Helping Freedom Win: The Agenda Behind the Fake News Crimes


Information Manipulation

All the main radio and TV stations, the news, Hollywood’s entertainment industry, and every way we get information of any kind has been manipulated for centuries. These evil actors have been attempting to (and succeeding in) a slow, steady, very well-planned, take-over of our society, religions, laws, money, entertainment, wars, government, education, medical, and even “humanitarian programs” for as long as our country was formed.  Almost everything bad or unexplainable happening in our crazy world today is linked somehow to these evil actors (called by many names, such as “The Illuminati”) and their agenda. Must see: (23-min. video) Plan to Enslave the World.

Giving Fake News – Crime Against Humanity

Without the complicit cooperation of our various media companies, much of the harmful crimes against humanity would not be possible. Think about it. We (the great majority – who are mostly good people) would never allow crimes if we knew about them. It’s the covering up of crimes that makes them possible to continue for very long.

Therefore, being part of the cover-up of crimes is also a crime, in and of its own right.

The people of the world are being tricked, lured, manipulated and kept from knowing the truth about just about every newsworthy subject there is. Whether it’s medical or political (or anything in between) we need the real news, and it’s being kept from us. Even fake medical treatments have been pushed on us this way, with real treatments being kept from us. These are real crimes.

Operation Mockingbird

After WWII the CIA sponsored a massive control of the media under the code name “Operation Mockingbird”.  See 90-second video: Mockingbird.

The aim of Operation Mockingbird is to influence the way people think (brainwashing) through multiple repetitions of the same talking points in the news. The video would be funny to watch if it weren’t so serious and awful, what they are doing.

Suppression of Truth

The other side of “fake news” is the obvious push to forbid any mention of “true news” or views which oppose their main agenda: i.e., “Election Fraud”, “Covid Hoax”, “Vaccine Deaths”, etc. This is happening so much today, that it’s becoming obvious.

Trump rightly points out that the media are becoming actual enemies of our country, See one-minute video of Trump talking about this.

Depopulation Agenda

The plan to depopulate the majority our world population and put the survivors under very tight control of an elite few has been heavily underway for three decades. Anything related to “a one-world government” or “new world order” is about this agenda. The UN is very big into this agenda, and there’s nothing good about their motives.

Agenda 21 – Agenda 2030

The UN Agenda 21 (now called Agenda 2030, since their plan was interrupted by Trump) is the name of the depopulation agenda. It involves a series of guidelines, that have been installed deeply into every layer of government. Your own town is using these guidelines now.

This agenda was founded in 1992 by ex-SS stormtrooper Kurt Waldheim, and is an aristocratic plan to depopulate the planet under the guise of “sustainable development”.

The US congress just passed a 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill to provide money to carry out these plans. This is a plan to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals (including people), all means of production, all energy and ALL INFORMATION.

Helping Freedom Win

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