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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Still occupied by the FRG, this Germany, my fatherland! Not for much longer. The show, no show is endless. Sometime the point comes, there also actors, directors and extras have no more desire. Because it becomes BORING. Because it’s always the same thing that happens. Both from the cabal stooges, as well as from the MSM and the alliance.

Welcome to the Year of the Water Tiger! I turn sixty this year, so I was also born in a year of the water tiger. Watch the water, watch the water tiger. Joking aside, this year will be the year of change, for all people. Whether they want it or not, whether they believe it now or later. Change for the good!

If I take myself out of the jumble of assumptions, forecasts, alleged truths, alleged untruths, news, postings, emotionally and also with consciousness, then I have the opportunity to observe everything. I can also do this much better, because I block out all distractions and thus also the interpretations and thoughts. And through these “windshield wipers” I suddenly see much more clearly. We can also observe retrospectively, then we have fact-based knowledge and no longer have to consider whether it is true or false.

And now we realize, if we want to, why everything takes so long, why no RV was possible yet, why worldwide no military has officially taken over yet, why the MSM are still there, why the dark governments are still visible (“visible” I write because I don’t believe that any of the dark ones are real yet). Why “nothing is happening” (still reading, sorry, a lot is happening if we look, right?).

If I bought a house, a used house, then I certainly have to change some things. Maybe I don’t like certain things that the previous owner thought were nice, maybe the house has been empty for a long time and is dilapidated or otherwise damaged. I want it to be beautiful and also so that it will last as long as possible and be a home to me. Maybe there are also hidden defects or damages that the realtor “forgot” to mention. We know, right? So the more I look, the more damage I can find. If things go really bad, I’ll have to tear down the house and build a new one. Even if I would like to avoid it as much as possible, if the basic substance, the foundation of the house is broken, beautification is of no use, no use at all! It would not last long and from the inside out or from below again broken.

Our previous world was such a dilapidated house, let’s admit it. It has always been painted only to keep up appearances on the outside. When parts threatened to break, a fire was set (wars, stock market crashes, conflicts) just to create something supposedly better. But in the end, our world was broken in the foundation and in the basic substance, irreparably broken. I don’t want to list all the damages now, but think about our consumer behavior, think about our throwaway society, think about our school systems. Looking back, it makes no sense at all to spend money on this old world, does it? What would people have done with money from the RV, with money from NESARA or a UBI? They would have kept this broken and sick system going. The money we are all waiting for only makes sense when we want to build the new world and tackle our new tasks. The time is not yet here, not all the stooges have been arrested. So there is no RV yet either.




The Creator and the Alliance recognized the sick world, the broken house, decades ago. They gave us humans chances to save this old world when it was still possible. We did not use them or could not use them. Our opponents had already become too strong, threw all warnings and orders of the creator to the wind. They thought themselves safe and invincible. They also had every reason to do so, because they have won all battles so far. JFK, 9/11 and others. If I can’t create anything myself, I use those who can. And control them with fear, with loss, with dumbing down and with indoctrination. So the plan to renew the house WORLD had to change. So the alliance looked for a person in America who could inspire masses by his kind. They made everything in his environment watertight and incontestable (taxes, career, previous life, etc.). This was the basic requirement, because the alliance knew that if the opponent found even the slightest fault with this person, the plan would be doomed to failure. So Trump came into the picture, running for president.

The Democrats (and many other Deep State parties around the world) have always cheated in elections, and so it was in 2016, but they underestimated the appeal of Trump and the people themselves. Deep down, the patriots sensed that something could change. They voted for Trump en masse and so all the fraud was of no use, Trump became president. And he showed the people of America and the world how broken “our house” is and how to renovate it. You know all the things he did for the better. I didn’t realize that until 2017/2018 either, but better late than never, right?

From the very beginning, Trump has been initiating the “tear down of the old house.” I don’t need to write in detail about what he did in the four years of presidency, we know that. But the Alliance and he have noticed that too few people really understand what is going on. They saw through the Deep State’s plan to massively decimate the world’s population, turned it around and used it for their own purposes. “C_orona” became a test of intelligence and the ability to awaken. The alliance has allowed all stupid measures against a quite normal flu of tyrants to show as many people as possible how broken “the house” is, how ramshackle and foundationless. It has quite deliberately brought into focus in every DS country those tyrants and liars who show the people quite clearly what the real goals of this cabal are.

That there are still people today who nevertheless believe in a “pandemic”, and especially in the fact that they will come back to “their ideal world” at some point, is regrettable. We cannot change it, and the alliance cannot and does not want to change it. The stupid can become smart if he wants to. The lied to can recognize the truth if he wants to. Even the indoctrinated can change his mind if he wants to. Especially when he realizes that he is becoming a minority. People are not loners; we all long for community. For almost two years the mask wearers and vaccinators were in the majority, now comes the time when it tips. They are becoming the minority whether they like it or not.

Trump deliberately lost the election, that should be clear to all of us by now. The alliance has collected the evidence with new technologies, in places they are published and proven. Corruption, human trafficking, child trafficking, Satanic, it’s all coming out. Yet the time that has passed since then shows America and the world what the Deep State’s plans were and are. The actors, clones and CGIs have been ruining everything good Trump has done for the people ever since. For all to see! And behind the scenes, the Alliance is destroying everything we don’t need in the new world. In parallel, behind the curtain, they are preparing everything for the new construction. A new Internet, a new financial system, a new electoral system, new technologies, new legal system, new forms of government. The basics, the foundation for a completely “new house”. And there will not be much more of what we knew before. The people who are not ready for this new house may switch timelines. Or they will be “relocated” to another planet where they will lose all memory of Earth and can continue to live their 3D world until their souls are also ready for “ascension”. Likewise, the soulless created by the Deep State will leave.

Those who remain will help build the new house and will live in it. Better than ever, more peaceful than ever, more united than ever, more secure than ever. How many that will be, no one knows. We will see it, we will experience it. I don’t know if I will be there, I have indeed made a change in my way of thinking, in my projects and my goals, a tiny little doubt always remains in the back of my mind. This is partly because sometimes it is inconceivable, incomprehensible that this new world will come. Such thoughts come, but they become less and less frequent. At some point, daily rituals take hold, as does turning away from the flood of information, most of which is about things that will soon no longer exist. It helps me to keep trying, to just observe. And not to put more energy into things that others are still dealing with or have to deal with, for whatever reason.

The destruction of the old world is progressing. Look at the stock markets, look at the cabal cryptos, the buckling MSM, the desperate government constructs and most of all look at the convois. To me this is a major door that the alliance has opened and people are walking through it, better they drive through it. Maybe that’s why a few days ago all the green lights posted by patriotic channels. Was it the GO for the convoys? The alliance knows everything and has everything. All the strands are converging, towards an early end of the show. In Germany, more precisely in Kiel and Wiesbaden, larger halls have been built, so-called makeshift courthouses. Folks, this is preparation for something bigger. And the hearings in these makeshift halls will definitely not be against corona deniers or demonstrators, I realize that.




Only when the old is completely gone, completely destroyed, can you build soundly and completely anew. That is the goal of the plan and it is progressing inexorably. Point by point, step by step. Let’s observe each further step, each further point, with confidence and faith in a good end to the show. Let’s let go of the old world, say goodbye to it as a lesson and look forward to the new. And let us be surprised what we can see, experience and help shape there. What tasks are waiting for us. OK? “Ready when you are, Sergeant Pembry!” said Doctor Lektor and left the prison. And we also leave it because it will be destroyed. According to plan, meanwhile visible, inexorable, final.

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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