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“NESARA Question”

Entry Submitted by JC at 12:43 PM EST on February 12, 2017

If everyone above the age of 21 on this planet gets $100,000 per month for 12 years who will be interested in our job creation, humanitarian projects, infrastructure, schools, etc, etc. Inquiring minds want to know.


GK answers JC February 12 2017

1. First of all we are talking about two things that haven’t happened yet… our riches based on currency revaluation and everybody elses unexpected windfall from Nesara. Is it really worth the energy to worry about something that hasn’t happened. Nesara has been supposedly going to happen for 30 years and RV for 14 years and yet we all await a Santa Claus event…. Santa might also collide with a Concorde Jet over the Atlantic… let’s add that to the worry list.

2. Our brave new world is replacing workers with automation and robotics. That is one possibility, unless the robots get wind of the hundred grand a month and demand they get paid too…. maybe we should add that to the list of worries.

3. Let’s imagine one of our humanitarian projects is building homes for the homeless and/or digging wells in Africa. Is it only a humanitarian project when someone else is paid to do the work or does that include all of us rolling up our sleeves, adding the muscle to the payroll? If the humanitarian projects are dead before arrival because we only want to be lazy and pay other people to do the heavy lifting then we sure need to add lazy asshats coming into money as something to worry about.




4. I refer back to answer number 1… None of us have the money yet but I will add a true concern. It has always been on the Luciferian agenda to have a one world currency and our financial allowances programmed on chips and injected into us.

You know barcoded accountability based on the discretion of whomever will decide who has colored outside the lines, and germain to this concern is creating the problem to bring in the solution.

Wouldn’t the perfect way to do this be to create a clusterEFF of currencies revalued and too much wealth as to create the problem your question nibbles at the edge of?

Thusly creating the idea we need a one world currency that leads to microchips. But if we are to worry about that shouldn’t our main worry be who really is the final say on everything?

Such ideas as Noahide law, talmudic doctrine keeping Goyim as plantation workers and livestock? Would that be a worry if we were to look at history as any indication as to the trends of the future?

Humankind being tricked into each new movement, war, socially engineered belief system, such as one world religions… and…ahem… Luciferianism, antichrist… Gog and Magog. Hate laws that protect the most deviant of Satan’s praetorian guard? Demons have feelings too.

It may sound like inconvenient truth or pointless worry, or even raining on the ultimate fantasy parade but there are countless figureheads throughout history that have blown the whistle on this future including the Bible. Still looks like the trajectory is the same other than this PR stunt of wow… free party favors.




5. And this is the one that chaps my ass, we are told Trump and Hillary and Dunford and Admirals and Chinese and secret societies and evil cabals and secret good guys had to engage in Machiavellian, end justifies the means to achieve a brave new world, the age of Aquarius, the dawning of a perfect world of peace, love and abundance…. An ending that only had one path… lies, lies and bigger lies to achieve this end.

Couldn’t possibly been achieved through truth? Let me add, notice how there is really no indication the media… TV/Radio/Internet show true signs that TRUTH is the goal…. that no real change can be achieved as long as a Luciferian agenda still holds the key to the satellites pumping a polluted toxic mess of misinformation to the jury pool who will never be able to come to a consensus on decency when indecency and sheltering deviant murderous blood and sex ritual, greed and control looks to be the goal? Monopoly and power positions maintained while a few upper management assholes get thrown to the lions.

6. So who is going to do the work if we are all rich? Many questions with no answers wayyyy more important than if Santa is wearing a seat belt. I can keep asking more questions…

7. How do we reconcile stock markets when high yield traders hold a vast advantage? Who is the keeper of real numbers? How can humanity continue to pretend democracies, people voting is actually for the people by the people when we all know it is about a shadow elite giving us bogus choices then middle management syndicates cheating for their candidate to run the chicken coop for 4 or 8 years to make sure their friends and families control the disbursal of that pie, until the next pie is ravaged by a new set of mercenaries. Seems to me reality is the biggest inconvenient truth going.

8. As my Dad said, don’t bullshit a bullshitter… most of us who are aware of reality know we just want to taste the good life for a while and that the pie in the sky pledges to humanity will never be achieved when the world is run by Luciferians who are the good cops of devils, who over threw satanism, the bad cops of devils. Shuffling the deck for a new hundred year con game with goals that still include such horrors as methodical softkill depopulation and feeding like vampires off humanity as just another resource… 

9. GO RV! 🙂 Smiley face icons make everything okay.


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