War as we know it from the Past, will Not Happen! The Light has Won!


Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 15, 2022

War as We Know it from the Past, Will NOT Happen!! The Light has Won!!

As I have been an Anon for over four years: the education, the progression, and the intelligence that I receive and discern will NOT lead to a World War III, as our past thinking process for almost all people. We were always programmed for the negative, conflict and for war. Not anymore! This was 3rd dimensional thinking is in the past. We are in 4th dimension heading into the fifth, beings.  In the and Fifth, there is just peace throughout the world, harmony, compassion and love. That is clearly where I want to live and have my life.  Almost all people, once they really understand it, clearly, is where they want to be. Now with the increased in vibrations coming in; the way majority of people all over the world do NOT want war. This war concept and deception is over for humanity.

Please let me give you quotes, examples and where we really are in this final battle or war with the illuminati.  Please do not get me wrong, people in the know; knew we were in a war with the illuminati, deep state, or so-call New World Order. Some call its World War III, but it is nothing we have ever known. This was a silent war of infiltration and information of the media, big Tech, all religions, and all governments for hundreds, if not thousands of years. We are breaking away from that, with the help and determination of some very gifted people and organizations. With the first group called the “Q” group formed by JFK, to the mighty Alliance that was formed after the False Flag event of 9/11. We just could not allow the elite group of the illuminati to kill 90 to 95% of the people of the world, so-called agenda 2021 or 2030. The Alliance was formed of the original 17 counties, and has bloomed to over 150 countries using their militaries or intelligence to rid the world of this satanic cult that sacrificed children, killed people and use children for their famous life-extending adrenochrome elixir. The mighty Alliance has been fighting in combat in the illuminati tunnels and D.U.M. Bs (Deep Underground Military Bases) to clear them out for the past five years or more. Yes, there were bombs going off to destroy them. The worldwide illuminati committed their “Crimes against Humanity” with human trafficking, drug running, and adrenochrome processing from the children of the world, unknown to most of the public and out of the public eye. Most was underground. Please note, as I agree with Queen Romana, the “real Heroes are the soldiers that fought in the D.U.M.B.s.” The cleanout is 83% complete from Gene Decodes intelligence. We do know the middle and upper illuminati has been arrested years ago!! The Alliance just need to arrest the paid off political people & medical corrupt people for the vaccines. We do know Deep State have NO control of all nuclear weapons, and missile launches, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. Let alone “Real Old Type War” on this planet. Finally, in 2015, all 209 countries agreed and signed the NESARA/GESARA laws that creates a world of no more war, poverty, hunger, balance of power for all, real individual freedom for all and release of over 6,000 advanced patents.

Now with intelligence and examples, we will start with Queen Romana, the most recent happening with the peaceful protest final destination in Ottawa, Canada of the Covid-19 mandates and restrictions for the last two years. Queen Romana promoted and helped organize the Truckers from British Colombia to Ottawa, just like happened last fall in Australia.  First of all, the Queen only wanted this to last one weekend: with speeches, raising the new Republic Flag of Canada, (Above stating “God Loves You”) burning the old illuminati corporate Canadian flag, the Queen stopping all mandates and finally declaring martial law for all of Canadians. She knew the old Deep State would have hired agents if lasted too long.  The “Freedom Movement” of mandates and old government overreach of “We the People’s” sovereignty of their personal choice of whether to get the vaccination. This is a basic right of inserting something or not into one’s body. The freedom of choice must be absolute, and without government interfering. She organized and managed this event to perfection in Ottawa, and inspired the Freedom Movement worldwide.

From my understanding as of today 2/13/2022, she is worried about a “False-Flag” from the Deep State. Her action and the mighty Alliance will prevent a possible World War III. She thinks there will be a False-Flag in Ottawa, and the current so-called party-goers, paid deep state agents and innocent civilians of Ottawa are in danger. These are people still looking like protestors. She has asked them to disperse. Here is her quote on Telegram: “For the first time in World history- the Kingdom of Canada’s reigning Queen is the one who announced…We are on the eve of World War 3.” But understand, the Alliance will NOT tolerate violence or a False-Flag. Here is her next quote: “IF you have an ounce of Inner-standing- you know how much responsibility, authority and power that statement carries not only in Canada but around the world. 2/13/2022–Queen Romana and Allied Countries will NOT start a world War 3. But, will respond appropriately.” The Alliance here is NOT going to allow any war or major event for the Deep State to continue their reign of terror on planet Earth. We are on the edge of major Enlightment of the population with the frequency coming in for our ascension for the month of February 2022, with the light coming in ten thousand times on 2/22/2022. From 2/2/2022 until then, the light has been coming in at a rate of one-thousand times. Wow, that should wakeup some sheeple.

Now for a quote from an ascended Master Shoshanna about Queen Romana: “This one you are speaking of has a great mission that she is just now beginning to come into here, just now beginning to form. And it is in the beginning process here. It has so far only been for those that were ready to hear this, that were open to this as a new light, we will say, coming into the planet. First here in this area of Canada, but it will spread from there as well. Not so much this one spread, but the light that she is bringing in.” Well, she has been vetted by two other reliable sources of information too. I do believe she carries the “Freedom Torch” now, so it can spread around the world.

President Trump carried much pressure, in the White House, with then Deep State filled news media, and many deep state rats all over government, and an extremely prejudice to “assassinate him and family at all costs”. This was from the illuminati. He was the “Freedom Torch” before, to stop the Deep State. I lost count on how many times he or his family was in real danger on assassination attempts. He is a true hero of the people and will be back shortly in the publics eye. He will become President again and is the real Commander-in-Chief of the Military and Starlink now. He never left.

Please understand, the Alliance are in total control now. As an example, the deep state Mayor of Ottawa wanted to send in Canadian Troops into his city to stop the protest and the Queen’s great act of freedom. The old corporation President Trudeau, thinks he still has power, but not true. That is not the real Trudeau anyway, it has been confirmed that he was GITMO’ed (Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp) years ago. The real Trudeau is still in prison or has been executed. This one you see is just a body double, mission impossible mask, or a clone. Hell, if the original Trudeau was there, he would have ordered troops there to keep the deep state of Canada going. It never happened, and is NOT going to happen. For Queen Romana is the real Commander-in-Chief. She is the one who initiated the removal of the Chinese Troops in Canada that were there to invade America, by the invite of the deep state leader Trudeau. She asks the Alliance forces to remove them about the February 2020 timeline. They did help her, and she did remove them, or as she states “that Canadians would have been speaking Chinese language if that did not happen.”

Now, for the Russian-Ukraine conflict or invasion by Russian troops. Please understand that Putin and Russia are major players in the Alliance and was the first country that succeeded in removing the illuminati Rothchild banking system from there country. What a great achievement. The Ukraine country has been a sanctuary for corruption and where many illuminati live. Well, everyone knows that there were a ton of money laundering for child trafficking by the Biden Crime Family in the Ukraine. The son Hunter was a fake placement installed in an oil company executive there. This was to wipe dirty money into clean and going to this crime family. Both Hunter and Father Biden have been executed some time ago at GITMO. The fake President Biden is a mask, clone or body double, same as Trudeau. I do trust the Alliance and our major allies the Russians to send in troops into the Ukraine to control the situation for Peace of the New Earth 2.0. Understand too, it has long been known, the Fake President Biden has NO say or power over the Military or its troops. He cannot order crap into the Ukraine, let alone troops. With the Coup by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) backing the fake Biden on the election, the military took control of our country. The fake Biden cannot even get reports out of the Pentagon. This has been known and reported after the January 20, 2021 Biden inauguration, by many intelligence sources.

The drumbeat of war, or weapons, or even a tsunami’s is just a reflection of what the deep state controlled fake MSM (News Media) has done, and will forever, until their taken down! Please, as Patriot or so-called Patriots, please do NOT fall into the drumbeat of “fear and chaos!” Also, about the so-called good source of intelligence still have the drumbeats of hidden missiles inside cargo containers of the big cargo ships, it is NOT true. The U.S. Navy Seals job was to clear out, inspect and X-Ray all containers hitting U.S. shores for the past about year and half. That is what backed up the cargo ships off the U.S. shoreline was about: to get in-line for the inspections. Anyone remember the major bust of the U.S. Navy seals and Alliance forces in the Suez Canal with the Evergreen ship that was full of Deep State intentions of: child trafficking, children found alive and dead, adrenochrome shipments, and weapons of mass destruction. This was all stopped last March of 2021 by our great Alliance military force. I do see all containers and dangers from this event is under control now. This intelligence source gave us the intelligence; “that 34 satanic building are going to have the “Rods of God” to blow them up too.” The Rods of God are real, but the large ones can go 10 kilometers down. Why would you want to destroy small buildings with such a weapon? You would not, and now we see at the un-occupied White House and the Parliament building in Ottawa, Canada we see concrete foundations all around the buildings, and it looks like to not allow the debris from a “controlled demolition” to spread too far. Please, use discernment and common-sense when you read some of the outrageous intelligence from some sources.

Understand that the military and the Alliance is still very compartmentalized. This means that you only know so much of the picture, sometimes very little. The middle and lower levels of command, or even the government, only the upper command of the Alliance know all the pieces.  This includes the DoD (Department of Defense) source for the R/V GCR. Nick Fleming gives out information that Russia-Ukraine and maybe Iraq-Iran will be starting a war too. The mighty Alliance will not allow, the deep state/illuminati will probably try to start a war or using a False-Flag event. This is the like they did with the 9/11 fake attack. Mark my word, we are past all the deep state creations.

Let the Peace and abundance energies come to all people of the planet. Let harmony, love and compassion for one another be the mantra and real-life changes for all of humanity. The 5th dimension center’s on “Service to Others” and “Love” as the ascended Masters stated it is. This is the way, that all people would like to live, only if they knew!  Yes, we really can live this way and we will.  What a great life it is going to be on Earth 2.0. Yes, this is real and we all will embrace this life, of Earth 2.0. Let Freedom and Peace Reign on this planet called Gaia or Earth. And, so it is!


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