(Reader) Beware, Flynn was Appointed General by Bush/Clinton



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You know “HOW” General Flynn got his Stars and by who?


WHY?  Because if you read the HRC reading that “Hanzel and Gretel” story, to tied up children in the “swimming pool” “boiled.”  You know, it was too disturbing to post, but know you know what I am referring to.

It was discussed that Flynn is the person, who had his name redacted, that hosed/cleaned up the aftermath, and was a witness and participated.

So explain how did General Flynn GET HIS STARS?

Why would a Bush or Clinton president appoint him a General?

Why did Flynn raise in the highest ranks, in a DS controlled Gov, if he was not ONE OF THE DS EVIL ONES?




Explain “HOW” a White Hat rose to the highest RANKs in a criminal DS Presidential Evil controlled DC System?

Impossible now isn’t it?

Everyone was WARNED NOT TO BELIEVE everyone Good is actually Good, or everyone BAD is actually bad.

See how you fell for it?

So just because Trump exposed him as White Hat, it doesn’t mean he has always been a Patriot, and everyone is good.

So why Did Trump praise Fauci, Kavenaugh, and others he needed to friend, who will be taken down?

White hats want to know what he knows 1st hand, and is making amends to his maker Angel soul.




If you put in Flynn’s name in that redacted blacked out small paragraphs of testimony, you will find Flynn’s name fits the spaces.
Once someone participates in what DS Bush/Clintons did, even if it was 25 yrs ago, they still  need to be held accountable for what evil they did.

Flynn is no exception, and even Lyn Wood learned back in Sep/Oct 21 of Flynn’s DS career involvement, and why he cried his heart out, and can never take the stage or be seen with Flynn in public ever again.  Flynn was a Bush/Clinton/Obama insider and helped the DS do the unthinkable against our Nation and children.

All is not as it seems, as you think.  Learn Truth and NEVER EVER praise ANYONE as a pure heart.  This includes Trump himself.
There is evidence Trump was a Rockefeller.  To actually what extent is still foggy in our war, if true.

Trump my be sacrificing himself, for his involvement in his family line namesake.

So explain HOW Flynn survived and rose to highest levels in a DS criminal DC?

Are you that clueless not all White Hats were removed from highest levels?

But WHY was Flynn raised in the highest ranks in the DS Cabal, if he was not evil, participated with them, and one of them?

Since when did any DS controlled criminal DC, military, and Lettered agency etc, allow a actual Patriot to raise to the highest ranks?
Flynn is a DS but wanted to right the wrong he did in his life.

It is believed Flynn is only doing all he can to make amends for the crimes he participated in, and will be held accountable for these crimes he was in attendance and participated in, in his past.

Things and people are not always what they show on the media, and should never be 100% guaranteed a Patriot.  Your thinking everyone is either bad or good on the outside, is evidence they are either good or bad. 




You never know how the inside tastes of the beautiful smelling pie just smells great.  Its whats not seen on the outside, but the inside of ones vessel…

Its a shame you don’t practice basic logic.  You also praised talking heads like Charlie Ward as your personal God of good, when you have not 1 shred of evidence, but worthless feelings.  Oh how easily you non war vet fall for disinformation, and promote lies in your stories…  Are you actually DS trying to distract from real truth?  When you interject your worthless opinion as Fact, you show your colours as DS.
Learn Flynn’s  history and his raise to top General, in a DS controlled Cabal in DC.  Please explain how its done, if he was a 100% true Patriot.  1000% impossible, yet you push this lie.



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