Will Putin be Pushed out for Hardliner?


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 15, 2022


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organzation

We quote from our article below that we wrote in January.

We have to think that the exchanges between Russia and the US and the Ukraine constitute some kind of three ring circus as the looting oligarchs in the Ukraine are ruled by Lord Jacob Rothschild in London as the looting oligarchs in the Russia by Lord Jacob who in turn control Zelensky and Putin. And as in the essay below, we point out that the looting oligarchs in the US are controlled by Lord Jacob also who are called the deep state that direct the three branches of government. So what we have here is an entertaining media spectacle.

We have to hand it to the intelligence triumvir of William Burns, Jake Sullivan and Wendy Sherman that they may have maneuvered their only friend out of power.

As the old adage goes, the Rothschilds will not choose war unless they plan to make trillions of dollars out of it especially when they control as they usually do all sides, but they may have overplayed their hand this time as there are rumors in Russia that Putin and his oligarchs are on the way out. Then, the Russian amateur hour will be over and we may find ourselves in a June 22, 1941 situation in reverse. I happen to know very well the fellow that may take over.



Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

If Russia cuts off Nord Stream One and Two and all oil shipments from Russian former provinces such as the stans, which they actually control, for oil and natural gas except for China, and Iran blocks the Straits of Hormuz except for China as part of the Russian-Iranian-Chinese Pact of Steel, the price of oil will soar to over a thousand dollars a barrel according to Goldman Sachs derivative analyst or in relation to the world GDP rising from 4% to about 40% as about 46% of the world oil supply is cut off all at once, and the entire US economy will crash into the greatest depression in world history as 1.5 quadrillion word derivatives implode tearing about the world stock and bond markets that would make the US 1929 crash look like a picnic.   The BIS calculates these derivatives at less than 600 trillion dollars but they are wrong though even that exposure is enough to bring down the world. The gun is in the US hands and is pointing at their own temple.  

It also should be noted that all the natural gas and oil of Russia will then be pipelined into China from Russia and the EU would then be the total permanent vassal of the US through its control of the oceans for their oil, natural gas, etc. when the financial debris from such destruction is finally cleared which is the US goal here.  China would obtain all its natural resources from Russia and would be free of US control.  The US animosity toward China is solely derived from its approach to Russia in 2014 to restore their friendship and source their natural resources from Russia.   This alliance between Russia and China jeopardized the US control of the Eurasian land mass where according to Mackinder, whose ideas govern all US foreign relations, reflects control of the world.  It should be noted the President Roosevelt according to this principle advised Germany not to invade Russia in 1941 as the US would support Russia, but also advised Russia that if Russia invaded Germany the US would side with Germany.   The ideologies as communism and national socialism, as Protestantism and Catholicism before, were subordinated to balance of power considerations or in other words Rothschild financial interests.  This is what was learned by the western aristocrats by reading the classic literature of ancient Rome.

We have to think that the exchanges between Russia and the US and the Ukraine constitute some kind of three ring circus as the looting oligarchs in the Ukraine are ruled by Lord Jacob Rothschild in London as the looting oligarchs in the Russia by Lord Jacob who in turn control Zelensky and Putin.  And as in the essay below, we point out that the looting oligarchs in the US are controlled by Lord Jacob also who are called the deep state that direct the three branches of government.  So what we have here is an entertaining media spectacle.

George Soros is a Rothschild agent who they gave the pound short to so as to accumulate some capital and that he is part of the looting operation on Wall Street in the currency rigging among other areas as we saw when he led the currency wolf packs into Asia crashing their currencies as the Thai baht in collusion with the Rothschild controlled central bankers. They then crashed all the Asian currencies except China in the Asian currency crisis in 1997-1998.  What was interesting about the Thai currency was that it was backed fully by dollars as in the old days gold backed currencies.   But in the gold days Great Britain in 1900 only had 3% gold backing for the pound which portended its eventual collapse in 1931.  But here you had 100% dollar backing of the baht which obviously revealed that the central bankers in Thailand were bribed as they had no need to devalue.  Then followed the destruction of one Asian currency after another.

Then they came to China who had the greatest financial advisers in the world who coached them to buy the yuan against Soros, and also buy the Soros shorted Hang Sang Index using Chinese bank credit.   And the wise Chinese did so and Soros and his currency Lepke gang were slaughtered.  What a shock to the Rothschilds that had controlled the world currencies and banking networks for the last 250 years! They then trotted out the bottomless bar frequenter Milton Friedman who said this was not fair play as the Chinese were interfering with their free market rigging.


The 1997–98 Asian financial crisis began in Thailand and then quickly spread to neighbouring economies. It began as a currency crisis when Bangkok unpegged the Thai baht from the U.S. dollar, setting off a series of currency devaluations and massive flights of capital.
This currency rigging is discussed in the next link where it is coordinated with our central bank and Treasury Department.

This is not the only area of rigging in the US.   A trillion dollars a year is siphoned off the the exchanges in indexrigging using cash settlement.  How this is done is explained next where the reader should scroll down to the analysis under stochastic control theory.  Naked shorting as at Gamestop is a third form of manipulation.  There is less regulation of the markets today than in the 1920s as the regulators are owned by Wall Street.  The SEC follows deep state orders.

Here is an expose of naked shorting:

EPIC INTERVIEW: Al interviews Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne| AMC, Naked Shorts, SEC, Dividends,

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline and the Ukraine crisis (

U.S. Natural Gas Prices Climb Most Ever In Single Day |

Revised and expanded.  We note that the Russian Central Bank Sergei Shvetsov who was the transfer agent of the Russian Central Bank for the looting oligarchs to Lord Jacob Rothschild of over a trillion dollars has been ousted from the Bank.  We had covered his looting activities for the traitorous oligarchs frequently in our Russian edition.   When we see the present looting oligarchs arrested and tried for treason as Stalin arrested his Trotskyites, then we will know that Russia is free.   In the appendix, we include our speech in 2019 at the Duma Peace Conference which exhaustively discusses Russia’s problems.



Compliments of the Lifschultz Organzation

When Brzezinski saw my report in 2013 on Russian advanced missiles, he was shocked. He responded by starting the Kiev crisis in 2014 to draw Russia into a guerrilla war then as he had done in Afghanistan War One. Afghanistan War Two was over restarting the heroin operation that the noble Mullah Omar had shut down.

The botch-up of 9-11 at Building Number Seven created a panic in the offices of Bush and Cheney. The demolitions in the basement could not be ttriggered as no plane had hit it. They had planned it to justify the invasion of Iraq.

It was taken over by the CIA to cover it up blaming it on Osama bin Laden who had nothing to do with it to justify an invasion of Afghanistan to restart their heroin operation stopped by Mullah Omar. The boarding tapes were doctored to show members of Islam boarding the planes but they were actually controlled from the ground. This created what Harry Houdini called misdirection which he bragged could enable him to walk an elephant out of a theatre without any one noticing it. By focusing on Islam the masses did not even think that it was strange that the building fell down with no plane hitting it.

What follows is how we created Afghanistan war for the Soviets which we will call Afghanistan War one. When the Soviets left the CIA turned Afghanistan into a heroin operation:

Brzezinski wanted to give the Soviet Union their Vietnam by luring them into Afghanistan. President Carter signed on July 3, 1979 a directive authorizing secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. Brzezinski wrote a note to Carter on that day that this would force a Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

The University of Arizona | Brzezinski Interview – David N. Gibbs

Afghanistan then became a CIA heroin operation that was stopped by Mullar Omar and then we invaded again using 9-11 as an excuse though Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with it.

In 2014 the Brzezinski wanted to induce a Soviet invasion of the Ukraine to tie up Russia and separate it from Europe. Then, bleed them as he had done in Afghanistan discussed above.

That was what Maidan was all about. While Russian defensive missiles in 2014 were 15 years ahead of the US and now over 20 years ahead, their army had started its 12 year modernization effort to be complete in 2020. It was only six years into the effort and the Russians were cautious. They did not intervene other than to protect the Crimea and the areas of Donbas and Luhansk.


As Manlio Dinucci writes below, the US is again goading Russia to invade the Ukraine now to give them a guerrilla was as in Afghanistan.  If Russia took the Ukraine to the Dnieper, its mostly Russian population would cheer them as liberators.  Those Russians in the western Ukraine could go to the Eastern Ukraine, and those in the Eastern Ukraine loyal to the US could go to the western Ukraine.  This could be the compromise.

Brzezinski crashed the oil price in 2014 so ordering the Gulf States, but Russia did not invade Ukraine as he planned except the Crimea and the industrial coal regions of Donbas and Luhansk. The rest of the Ukraine went bankrupt robbed blind by Rothschild oligarchs who also are still in control of Russia except for the military and security services that the oligarchs fear will overthrow them and their agent Putin who protects them. This might just be the time. It is ironic that the Trotskyite oligarchs in the Ukraine report to Lord Jacob Rothschild as the Trotskyite oligarchs in Russia. Lord Jacob Rothschild also controls the US.

“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” — Gutle Schnaper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and mother of his five sons

Brzezinski then started trouble in Syria to overthrow Bashar Assad so he could link Qatar natural gas via pipeline from Qatar through Syria to Europe to wipe out Gazprom sales to Europe. The object again was to separate Europe from Russia. The US would control Germany through their control of the Middle East in this scenario.

Putin intervened and his Assad won. Brzezinski desperately wanted to bankrupt Russia as he did by the Afghani war against Russia, the crash in the oil price in 1985 when he ordered on the Gulf States to dump their oil, and Russia went bankrupt facing China with the costs of 400,000 troops on the Chinese border, 100,000 troops in Afghanistan slowly bleeding them, and 600,000 troops in the Warsaw Pact.

Russia was wounded in 2014 but did not die. As it grew stronger, the US feared it more. Nord Stream Two was the last straw for the US with Germany and the US decided to reactivate the Ukraine to force Russia to invade. Germany would then have to end Nord Stream Two and perhaps all oil and natural gas imports from Russia basically breaking relations with Russia to the joy of the US.

The geopoliticians in the US were staggered by the Russia-China alliance. In 2014 China approached Russia for oil and natural gas to diversify its imports of natural gas and oil as Germany desires to both import their oil by sea and by Russia, and China too wants to diversify just in case the Straits of Hormuz are closed. In the Geopolitical game Russia, Germany and China between them control half the world’s supply of oil which is the only reason the US is talking to Iran. The US cares more about this than the nuclear weapons that Iran can buy from North Korea whether hydrogen bombs or regular nuclear bombs which they already have purchased.

Iran controls 22 million barrels a day of oil pass through the Straits of Hormuz each day, and Russia with its former eastern provinces as Kazakhstan which they also control 24 million barrels a day, and five million a day for China or 51 million barrels a day against 100 million barrels a day of world oil produced today. Thus, these three countries control the world as Russia is the world’s strongest military power and China is not far behind. Russia has 20 million troops active and in their reserves, and China can field 100 million troops with the most advanced weapons. China is a formidable power far larger industrially than the US though even the primitive China under the Nationalists held back Japan’s modern army. They are good fighters.

The US wants to control the EU by forcing it away from Russia which is the purpose of the Ukraine crisis which the US has instigated and wants to break China away from Russian natural resources so it can control China through their imports by sea. The US controls the world by the sea. This is discussed in the next link in detail.

If we want to understand why the US farmed out all its industries to cheaper labor countries, it was on the basis of its control of the sea. They did not think they needed the industries in the US since the US controlled the world through the seas, and this forced wage levels down as the good jobs were lost in the US as the poor became poorer while the rich like Mitt Romney at Bain Capital and Elliot Singer at Elliot Management became richer and richer by sending US jobs overseas. This could not have occurred if Rothschild had not overseen the rigging of currencies for them. The Rothschild family also reaped stupendous gains by controlling or manipulating the international value of currencies as they did through their US agent Soros in the Asian currency wreckages in 1997. He was stopped at China during these currency attacks whereby China bought in their currency raising its value and also bought the Hang Sang which was also shorted. The riggers were so damaged they called out the bottomless bar Milton Friedman to say it was wrong for China to punish the riggers because rigging was what business was all about. I am giving my interpretation of his so-called free market doctrine.


Here is how Elliott Singer works:

Tucker Investigates: What is destroying rural America?

And how his fellow Trotskyite handles the currencies:

Here is the history of how the Rothschild Family controlled the west through usury, fiat money and financing the moral destruction of the west following the guidelines of Balaam in his advice to Balak on how to conquer nations by degenerating them by creating Trotskyite monsters as Sigmund Freud. Their ideas of moral decay permeate the movie, media, and the medical professions and it is a trick to engineer world control or as they would say a control mechanism.

The Russians certainly understand today what the Afghanistan approach by the US to the Ukraine means as originally planned by Brzezinski, and this will give it one more reason to invade all of Europe. The reason being that it cannot allow the west to have privileged sanctuaries to feed weapons into the Ukraine from the NATO states. The other reason is that if they don’t invade all of Europe they will see on a massive scale the whole continent of Europe being turned into an armed camp against Russia relieving pressure on the US so it can focus on China. This is starting now. This is explained in the next link.

If there is to be World War Three, Russian intel says that they cannot wait as they are now watching the Ukraine armed to the teeth against them, and if they knock out the Ukraine alone, then all of Europe will become an armed camp. Therefore, they need a preemptive strike. We can expect Germany to rearm.. The Russians are not fools to fail to realize that they have to invade all of Europe now or face a massive military build up later. This is not as unrealistic as might sounds as the US militarists see their power in the US internally disintegrating and there is no better way than a war to rally around the flag boys. Many see the depression in the US as having forced Roosevelt into World War Two to solve the unemployment problem.

Russia faced massive invasions by Charles XII, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. They suffered greatly from such gang ups. They cannot wait for it to happen.

Footnote one:

The US plan for an Afghanistan inside Europe


by Manlio Dinucci

The United States announce themselves that they could do in Ukraine against Russia what they had organized in Afghanistan against the USSR. Incidentally, it will be noted that the role attributed in Asia to the Islamists of Osama Bin Laden would fall in Europe to the neo-Nazis of Maidan Square.


Soldiers in combat gear and armored vehicles have been deployed from Sweden to Gotland, the island in the Baltic Sea which is 90 kilometers from its eastern coast. The Ministry of Defense says it did so to defend the island from threatening Russian landing ships cruising offshore. Thus even Sweden contributes, as a partner, to the frenetic campaign of the USA and NATO which, reversing reality, presents Russia as an aggressive power which is preparing to invade Europe. 130 kilometers east of Gotland, Latvia is on high alert, along with Lithuania and Estonia, against the invented enemy that is about to invade. As a “defence against the Russian threat”, NATO has deployed four multinational battalions in the three Baltic republics and in Poland. To that in Latvia participates Italy, with hundreds of soldiers and armored vehicles. Italy is also the only country that has participated in all NATO “air policing” missions, from bases in Lithuania and Estonia, and the first to use F-35 fighters to intercept planes. aircraft in flight in the international air corridor over the Baltic.

However, the three Baltic republics do not feel sufficiently “protected by NATO’s reinforced forward presence”. Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks has called for a permanent US military presence in his country: US forces – explain the experts as in a Hollywood movie script – would not arrive in time from Germany to stop the armored forces Russians who, after overthrowing the kings of the Baltic republics, would cut them off from the European Union and NATO, by occupying the Suwalki corridor between Poland and Lithuania.

Ukraine, a partner but in fact already a member of NATO, has the role of main actor in the role of attacked country. The government denounces, on the basis of its word of honor, having been hit by a cyber attack, obviously attributed to Russia, and NATO is rushing, with the EU, to help Ukraine and wage a cyber war. Washington denounces: Ukraine is now surrounded on three sides by Russian forces and, in anticipation of the blockade of Russian gas supplies to Europe, the United States is generously preparing to replace them with massive supplies of liquefied natural gas. united. The Russian attack – assures the White House on the basis of information whose truthfulness is guaranteed by the CIA – would be prepared by a false flag operation: Russian agents, infiltrated in eastern Ukraine, would carry out bloody attacks against the Russian inhabitants of Donbass, for which they would attribute responsibility to Kiev as a pretext for the invasion. The White House does not remember that in December the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, denounced the presence in eastern Ukraine of US mercenaries with chemical weapons.

The United States – reports the New York Times– communicated to the Allies that “any rapid Russian victory in Ukraine would be followed by a bloody insurrection similar to that which forced the Soviet Union to withdraw from Afghanistan” and that “the CIA (secretly) and the Pentagon (openly) would support her. The United States – recalls Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander in Europe – knows how to do it: in the late 1970s and in the 1980s, they armed and trained the mujahideen against Soviet troops in Afghanistan, but “the level of US military support for a Ukrainian insurgency would make what we gave in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union look like a trifle.” Washington’s strategic plan is obvious: to precipitate the Ukrainian crisis, deliberately provoked in 2014, to force Russia to intervene militarily in defense of the Russians in Donbass, to end up in a situation analogous to that in Afghanistan in which the USSR got bogged down. An Afghanistan inside Europe, which would provoke a state of permanent crisis, all to the advantage of the USA which would strengthen their influence and presence in the region.



Compliments of the Lifschultz Organzation founded in 1899


Words as these below in this carefully worded article by the Pentagon next are inviting a European War that the US will lose in a crushing blow that will make the collapse in Afghanistan a pinprick as I have been warning.  The entire Eurasian land mass will be lost in two weeks. Mr. Townsend is a former Pentagon official for Europe and is quoted from the New York Times article in footnote two.

“It’s likely too little too late to deter Putin,” Mr. Townsend said in an email. “If the Russians do invade Ukraine in a few weeks, those 5,000 should be just a down payment for a much larger U.S. and allied force presence. Western Europe should once again be an armed camp.”

These threats are stupid.  They may trigger a general mobilization in Russia, restriction of journalists and foreigners to Moscow as a first step before ordering their departure, and the commencement of burning Russian embassy papers in all NATO countries.

Russia can expand their army to 20,000,000 troops and China their ally by secret agreements to a 100,000,000 troops. The Eurasian land mass is indefensible by such a distant power as the US but the US is so far behind militarily that even if they were situated where Germany is they would lose. Russian armaments today are vastly superior to the west unlike when the German Army invaded Russia in 1941 although the T-34 tank of Russia was superior to any that Germany had.  The US cannot even launch a hypersonic missile as a third rate power like North Korea. China and Russia can.

The US has no defensive missiles worthy of the name and Russia has a whole series such as the S-300 to S-700 that Israel says are operational.

“What’s important is that defense systems being supplied by Russia to Syria aren’t used against us,” Avigdor Liberman Israel’s Defense Minister said during a live interview with the Ynet news site.

“One thing needs to be clear: If someone shoots at our planes, we will destroy them. It doesn’t matter if it’s an S-300 or an S-700,” he said.

Let’s just look at the S-500 defensive missile.  Its speed is 16,000 miles an hour, it can rise to 115 miles, and can travel over 2,000 miles. It carries ten interceptor missiles. These missiles developed over a 30 year development. In the 1990s Russia did not have the money to build the actual defensive missiles but only created designs. The US deceit as to making Russia their friend was revealed when the US bombed the Russian ally Serbia for 78 days over a BND set up fake massacre in Kosovo. See footnote one. Here is when the money started to be allocated for an eight year missile program which continues to this day starting in 2000, and in 2008 the Russians started a 12 year modernization of their entire Army while they continued their missile advances.

They did not intervene in the Nuland-Brzezinski overthrow of their Russian allied government in the Ukraine as Obama called Putin to say Putin should not authorize shooting the Maidan demonstrators which the US had set up and he would guarantee the Ukraine stayed in the Russian block as he understood the Ukraine was really Russian. Putin let himself be duped which enraged the Russian military and security services and he was almost deposed.  It is bad enough in their eyes that he lets the robber oligarchs continue to exploit their thievery rather than round them up as Stalin did the Trotskyites of his day as these are similar wolves just wearing different attire.


What happened was this was a trick and the US moved to decisively wrest control of the Ukraine from Russia. It never occurred to Putin that a President of the US would lie regarding a factual situation though Fulbright said that about his former card playing buddy Lyndon Johnson regarding what happened in Gulf of Tonkin though you might think he might have learned this at spy school. 

Russia hesitated to intervene then as their modernization program was only half way completed.  I sat at the deep state meetings throughout this period opposing these actions warning they would have dangerous consequences as the bombing of Belgrade really woke all of Russia up and set off it militarization drive as I predicted, see footnote one.

As such, Russia can withstand a nuclear attack from the US losing only about 10% of their population and for most of those they have built bomb shelters for forty million people in their cities.  No western countries have bothered with protecting their populations. The US will lose 80% of their population overnight as it has no bomb shelters or any defensive missiles worthy of the name and the EU loses 90% of their population. The Russian air space is sealed.

In addition if it is restricted to conventional weapons, the Iranian allies of Russia can shut the Straits of Hormuz demolishing the 2.5 quadrillion derivative structure overhanging the world financial markets as explained by Warren Buffett who describes these derivatives as financial weapons of mass destruction. He is holding 149.2 billion dollars in cash in reserve against potential liability in his insurance companies for their derivative coverage.  

If the world loses 22 million barrels a day of oil at the Straits while Russia embargoes another 11 million barrels of oil from Russia and 13 million from their former provinces that they really control, the world financial system will collapse at once as oil soars to a thousand dollars a barrel as the derivatives implode like financial nuclear bombs. Russia holds the winning hand and the NATO is bluffing. They had better be prepared for Russia to call their bluff. This is outlined in more detail below.


Russia’s Missile Warning, US Faces Checkmate at the Ukraine | Operation Disclosure Official

The controlled world media is whipping up a war fever as ordered but they do not have any idea of what the real situation but even if they did they could not report it anyway as they are controlled by the deep state. The western journalists are the equivalent of the old Pravda.

Footnote one:

The BND set the Albanians up to place the dead bodies at Kosovo but a Manchester Guardian reporter was shocked when he walked the site not seeing any blood on the ground or cartridges. That, of course, means they were not shot there. Living people who are shot bleed. The Guardian ran the story. The controlled media as we see so blatantly today did not report this except by burying it as ordered deep in the paper saying an investigation would be made. Hitler bombed Belgrade in revenge two to three days but we far outdid him in our 78 day bombing.  The US was without mercy. Not only that, number one of the deep state comes one day to a meeting saying how pleased he was with our precision missiles as they hit the Chinese Embassy as targeted. I was shocked and said how could you do such a thing? First, he said there is nothing they can do about it. We will, of course, deny it as an accident. And they were providing Serbia with communications assistance. Well, today China can do something about it.

Footnote two:

Biden Weighs Deploying Thousands of Troops to Eastern Europe and Baltics

The president is also considering deploying warships and aircraft to NATO allies, in what would be a major shift from its restrained stance on Ukraine.

By Helene Cooper and Eric Schmitt
Jan. 23, 2022

WASHINGTON — President Biden is considering deploying several thousand U.S. troops, as well as warships and aircraft, to NATO allies in the Baltics and Eastern Europe, an expansion of American military involvement amid mounting fears of a Russian incursion into Ukraine, according to administration officials.

The move would signal a major pivot for the Biden administration, which up until recently was taking a restrained stance on Ukraine, out of fear of provoking Russia into invading. But as President Vladimir V. Putin has ramped up his threatening actions toward Ukraine, and talks between American and Russian officials have failed to discourage him, the administration is now moving away from its do-not-provoke strategy.

In a meeting on Saturday at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland, senior Pentagon officials presented Mr. Biden with several options that would shift American military assets much closer to Mr. Putin’s doorstep, the administration officials said. The options include sending 1,000 to 5,000 troops to Eastern European countries, with the potential to increase that number tenfold if things deteriorate.

The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk publicly about internal deliberations.

Mr. Biden is expected to make a decision as early as this week, they said. He is weighing the buildup as Russia has escalated its menacing posture against Ukraine, including massing more than 100,000 troops and weaponry on the border and stationing Russian forces in Belarus. On Saturday, Britain accused Moscow of developing plans to install a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine.

“Even as we’re engaged in diplomacy, we are very much focused on building up defense, building up deterrence,” Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said in an interview that aired Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “NATO itself will continue to be reinforced in a significant way if Russia commits renewed acts of aggression. All of that is on the table.”

So far, none of the military options being considered include deploying additional American troops to Ukraine itself, and Mr. Biden has made clear that he is loath to enter another conflict following America’s painful exit from Afghanistan last summer after 20 years.

But after years of tiptoeing around the question of how much military support to provide to Ukraine, for fear of provoking Russia, Biden officials have recently warned that the United States could throw its weight behind a Ukrainian insurgency should Mr. Putin invade Ukraine.

And the deployment of thousands of additional American troops to NATO’s eastern flank, which includes Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Biden administration officials said, is exactly the scenario that Mr. Putin has wanted to avoid, as he has seen the western military alliance creep closer and closer to Russia’s own border.

The discussions came as the State Department ordered all family members of U.S. embassy personnel in Kyiv to leave Ukraine, citing the threat of Russian military action, and authorized some embassy employees to depart as well, according to senior State Department officials who briefed reporters on Sunday. The officials, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment, declined to say how many embassy personnel and family members were in the country. Thinning out staff at American embassies is a common precaution when conflicts or other crises arise that could put American diplomats in harm’s way.

In his news conference last week, Mr. Biden said he had cautioned Mr. Putin that a Russian invasion of Ukraine would prompt Washington to send more troops to the region.

“We’re going to actually increase troop presence in Poland, in Romania, et cetera, if in fact he moves,” Mr. Biden said. “They are part of NATO.”

During a phone call this month, Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III warned his Russian counterpart, Sergey Shoygu, that a Russian incursion into Ukraine would most likely result in the exact troop buildup that Mr. Biden is now considering.

At the time of the phone call — Jan. 6 — the Biden administration was still trying to be more restrained in its stance on Ukraine. But after unsuccessful talks between Mr. Blinken and the Russian foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, on Friday, the administration is eying a more muscular posture, including not only diplomatic options like sanctions, but military options like increasing military support to Ukrainian forces and deploying American troops to the region.

“This is clearly in response to the sudden stationing of Russian forces in Belarus, on the border, essentially, with NATO,” said Evelyn Farkas, the top Pentagon official for Russia and Ukraine during the Obama administration. “There is no way that NATO could not reply to such a sudden military move in this political context. The Kremlin needs to understand that they are only escalating the situation with all of these deployments and increasing the danger to all parties, including themselves.”

A former top Pentagon official for Europe and NATO policy, Jim Townsend, said the administration’s proposal did not go far enough.

“It’s likely too little too late to deter Putin,” Mr. Townsend said in an email. “If the Russians do invade Ukraine in a few weeks, those 5,000 should be just a down payment for a much larger U.S. and allied force presence. Western Europe should once again be an armed camp.”

Understand the Escalating Tensions Over Ukraine

Card 1 of 5
A brewing conflict. Antagonism between Ukraine and Russia has been simmering since 2014, when the Russian military crossed into Ukrainian territory, annexing Crimea and whipping up a rebellion in the east. A tenuous cease-fire was reached in 2015, but peace has been elusive.

A spike in hostilities. Russia has recently been building up forcesnear its border with Ukraine, and the Kremlin’s messaging toward its neighbor has hardened. Concern grew in late October, when Ukraine used an armed drone to attack a howitzer operated by Russian-backed separatists.

Ominous warnings. Russia called the strike a destabilizing act that violated the cease-fire agreement, raising fears of a new intervention in Ukraine that could draw the United States and Europe into a new phase of the conflict.

The Kremlin’s position. President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, who has increasingly portrayed NATO’s eastward expansion as an existential threat to his country, said that Moscow’s military buildup was a response to Ukraine’s deepening partnership with the alliance.

Rising tension. Western countries have tried to maintain a dialogue with Moscow. But administration officials recently warned that the U.S. could throw its weight behind a Ukrainian insurgency should Russia invade.

During the meeting at Camp David, Mr. Austin and Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, appeared by video from the Pentagon and from General Milley’s quarters, where he has been quarantining since he tested positive for the coronavirus. Officials said that if Mr. Biden approved the deployment, some of the troops would come from the United States, while others would move from other parts of Europe to the more vulnerable countries on NATO’s eastern flank.

American officials did not describe in detail the ground troop reinforcements under review, but current and former commanders said they should include more air defense, engineering, logistics and artillery forces. Besides the troops, Mr. Biden could also approve sending additional aircraft to the region.

Representative Michael McCaul of Texas, the top Republican on the Foreign Affairs Committee, said on Sunday that the United States also needed to conduct more training in those NATO nations.

“We need joint exercises in Poland, the Baltic States, Romania, Bulgaria, to show Putin that we’re serious,” Mr. McCaul said on “Face the Nation.” “Right now, he doesn’t see we’re serious.”

According to Poland’s defense ministry, there are currently about 4,000 U.S. troops and 1,000 other NATO troops stationed in Poland. There are also about 4,000 NATO troops in the Baltic States.

The United States has been regularly flying Air Force RC-135 Rivet Joint electronic-eavesdropping planes over Ukraine since late December. The planes allow American intelligence operatives to listen to Russian ground commanders’ communications. The Air Force is also flying E-8 JSTARS ground-surveillance planes to track the Russian troop buildup and the movements of the forces.

The Biden administration is especially interested in any indication that Russia may deploy tactical nuclear weapons to the border, a move that Russian officials have suggested could be an option.

More than 150 U.S. military advisers are in Ukraine, trainers who have for years worked out of the training ground near Lviv, in the country’s west, far from the front lines. The current group includes Special Operations forces, mostly Army Green Berets, as well as National Guard trainers from Florida’s 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

Military advisers from about a dozen allied countries are also in Ukraine, U.S. officials said. Several NATO countries, including Britain, Canada, Lithuania and Poland, have regularly sent training forces to the country.

In the event of a full-scale Russian invasion, the United States intends to move its military trainers out of the country quickly. But it is possible that some Americans could stay to advise Ukrainian officials in Kyiv, the capital, or provide frontline support, a U.S. official said.

David Lifschultz


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