(Reader: GK) Still Starving After all these Years 2017 Redux


Reader Post | By GK


Apparently this little essay was sent to Chronicles the 5th of February 2017 also. It doesn’t surprise me that I was creating music and videos like this and my subject matter was the treachery of the elite and their hell being paved with good intentions… which were never good intentions–just a Trojan warhorse on the poor with sneaky intentions.

These things I say here go back to my first days on the internet in 1998. My mantra is seeing through the elite BS and attempts to warn. This video was created in 2009 and axed by Youtube with 500 other videos in 2019. I added the spooky rocking chair and fog last year while setting up my new video channels at Odysee. I think we are all nervous about our freedom to maintain our work, audience and public venues. The enemy does not fight fair.

Old essay begins here:

People have been pointing to the suffering. So I dug up an old music video I made on the subject. One of my favorites. 

I don’t think any of us should forget the type of people on this planet who never made these people a priority. Those with all the wealth and power who had a plan for these starving children.


Let them starve.

Then there was the Eugenicists that thought sterilizing them with the vaccines was the big compassionate move.

Injecting them with food and clean water would have been the science.

The Gates foundation, Red Cross, Unicef, United Way, World Bank… Billionaires and Trillionaires…. people starve within days and weeks and yet they took all the decades in the world to meet and eat grand dinners and stage conferences with platitudes and phony attitudes cloaked in beaming smiles.

Next time you see a rocking chair slightly rocking with no one seated in it. Consider it might be the spirit of one of the millions who left the living without even a casual thought given by those who pretend to care.

And I suppose I should share some of the blame. I spent my poverty level wages on lots of crap too. I should have could have sponsored a child or two. But which of the go between conduits were to be trusted? 

In the immortal words of Dubya, Bring it on. 


Give us our financial break. Allow us to demonstrate the difference between action and inaction. Compassion, empathy and that of cold callous indifference, greed and gluttony.

We dare you.

Post Script:

Today I no longer trust those who claim to be the architects of the global reset. If they were legit they would keep us up to date with transparent up to the minute details. The only reason I see for so much secrecy and trickery is the rebellion is being run by people who are almost as dirty. 

As for Kim, whoever gives that camp teeth and power, needs to be more transparent also. This essay must restate what I believe to be the problem. The Talmudic Rabbi mafia is way more organized and stealthily deceiving in their racketeering and monopolies than everyone else and we are called antisemites for daring to notice that fact. Terrific psychological ploy on their part. The mindeffery of World War II gave them those advantages… which was planned and not an accidental byproduct.



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