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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Who of you has wondered why I have omitted the passage ” the one still occupied by the FRG”, it is NOT a success message. Because still in Germany the corporate constructs (offices) with their exploiters, swindlers, human rights criminals, liars and paid mercenaries (“police”) are at work. They extort, “judge”, use their “power” to further make life difficult for people, they use every crime imaginable to get funds. Not much has happened on the outside except that some media is starting to turn, except that more people are taking to the streets, except that some people are starting to fight back. Oh, sorry, I forgot that there is a media wake-up program going on because the “new government” is indulging in one bullshit after another.

Every headline in yellow letters (yellow = Q in the flag alphabet) is applauded by German anons, no matter what is written there. Every 17, even in checksum, is celebrated. Also, if 17 is really frequent, I got 17 reminders that I can’t pay. And now? I get a bill for 98 euros, 9 plus 8 equals 17, should I be happy now? My account balance is in the minus, the cross sum of the amount results in 17, and now? And I am charged 17% overdraft interest by the bank, which also still exists with all its power over me and my money. What a joy, right?

Much has been written and said in recent days, including by Lin Wood, about General Flynn and Sidney Powell. The people’s general and the woman who wanted to release the Kraken. Flynn is said to be a traitor, to have passed information to the Deep State, to have prevented the RV, the EBS and NESARA, and so on. And Sidney Powell, who we were told was brought onto Trump’s team for a reason, released the Kraken underwater. For months/years we have been reading that the White Hats, the Alliance has EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL, and not just in the X22 report. And they didn’t notice that, if true? Or they allowed that to happen anyway? And haven’t we read that the Deep State lost a long time ago? Then what are they supposed to do with information from a possible traitor Flynn? Even though they’ve already lost, are they still allowed to play a little bit? Or win a few battles?

“Q’s” communication with his drops is certainly not easy to decode. “Learn our communication,” they said, didn’t they? And a great many think they can. This October, we’re getting into the realm of five-year deltas, aren’t we? Maybe the Looking glass was broken at one time? I think the drops are not always for all of us. They are military communications because the military knows or has been made aware of this “language.” That’s why we don’t have to deal with everything.

Let’s continue with the information that reaches us. One claims there will be no more cryptocurrencies, the other says there will be five or six left. The current “financial experts” are so overwhelmed that none of them can give even a single sensible advice to those who still have money to invest. Speaking of money, who has any left? After a pseudo-pandemic has destroyed the entire middle class, not to mention smaller companies. The ones who have money are those who always had it, and those who profited from the pandemic, or those who could and can sell remedies, supplements, talismans and consultations. And those who have been waiting for years to get going with humanitarian projects to rebuild this broken world are getting more and more down on their luck. We wonder every damn day how we made it this far and wonder how much longer we can hold out.

We read channelings from our galactic friends who are sympathetic to us and who want to help us. But they are not allowed to intervene because they are not allowed to act against our free will. Our free will prevents outside help when we are in a bad way and need help? Really now? Yes, we are supposed to take care of ourselves, to go within ourselves, so that we can make the ascent. And the extraterrestrials help us with that. Really? Are they helping us? When we are under such massive pressure, pressure from criminals, financial pressure, or even a psychological pressure because we don’t feel ready yet because of the massively present 3D world with its problems. How are we supposed to be able to focus on ourselves? If we are confronted again and again, every day, every hour with lack. It’s like this. No matter what I do, think positively, visualize positively, bills and reminders still land in the mailbox.




Visualizing and manifesting good things always takes longer? Why actually? Who made this stupid rule? Is the bad better? Is the good worse? I always thought the good wins, why doesn’t it manifest faster? I place an order into the universe, there comes, from wherever, a slight doubt (because there’s another bill in the mailbox, for example), and the order is canceled. Really now? When I think and visualize something bad, it inevitably comes. No matter how positive I think, this order will not be canceled. Guys, what are these rules?

So if our star family wants to help us, why don’t they? They know what our problems are and where they can be solved. They know what “mistakes” we make. To sit down and say, do it yourself, but we love you, is that a way? Of course, we have to do many things ourselves, take personal responsibility, but in my opinion this is only possible if we know the rules. And there are too many different interpretations of this “rulebook”. A real help would be to bring every one of us, who takes wrong paths, who is perhaps negatively occupied, on the right path. I have been able to change, and it certainly wasn’t all on my own, I had help there. So why is the Federation still allowing so many charlatans to drag people in different and wrong directions? When they love and admire us so much? When it would be so important for more people to awaken. Do you know how it feels? As if I were to call out to a non-swimmer in a river or lake, “Hey, you need to learn to swim, take care of learning to swim. But I love you!” He’s almost drowning and he’s supposed to learn how to swim? Really? I think this comparison is apt.

I have the UPU involved, in Bern. Trump is the UPU postmaster, so the alliance. The Vatican is out. Well, what happened? NOTHING! I don’t get a reply, I don’t get an acknowledgement of receipt, and most importantly, I don’t get a set of rules, should I have made mistakes. Of course, it may be that the UPU is acting, behind the scenes (why does this sound familiar?), and cannot inform me. But even though it is now informed about massive violations of human rights, and much more, nothing happens. At least not on the outside. I must say, I don’t understand it anymore and I don’t know what to believe anymore. I think we have read it often enough, the Alliance has underestimated the Deep State and also the stooges. Just like they underestimated the number of DUMBS. There were just more than they thought. And the patience, the stamina of the patriots was easily overestimated by the Alliance. The whole process just takes way too long, and the alleged delays, if we include looking glass, are inexplicable. For me at least.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am NOT throwing in the towel, I am NOT giving up. As long as I can hang in there, I will. But I am also allowed to ask questions or question something. Especially when I can no longer believe anyone, because there are simply too many different opinions and statements. And I am allowed to express my lack of understanding, my view of the misinformation that is coming up massively at the moment. The world is full of stupid people. You cannot wake them up, nor can you discuss with them. Most have been made stupid, by “remedies” in the water and food, by drugs, by “schools”, by indoctrination. So if the alliance waits for these to awaken with, then it must throw brains from the sky, or activate brains. If the Alliance wants the awakening patriots to continue to persevere, it must also support them. We had a belief in November that the Iraqi dinar might be brought forward in the exchange. Wouldn’t that have been a great action? How many people could have held out for more months with an exchange of small bills? How many more non-humanitarians could have been caught, by such an action?

This brings me to the concluding theme of this article. The different currency holders that have come to my attention. Once we have those who have really, all their lives already been humanitarian, who have always given more than they got back. Then we have those who, like me, change their attitude, and instead of thinking only of themselves and their improvements, have been able to discover or even strengthen their humanitarian side. By the way, these are the ones who have and have had financial problems in the last few years/months, and have saved every euro to buy some ZIM or currencies.

Then we have those who think they are humanitarian. They have and had money, or have also saved up funds (this also exists), have stocked up abundantly with currencies, also know many people with projects or have their own projects. So far, so good. Everything is fine up to this point, but deep down they still want to keep some kind of control. Control over the allocation of funds, control over the implementation of others’ projects, control over people’s thinking. I can understand that in a way, the old dying world still has a tight grip on some people, unfortunately I still feel that way sometimes.

And lastly we have the currency holders who already have money in abundance now or don’t have to worry about money. They have stocked up abundantly on ZIM and currencies over the last few years. The reasons for this are clear to me. It is greed, profit motives, the inclination to be able to use wealth to put themselves above others, where they are now already. If they were humanitarian-minded, they would do without their own bills and support people right now who just can’t live like that, who are doing badly now. Do you understand what I mean? Yes, it’s a blunder I’m putting my foot in. But how many people have had a ZIM snatched out from under their noses or some other currency that might have really done something special for the new world with it?




How many channel operators are there who spend every day trying to keep people happy, trying to maintain trust and patience, even though “nothing is happening”, even though the old world still has power and is exercising it. Who try to give people more than hope for improvement and do not ask for money for it or offer their guesses for a fee. These people would do everything now to help, but they cannot. No, they have to wait, they have been waiting so long that they can finally get started. They have great ideas, they have enormous strength, unshakable faith and sometimes they don’t know where they get it all from.

The times are still lousy, nevertheless I am grateful that I can and may experience them. The energies are condensing and many feel that positive changes will soon become apparent. The belief in this and the trust in it is unbroken. Because many things happen when we can observe them with open eyes, which should give us confidence. And now would be the time for Alliance, Galactic Friends and Federation, the UPU, the military to intervene a little more massively and help. And I have the feeling that everybody has realized that. Because it’s all stuck, we’re going around in circles with news, drops and attempts to explain. At some point, all the children will be freed, all the DUMBs flooded, all the evidence collected, all the stooges caught, everything dark eliminated. Our planet is not that big, and no one can make believe that new DUMBS will be dug in other places, or that children will disappear again. Either the alliance has the control or all news in this respect are bullshit.

That’s why an end must come soon, an end to the old world, an end to the timeline where evil still has power, the end of 3D. Unstoppable. So, folks, let’s trust some more, keep believing, and give the Alliance, the Galactic Federation, the Earth Alliance some more time. But still ask for support for the duration until it happens. If this is not possible, then what is? We can’t follow rules that we don’t know. Or just step on the gas! The time is ripe! And if we are confused by all the different news, and no longer know what to believe, we should consider that much is also made to confuse the enemy. The enemy is the first target! The only thing I miss is: My enemy’s enemy is my friend. Where is a little support for us as friends?

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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