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Reader Post | By timjoebob

Maybe the terminology I’m using is misused. However that may be, Zionist bankers are well known for their evil and the Talmud is their playbook. Their self-exalted status is never to be questioned. They are superior to everyone that isn’t one of them. We know that’s what they think. Yes, they have played everyone, the world, and continue to this day.

That being said, Hitler became a monster who played into their hands just like they planned. Everyone got played except the controllers. Communists are Marxists that we all know so well. Fascism has its roots firmly planted in Communism. That is a fact. Call it Communism or Fascism, it makes zero difference when it comes to suppression and oppression, whether by theft or by corporate dictatorship makes no difference. The goal is slavery…distopia. Only the ‘chosen ones’ are allowed to live free and in opulence.

Hitler was embarrassed at the Olympics when Jesse Owens—a black man–clearly and decisively proved that the idea of a superior Aryan race—being white—failed to prove anything except that arrogance will bite you on the ass…in front of the whole world. When you get cocky, shit happens. Hitler was a cocky, self-centered, egotistical maniac. That’s another fact you might want to remember.

Hitler may have started out with trying to get Germany back on its feet, which he did, but what transpired was just another bloody world war. Men in power do incomprehensible things to others. Joseph Stalin was another pawn in the Zionist’s plan. Japan is another. And, of course, what the hell, why not coerce and manipulate America, Italy, France, Britain and everyone else? How about the Philippines? Hey its one big Zionist shit show…WWII.

Now, they want WWIII/WWIV and any other freaking dumbass chaotic crap that Satanic Death Cultists can conjure up. It’s obvious that Zionist bankers are controlled by Satanic forces. Many of us know they are Satanists. Talmudic philosophy, if you will, is the driving force…kill the Goyem.

Regardless of how many Jews died or how many others died by whatever means, if you’re not one of them your nothing more than a pig in the mud or some other lower life form. You’re not a human being. Only they are worthy because they think they’re the chosen ones. Excuse me while I puke.

The reason I use the term Commi-Fascist is because they are cut from the same cloth. Nazi (National Socialist) is rooted in Marxism. Like the saying goes ‘you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig’.




Cruelty is found on both sides of all wars. The truth of our real history will eventually come out for all to know.

Neither Fascism nor Communism is anything to defend, even if there are inaccuracies in the history we know about regardless of who killed whom or how many. War is nothing more than a game to Satanists, whether they’re Zionist Jews or a figurehead wearing a white robe pretending to be a holy man.

Yes, Talmudic Jews are Satanic as far as I’m concerned. But, there are other Satanists who are not Jews, of course, and I’m envisioning them cannibalizing themselves on their way to a Hell where karma rules…and payback is a real bitch.

I’m tired and I’m not sure if this is worth posting but, what the heck, why not? I’m off to bed.



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