So Ends the Afghanistan Heroin War: Part 2


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 31, 2021


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The five links below plus my article present a rather complete picture of the Afghanistan heroin operation set up by the CIA 2001 which was the only reason for the invasion as Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with the 9-11 false flag operation which was an inside job to justify a war on Islam and invasion of Iraq followed by other invasions of Islamic nations. This is validated by two links below in interviews with Wesley Clark. 9-11 had been set up as a kind of Gulf of Tonkin false flag operation to end the US alliance against the Soviet Union with Islam. It was an inside job.

Let’s summarize what we did to the nation of Afghanistan. First, we lured Russia into Afghanistan to give them a Vietnam.  Brzezinski admits this in the first link.

The University of Arizona | Brzezinski Interview – David N. Gibbs

What this means is that we used the Afghani people as cannon fodder in our effort to destroy Russia. Their people were the expendables. The Taliban was developed as our ally and we trained and weaponized them though they did not realize we had set them up.  This clandestine operation is a long way from Secretary Henry L. Stimson saying ‘Gentlemen do not read other’s mail’. Russian military helicopters found themselves being hit by US Stinger missiles. We bled the Russians for nearly ten years using the Afghani Taliban as our proxy force as Russia had used the Vietcong. Ronald Reagan called the Taliban our allies and the Thomas Jeffersons of Asia.  While the China alliance with the US against Russia was the main reason for Russia’s collapse, and our instigating the oil price collapse of 1985, this Afghani war contributed to burying the Russia Empire. It helped that Yeltsin was a CIA agent and that we used Baron Jacob Rothschild’s oligarch traitors to Russia to take over authorized by Yeltsin and that we control the Russian Central Bank to this day making their economy a basket case. Abramovich set Putin up and it seems he cannot break free. Or should I say Baron Jacob Rothschild used us as he certainly does not report to us but vice versa. Roman Abramovich is an agent of the Baron.


The control of the oil by Islam was too much for the US to bear (or should I say Baron Jacob) so seven wars were planned to take back the control of the oil from Islam which they had taken from us in 1973, and 9-11 was launched to do that. Iraq was planned for the first invasion as Afghanistan had no oil but the false flag was botched up as no plane hit Building Number Seven.  The CIA was brought it to cover it up which they did blaming a failed CIA asset who had killed some of our CIA assets named Osama bin Laden said to be in Afghanistan. This misdirection covered up the public awareness that Building Number Seven collapsed though no plane hit it. Afghanistan was chosen to invade first as Mullah Omar had shut down the CIA heroin operation. Our CIA Arabists knew that if we blamed Osama who was innocent of 9-11, Mullah Omar would not give him up in violation of the laws of Islamic hospitality going back to Abraham’s son Ismael preparing the tender calf for the three angels who were guests of his father Abraham (See Genesis 18:7 where Ismael is assigned to prepare the tender calf.). So we could be sure by blaming Osama we could invade Afghanistan to reactivate the heroin growing that Mullah Omar shut down as no evidence could be furnished. Mullah Omar sent a request for evidence that Osama engineered 9-11, and if furnished, would turn Osama over to us. Of course, we did not want that, so George Bush denounced the request as offensive to the honor of the US.

Now, the logic is that the Taliban loved us as they did not know that we lured Russia into Afghanistan, and had greatly appreciated our support. It was idiotic to think that they wanted to hurt their ally at 9-11.  But if you repeat a big lie often enough the incredibility even starts to add to its truth. Tertullian said I believe because it is impossible (credo quia absurdum).  The invasion followed, and 93% of the world heroin production that had been reduced to near zero started coming out of the CIA heroin plantations in Afghanistan to fund their external, clandestine operations and line their own pockets. This was common practice during the period that the CIA ran the heroin operation in the Golden Triangle.

Now, the French Economist Jean-Baptiste Say created the idea that supply creates its own demand (Say’s Law). Now, there was too much heroin being produced after 2001 and that would cause the price to fall creating more demand. However, the CIA helped it along by creating the Opioid Demand. In 2019 60,000 people died from opioid-involved overdoses in the US alone. So not only did we lose soldiers in Afghanistan over a fake war but we lost civilians. It was as though the CIA was bombing America itself. I am merely summarizing the articles below. Do I know that this is true? Yes, as I attended the secret deep state meetings to oppose this on 9-11 and before and after for decades.

Speeches that still matter: Gen Wesley Clark on US going to war in 7 countries in 5 yrs

General Clark on the Iraq Invasion | American War Generals

Inside US Afghanistan pullout, CIA opium ratline, pipeline conflict, new cold war


David Lifschultz


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