(Reader: Charmaine E) Are we there yet?



Reader Post | By Charmaine E

Do you remember that long road trip when those in the vehicle on their journey, would say in great anticipation, are we there yet?  When you started out there was great excitement and wonderment at what adventure may happen along the way and told with utmost certainty that it won’t take too much longer to get there and those things that were promised, would be fulfilled.  The driver then would then say,  yes we’re getting there, look at the nice trees, the wild animals and then the tall buildings, this means we are getting close.  When the trip started to become long and somewhat boring, some who were awake started to fall asleep in the vehicle hoping that time would pass by and when they woke up they would be there. Others just kept looking out the windows hoping and wondering if the trip was ever going to end so they could finally be at their destination and start their vacation outside of the isolation, in the getting smaller by the minute, vehicle. Just when they’re not too far away, the car breaks down again for the second time and they are stranded for another day or more.

Disappointment and wondering if they’re going to actually make it there starts to set in and then the driver says, don’t worry we’re getting there, believe me, I promise.  Some passengers the vehicle hang in there for the ride and others are wondering if all this was worth the trip.  So if the car gets fixed quickly and they don’t start running out of time, money and resources, they will hopefully land safely at the intended destination.

So a lot of us are probably asking these questions every day multiple times, “are we there yet, are we even close, we were supposed to see things on this journey but they never materialized as promised”.  Are some of those that were awake falling asleep again, or some that might have woken up not seeing anything they want to wake up to?

It is getting late in the difficult journey we have all been on. It would be helpful to know and see tangible results along this difficult and dangerous path, some things were promised to happen and did not materialize that may help the general masses of people to keep steadfastly awake and to jolt others out of their slumber. For about 2 yrs now, those holding on with blind faith and connected to our Creator/God,  are finding it very difficult now to stay strengthened and hopeful  as  it seems that so many people  are perishing daily because of the atrocities that are still being perpetrated on us all globally, along so many other deteriorating circumstances for most everyone.

There’s nothing to quit for, there is nothing to go back to,  we must move forward and need direct light on our pathways to the future,  so we can see where we are going.

Earth Alliance/White Hats, please give us tangible/provable things so we know where and when are going ahead not only for ourselves, but for those that we’re trying to help awaken or keep awake!   We shouldn’t  have to wonder if we’re hearing the real truth or if we are losing our minds like so many think they might be in this difficult matrix?  ARE WE THERE YET !!!

Faith without works is dead. A lot of us have been living mostly on a continual diet of faith and now we’re asking for some works to be seen. 

Still standing in faith and gratitude,

Charmaine E


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