(Reader: GK) Another 2017 Slice of the Past


February 8 2017

I know sometimes I get grouchy or too cynical but mostly I channel frustrations into positive energy, creative endeavors. 

When the RV happens, I encourage everyone to address MONOPOLIES and do your damndest to break up monopolies by using your money to compete.

When I was 25, fresh out of film school, I went to Hollywood and had several screenplays optioned. But after a while, I ran into the nepotistic wall, and intellectual property thieves, and God forbid you call thieves thieves and live to succeed in that town. Long story. 

I intend to use my money to create a production company that handles all aspects. Producing, and distribution, so no one can blacklist me again for hurting their snakelike feelings. But I digress.

That was back in 1986 when I was first taken out to lunch by a producer on the Universal lot and signed over an option agreement on a western I wrote.

It wasn’t until 1997, when I was in Hollywood shooting a documentary on standup comedy… When I bought my first guitar. I was 38. The trip had been a rocky one… I finished the film, it is available on youtube. Then sold my equipment to Don Byner, John Byner the famous comedian’s son. I went to the guitar store then drove across the country to Florida. I actually had the guitar across my lap as I headed down 40 across New Mexico and Texas, strumming while I drove… hey it’s safer than texting.

It is well known comedians are frustrated rock stars. Then I bought my first record deck and started writing songs. It was only a year before I taught myself enough guitar chords to assemble some original tunes. As a huge Beatles fan I was trained in music by listening to them in excess as a kid.


I am sort of proud of this new song. Wrote it, recorded all the parts that include flute, strings, and guitar over the last couple days in my crappy motel room.

Then made the video.

The fun part is learning the music software… for example… if I want strings I choose the type of strings I want and I have a large scale to work with and I drag the sound around until I hear stuff that is in key… then hold long notes and hit the mouse in a staccato…. then after finding as many things that sound good I go back and erase what doesn’t work and drag the pieces around the timeline…

It takes a good ear… and is really fun. Like knitting with sound.

I consider these demos and wish a great artist would record one of my songs and make me rich.

If I were a perfectionist, which I don’t really believe in… I would rehearse the song over and over… there are certain things I did with the melody or phrasing I would do differently…. but again… it’s just an idea. 

I get scared I will never finish it if I dwell on perfection.

Hope you like it. Share. Be cool to get a lot of likes on youtube.

And screw the monopolists.

Oh and by the way the first chord in this song was taught to me by a guy here at the motel who is a Vietnam vet. Thanks Don for your service and the lesson.

Post Script: February 7 2022

First of all some people are just entertainers. Hams, show offs, hey look at me types… I doubt any of us want to ask ourselves or a shrink why for fear of the answer.

I have performed both music and comedy LIVE and I have to say, I am enough of a control freak as to prefer what the internet and computers gives me. I can make essays and videos and simply put it out there. People can then take it or leave it. I don’t have to have a show in a public venue whereby I live and die with people showing up.

I can suck quietly and safely in my delusional glory.

Here with Patrick’s forum I have an audience that may or may not enjoy my contributions but what it really is is people who bought Iraqi Dinar because we believed a story that we would become rich and have unreal freedom to save the world.

That abandonment of reality also allows us to see how crazy everything is that like the possibility of the investment coming true, our friends and families dismiss as idiotic gullibility. We think we are part of a new world truth and our detractors are mired in the old world matrix swamp.

Although we can get in tiffs on this like minded blog, there is a certain commonality which allows me to know I can be as crazy as I want here and mostly get away with it. I am pretty sure Hip Hop and Rap artists don’t plan vacations in Branson Missouri. Knowing where our people might be is half the battle.

Besides, even if you got 99% of the people to sign a petition to Patrick to stop posting my crap I am pretty sure I would try to annoy ya’ll all the more.


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