by replicators. For example, money, gold or other valuable materials. If this had been possible, we would have received a replicator at our exchange dates and not money. Intergalactic trade has become a good opportunity for me to do what I have always enjoyed doing, even in 3D. Today, however, on a larger scale. The spaceships we use to move around are already a bit bigger. And there are other tasks as well.

The galactic federation has for some time a planet “in work”, where also an ascent into a higher dimension is pending. Both on the part of the planet and on the part of its population. Many souls, formerly incarnated as part of Earth’s population, have reincarnated there to learn their outstanding lessons and are now ready for an ascension, as we were years ago. They had almost “sacrificed” themselves here on Earth to make our ascension possible. It was their task for which they had volunteered. This planet is also, as it was with us, under control of the dark Ones. The Creator has ended this “deal”, as it was with us then, and determined that ascension will come. Not easy for the dark ones, they have to look for another “playing field” again. Helping and supporting this population will also be an exciting and important task. Many of my new “comrades-in-arms” still know this help from Earth, have experience with it and I will certainly be able to learn a lot from them.

By the way, it was very “spooky” when I could look at all my past incarnations. It was like watching a movie in which you are the main character. A whole lot of incarnations, I guess I wasn’t good at learning my lessons. And the learning is not over yet. The most constant thing in life is change, that still holds true. Even the earth with all its new achievements, with all its improvements, will still evolve. Only it will become easier and easier, for each individual, but also for mankind. The pressure from the lower dimensions falls away more and more, so it becomes easier and easier to go up the steps. And not only is the pressure getting less, there are not so many distractions anymore. The freedoms we got after the change are a tremendous feeling. Loads have been lifted off our shoulders, virtually overnight, and everyone who witnessed it felt light, like a feather.

No one needs a vacation anymore to recover from work. No one falls asleep on the couch, exhausted after eight or ten hours, in front of a television whose programs serve only to stupefy. There are still media, but they are no longer recognizable. Real news, of course, but also a lot of documentaries, educational content, and even just a few hours a day. We can choose when and if we watch it. Likewise, our daily and weekly schedules have completely reversed. If we used to have a lot of work and little free time, today it’s the other way around. The opportunities for leisure, that had been the real projects of our future. Today, everyone does what they have always wanted to do, we have all turned our hobby into “work”. And since we have diverse interests, everything fits when we do it together. That was exactly what took a long time for many to realize. Hey, and of course there are still sporting events. But sports are only played because it’s fun, not because of money or fame. All cheating and taking advantage has ceased to exist in this field as well. There are still competitions and games, but they are characterized by fairness. The better man wins, pure recognition, without envy, grudges, doping and other cheating. No matter whether in individual disciplines or in team sports. And everyone else gets to watch for free, if they wanted to. How do we get there? With portals! Every settlement center has portals. You go through them like through a door or a gate. And arrive where you want to go, it is “set” beforehand. And past events, for example concerts or sporting events of the old world, we can enjoy in holodecks, as if we were there. The new technologies have brought us a lot of possibilities. To improve and enrich our lives, first and foremost, to make our free time meaningful. Always in harmony with the world and nature. Our free time and how we spend it with family and friends is in the foreground.

Speaking of free time, today is another big bonfire in our settlement center, we celebrate spring solstice and the third year of temperate climate. Together with others, I get to make music today. I have chosen “playing guitar” in the medbed as a special skill. Folks, I play like Eric Clapton, I could sing a little before. One of the Alliance songs is also included today, “I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy!” Remembering that they got all the leaders of the Deep State and gave a chance to the stooges who were converted in time.

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!




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