(Reader: Stefan) My Wonderful New World, Part 1



Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

I found two nice quotes on the topic of this article:

Alexander von Humboldt:
“The most dangerous of all world views is the world view of people,
who have not looked at the world.”

Jane Fonda:
“We deal with this world as if we had a second one in the trunk.”

In the last two years, we haven’t really had a C pandemic, but quite different ones. Several at once: pedophile pandemic, human trafficking pandemic, awakening pandemic, and most importantly, a plastic waste pandemic. All the covid believing governments with all their many stooges have shown me personally one thing, they don’t give a shit about us humans and our world. And they show it quite openly. I find a mask, call the public order office…..Nobody comes and they hang up annoyed. Really? In a pandemic with the most dangerous virus, no one comes and disposes of a contaminated mask lying around in public? Not to mention that the person who threw it away doesn’t actually believe in all that bullshit either, or they wouldn’t have just thrown the slave symbol away CARELESSLY.

That’s not the only way I realize that it’s not my world to be in anymore. Television doesn’t interest me anymore, series don’t interest me anymore, sports don’t interest me anymore, American football doesn’t interest me anymore and certainly not this farce in China that others call an Olympics. Again, a “Really now?” A pandemic with a deadly virus and you invite athletes from all over the world? Folks, what more do you actually have to point out to some people before the bullshit detector kicks in. Mine hasn’t come out of the red for years. “A funeral of the needle” is what Ray Stantz from the Ghostbusters would say now. The main thing is that we see Chinese in full body condoms that can rival any Michelin male and it’s all soooo safe. The competition eliminated by positive tests lives under such inhumane conditions, the supposedly arrested cabals at Guantanamo certainly have it a bit better. I can really only hope that this whole nonsensical event is also just a show, medially presented with actors.

Let’s put all this behind us, me at least. It is no longer what I want in the new world, like so many other things that I unfortunately still have to come to terms with. It’s not wrong, it inspires me every day anew to deal with the world I would like to have. That is what I want to deal with. And the massive influx of energies, whether I feel them directly or indirectly, really seem to support me in this. More and more often, news and messages bounce off me without me reacting to them. It sounds easier than it is. It requires strength, a lot of strength in fact. But it is worth it to muster this strength.




Meanwhile, my visions and ideas also find their way into my dreams. Certainly no coincidence (there are no coincidences), it is rather as if the spiritual world wants to support my “works” of the day once again. But what does this world look like that I wish for? Is it alone my world or can other people also make friends with it? Hey, people, egoism will no longer exist and what should I do with a world in which only I would feel comfortable? The human being is created for communities and not for a hermitism. That’s why in the last decades all sociability was slowly and sluggishly, in the last two years massively suppressed and forbidden. Do you want to know more about my wonderful world? OK, then I’ll get started. But in advance, the subject of money, exchange, RV, GCR I leave out, firstly it is for me a matter of course that this all comes, however, secondly, we will not need any more money from a certain point, you will see.

Since there will be no more time, I get up with the dawn. I still make my bed myself, I won’t be deprived of that. It is aired and at the window the new day is greeted, no matter what the weather is. Nobody forces me to drive from home to point B in the rain or snow to “work”, I divide my days myself and do what is really important, or what I would like to do. Housework falls flat in the process, new technologies make it possible and also the decay of all materials has been slowed down worldwide, so there is no more dust. I go into the bathroom, take a shower, press the replicator button that “disposes” of everything. Then it’s off to the only closet, very small by the way, favorite clothes on and then into the “kitchen”. The days when people had to have cupboards, chests of drawers and shelves in their houses and apartments to store their belongings are over. The replicators not only create, they also dispose. So I could have textiles I need in the morning and dispose of them in the evening. Washing, ironing or folding is a thing of the past.

On the command “breakfast,” the replicator produces a balanced meal with everything my body needs right now and everything I like to eat and drink. I don’t always do it this way, sometimes I prepare breakfast myself from “raw materials”. Everything is natural, healthy and nutritious, no matter what it is. Nothing has to be grown in large areas anymore, no animals have to be kept to produce food. Everyone can have what they need and like made, individually. So not only have all the food production facilities, slaughterhouses and the like disappeared, but the big grocery stores no longer exist either. And the trucks, trains and ships that transported goods from A to B are also a thing of the past. If I want to eat a steak, I get it. I can decide whether it’s ready-made, the way I like it, or whether I still want to prepare it. No animal has to die for it anymore. And no more plants have to die for vegetables, salads.

Then it goes into the garden, I look briefly if somewhere something is to be done. I pick a few berries and an apple as I pass by. I am satisfied, hardly anything to do, everything is as I imagine it. The house has also been a long cherished wish, a log house made of tree trunks, just as the Timber Kings have built so many times before. It is designed and furnished the way I like it. No more “building department”, no more regulations, all history. If I don’t disturb or harm anyone (which is a thing of the past anyway), I get to build how I want. My individual space, which, by the way, everyone has here in the neighborhood. Yes, neighborhood, because I live in a settlement that consists of many individual lots laid out in a circle around a center. And it is to this center that I am drawn. Maybe I can help with something that’s going on, I feel like it, as I often do. Community works like that. And where I am needed, I am there, you don’t have to ask me.

You surely miss a partner or a family, don’t you? Well, in my visions and imaginings during the day, there is no such thing, there are still the 3D experiences that I have at the moment. In my dreams at night though, there’s always a partner. So I leave that, until it is then so far, to the creator or the universe. Everything will fall into place, including a new partner. As far as that is concerned, I have great confidence. It is there, I do not ask why.

You would have to see the center, I can hardly describe it. Preschool and school, if you can even call it that. Sports facilities, an artist’s studio, music rooms, workshops of craftsmen who love their profession and can continue to practice it. Of course, there is also a doctor, but he has little to do. After we have all been healed in the medbeds, we are in great shape and health, the large medbed centers have all gradually disappeared. Only smaller healing stations and mobile chambers remained. The doctor is really only there for emergencies now, rather he helps people program and optimize the replicators.

There is also a give-and-take store. Here, everyone brings their produced goods that they have left over, mostly homegrown food, and takes what they need in exchange. There is no staff, everything works on the basis of trust and without money. No one takes advantage of anyone else anymore. And where would we end up if we forbade children to take an apple when they want one. And candy is still around, can you imagine? Healthy sweets? The days of industrial poisoning are definitely over. Of course, there is also a great cinema. Here we not only show movies when we feel like it, we also use documentaries to show future generations how people used to live on earth.




In the center of the many settlements of our district there is even a big museum. All the things from the old world that need more space are built there. Some houses of the past time, cars, airplanes, motorcycles and many things I can still remember, but which we don’t need anymore. You can even visit a supermarket there. For our kids, something like that is unimaginable. And just as unimaginable to me is how quickly all this change happened in the world after the old world was finally destroyed.

All that had been supposedly necessary for us humans in my life, big cities, industrial plants, business parks, huge shopping malls, man-made parks, highways, the road network in general, it’s all gone, it’s given way to wonderful natural landscapes. The paths we have to walk, we do every time anew. Great forests, wide meadows and floodplains that no one imposes any regulations anymore. Not all at once, no one could snap his finger and everything was changed. But it happened faster than expected. The new technologies that were finally released made it possible. And, of course, the windfall that the Alliance had brought to the people. With the help of our new galactic friends, many things were possible that only a few people could have imagined shortly before the change.

Transitionally, many projects were implemented. Healing centers, animal shelters, children’s homes, new schools and whatever else the many people had come up with to build our new world. The sticking point was funds and the first technologies (medbeds and replicators) to bring all people out of the deprivation they had lived in for centuries. It took a while for everyone to internalize that money was not important. Today, everyone had so much that they couldn’t spend it at all. And no one had to work for it anymore. It was just there. Everything that was really necessary was just there. So we humans could focus on what we loved to do. And on family and communities. The jobs that we used to have to do have almost completely disappeared, they’ve almost completely shifted to the creative field. And crafts have seen a resurgence, you wouldn’t believe how many people have discovered or rediscovered their skills. Something I created with my own hands has much more value to me and others than something from a replicator.

This is where I end the first part. It has become a very long article and certainly I could have written much more. Take it as I meant it: As a small suggestion, how you could imagine your world, OK?
Thank you and I hope you look forward to the second part.

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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