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Reader Post | By GK

I plucked this baby from the past and most of you may remember some of these folks. I always enjoyed Heisenberg even if he or she was a bit left. I think the rest is pretty self explanatory. 

We begin the past here:

Heisenberg, the black and whites are what we in America called cop cars because they used to be black and white, especially in Los Angeles. Watching from the corner of their eyes is how cops watch the streets… facing forward. Being that you are from Europe I know that wasn’t obvious to you.

I agree the Freemason black and white checkerboard is the tile flooring in every damn movie… watch it, you will see. But Springsteen was referring to cops and their cars… Bruce tends to be sort of earthy in his streetwise lyrics.

Other than that, carry on.

Other than your love for Yosef you write well.

I said it before every single one of us could be adored in dinarland if we told everyone what they wanted to hear. “Soon” dates and huge rates. Whoohoo– feel the love.




Here’s a little story, I was having lunch with 2 white hats in Chicago when one took a call in front of me about sovereign rates… 33 dollars… and I was in their circle. Part of their cash out group at the time.

That was 2012.

Another short story, I asked my white hat friend one Friday… when? He said “Monday”. I took that to dinarvets and the thread blew up with excitement. I learned my lesson once… I never repeated anything of the kind again because guess what…? It didn’t happen that Monday or about 500 Mondays since. I felt foolish.Someone asked me if I was a “pumper.”

And regarding this pouring kerosene on race relations… More white men are killed by white cops than blacks killed by white cops. Fact. And there is a new game the young blacks play where they run up from behind and plaster a white person with a crippling blow. 

For him to encourage this hate ( Yosef I think) while positioning himself as some sort of divine messenger is pretty damn stupid…  For anyone to be pushing race war ideas when that is exactly what the talmudist city of london banksters want is ignorant and exactly what the evil bastards want.

I have no use for Yosef or anyone else who doesn’t know that evil has a hierarchy on this planet and if you want to figure out whom try following the zeroes in the trillion dollar holdings to their castles… it isn’t random white guys walking down the street…

When I was a kid– me and my 6 siblings were with my parents at an Aunt’s house. She said something derogatory about black people and my Dad marched us out to the car and we left. That stuck with us. Even though my Dad always voted Republican the other 7 in the family leaned leftist liberal until I finally realized how left and right were arms of the beast with specific instructions on how to react to certain stimuli…




I wrote all sorts of liberal films accordingly with the usual programming of minorities against the “man”… until I began to see that leftist liberals are like cats who are proud of their dead mouse and never tire of presenting that dead carcas as a trophy…

They do more to create division by dwelling on something that is fueled by the Tavistock think tanks to make sure we are all splintered… Than any white republican who insists America is the land of opportunity and dismisses the minority plight as a problem with a simple solution like stay in school and get a job…

…Of course I know it isn’t a level playing field but the conservative simplistic answer does have merit… stay in school and get a job and don’t do illegal things as a form of rebellion…. and if you want to blame people… blame the right people… 

And by the way my son was jumped by 4 black people one night and he showed up at my door beaten to a pulp and died in my hallway… and I started administering CPR and I banged on the door of the neighbor at 2am to help me… Gilbert, a black man, who cooked at the salvation army came over as I was frantically blowing in my son’s mouth… and my son came back to life…

Gilbert who I hadn’t met yet, became a friend that night as he was my witness and went down and flagged the ambulance…

I think you can all pull your own moral from that…

PS. February 1 2022

As I rediscover my old essays I think we should remember how many times the shiny bait fooled us into sitting still and doing nothing a little longer.






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