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Reader Post | By Laura Lucas

‘I Still Don’t Understand’

I have been a Christian since I was 13. My PE teacher, Mrs. Allen, led me to the Lord during a basketball game she had asked her students to stay and watch. She wanted to give us pointers as we watched the guys play. When Randy leaped up for a basket, his foot twisted coming down. He fell on the floor and slid in his sweat into the wall, hitting his head hard against the concrete wall. I jumped, concerned about him. No one knew that I had a secret crush on Randy. Now it was exposed.

But my PE teacher took this as an opportunity to ask me, ‘what if that had been you? If you died today, would you be present with the Lord?’ I had no clue what she was talking about. I was in 7th grade and very into sports. I was a gymnast, a track and field high jumper, a free ex dancer, a high dive jumper and a trampoline bouncer. My mom had raised my sister and I in a Catholic church. We were only one year apart. As soon as my sister received her first Holy Communion, we quit going. Almost instantly, we never returned. I missed learning scripture verses and prayers; although I didn’t like the constant repetition of ‘Mother Mary Full of Grace…’ 10 times on the rosary necklace. I was only five, yet I questioned, ‘who is Mother Mary?’ Yes I know she gave birth to Jesus Christ, but, isn’t he the one we are supposed to pray to, not her? I now had a void in my life. Something was missing

When Mrs. Allen began to tell me about Jesus, something clicked. She motioned to the other girls on the basketball team to go to her office. We both followed. Through the noise of the game just outside her door, Mrs. Allen picked up her Bible and began to show me verses. The other girls began to pray. She had already witnessed to them. I was the last one.

A neighbor invited me to a fifty foot long banana split at First Baptist Church, Roswell, NM. The youth minister, John Harlan, asked me if I knew the Lord. I told him my testimony. I still needed to be baptized. The pastor, John Charles, baptized me the next Sunday. And so began my journey learning about God. The music director, Alan Celoria was on fire. He had given his life to the Lord while studying opera in a music school. He changed his direction to ministry. Oh my, what a beautiful tenor, operatic voice he had. Between these three wonderful leaders, I had good teachings and grounding in the Bible. That grounding is still with me today.

Two of my spiritual gifts are faith and wisdom. Discernment, I have had to learn. It did not come natural and almost got me in trouble. The deep state and what they are doing and the people they are tied to came clear to me as I began to put the puzzle together all the way back to Cain and Abel. I learned a lot about the Hebrew translation of the Bible at Bet Ami, OKC. I had a small in home class of seventeen people whose eyes I opened up to what was happening right around and in front of us.

I say all of this to ask someone else what I feel is a very important question. I have a very hard time understanding what happens when we move to the 5th dimension. Many of the teachings say we exist in the 3rd dimension right now, but that ‘some of us’ will move to the fifth dimension …IF our frequencies are at a high enough vibration. Although this is a very different teaching than before, it makes sense to me. But what isn’t clear is: ‘when we move to the 5th dimension are we leaving this earth to a higher, better place? Or are we staying here on the earth to minister to those still in the third dimesnion? Will we still be able to see and communicate with each other?




I’m part of T4b. I need to stay behind to finish my given task. But, if I choose to stay behind am I sacrificing the opportunity to move to the 5th dimension; something that they say has taken over 25,000 years to come around? If I ‘miss the boat’ will it be another 25,000 yrs before I have the opportunity again?

Not knowing or understanding this leaves me not knowing where to focus my energies. Focus on a higher frequency to be part of the 5th dimension? Or focus on my business plan and dream board and continue to help my clients receive their monies when it all finally happens. If I ‘leave this earth, who will take care of my clients that have been waiting for this very funding all these years?

I want to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren. My grandfather had left a very good legacy that was robbed by attorneys and corporations after he died. That won’t happen again, in this new earth. I want to be a part of that, but I also want to advance. What do I do?

Feel free to contact me if you have answers. A text first will let me know who you are. I don’t always answer strange numbers.

Laura Lucas


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