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Old Dirt February 10, 2017

Although re-posting stuff like this is hazardous to my health, having already been “warned”… or more precisely, “threatened” I am pretty sure the memory hole is the enemy of humanity. Every 5 years we should review the bullshit we choked on earlier to remind ourselves the new recipe of kidney pie tastes like the old mix. Pomposity and sugar and crap tastes like it always has.

Cheerio old chaps, who would like a spot of tea before we bugger the public yet again…what what?


Old White Oligarch Nutjob.

Sigh. Every time I see his ranting it is everything I can do to restrain from launching my nukes.

He hates poor people, he is blatantly a classist and racist. And I actually have direct experience with him when I assisted the white hats in certain media related matters. For a few years. Hundreds of conversations within a small circle that included phone, email and face to face. But I screech to a halt when reaching for the launch button.




Discretion is the better part of valor.

Let’s address his OVERPRINTING COUNTERFEIT dinar claim he never tires of.

Now he attributes it to rogue elements around Saddam Hussein “plates”. You mean the plates with Saddam’s head on the bills? Or the new currency printed in his neighboring country… and whose affiliation with European intelligence agencies were the true qui bono of attempting to derail the RV by over-printing to poison the well. To water down the soup.

Notice how he positions himself to try to be right when he is wrong. That IF there is a revalue we must get in quickly before the well dries up. There you go… Riding the fence like a true wishy washy know nothing. And don’t get me started on his ownership of the high yield trading platform. 

It’s okay for him to electronically leave wall street hand traders stuck in quicksand on the floor but God forbid the peasants get a break.
I will stop there. It’s not nice to attack senile old insane people.

Postscript: February 10, a couple days ago Kim Goguen mentioned a wingnut banker in London. I sure hope we are on the same page here. If so, she moves up a notch.

Along the same line of rational deductions, do people notice when Fulford states pro-Queen propaganda in the same breath as MI6 and Mossad sorting out the riffraff. Since when is the most treacherous people on Earth the go to when villainy is up for its yearly subscription renewal. Pretty much every phony Baloney Patriot front on Before it’s News are all parroting the same pirate crap. The usual suspects like Juan O’Strafing who I bet anything is well invested in all the defense manufacturer stocks who are scared to death people will figure out all their flying objects cannot get past the firmament. All the money laundering dynasty cottage industries of NASA. Not a space agency.




Click your cowboy heels together 3 times and toot your own horn of your quarter million dollar sports car 3 times and you will wake up back in Kansas and or Florida with Toto. And all Billionaire perversions will be laundered and new.  Back on the only side of the rainbow possible.
Juan O’Strafing, one of those guys that never stops talking for fear someone will point out how full of shit he is when he takes a breath between tall tales.



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