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In the RV/GCR world, if you are doing your research you probably have a storm of chaos raging in your head. Every guru says something unique, and rarely does the intel align. Rarely does the intel relevant to T4B come true! But this journey is about so much more than the $$$ at the end of the tunnel, and if you allow yourself the opportunity to rise above the fray, you will recognize the real value of this incredible change that we are a part of.

The fundamental truth of why we are HERE, in this select group of people, is that we recognize the broken systems of government, healthcare, finance, education, energy, business, media and spirituality. The gift that Covid has given us is the further breakdown of these systems to the point where they are revealed to be non-functioning (if not anti-human), and this has served to wake up the masses on a level that even the most creatively evil minds could not have dreamed up.

All across the world, citizens have seized their power and march in beautiful, joyful togetherness. Sometimes when I watch these videos, tears stream down my face at the sheer numbers, and the extraordinary unity on display. Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of humanity! These marches of tens and hundreds of thousands of people – week after week after week – is testament to our impending graduation into Sovereignty. People Like Us Never Give Up!!!

Here in the US, where the tyranny is not quite as harsh, there are no great masses marching; instead, small local groups have self-organized to effect change in whatever way possible. Some take on election reform, others education, healthcare, monetary reform – whatever they are drawn to. Fired, unjabbed teachers are starting next-gen schools. Fired, unjabbed doctors are building next-gen clinics. Unemployed, unjabbed people are researching and compiling that research to awaken others. These groups were started because people refused to comply with illegal mandates, and this small step has led to a mass awakening and reclaiming the truth that We The People Have the Power, and that the government works for US.  This model – in which the government is beholden to the citizens – will be the model for all of humanity once we have conquered the beast that has attempted to destroy us.

We must immediately switch to local empowerment in this interim period – farming, education, healthcare, economy – before the Quantum systems are brought online. We can no longer count on global trade, and as gas prices skyrocket, we cannot even count on interstate trade. That means that people in the North need to build walpinis in order to grow food all year long, and EVERYONE needs to grow food and create food barter networks. There is no telling how long it will be before we win this war once and for all.

Fortunately, all of the work is not dependent on us. There is tremendous help being given on many different levels to effect this Quantum Transformation into the Aquarian Age. But it’s important to know that the help we receive is amplified by our efforts, so the more boots on the ground – the transformation will happen exponentially faster.


We are witnessing measurable progress:
– banking (Basel III compliance)
– media (CNN has no viewers)
– politics (Red Wave)
– the explosion of conscious businesses
– an extraordinary and visible return to Personal Connection with God

With the uncovering of the vast global Child Sex Trafficking and SRA networks, humanity is coalescing in one voice that we will no longer, and never again, tolerate such abuses, and that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are not welcome on this planet.

However, despite these advances, we must remain vigilant. Many false promises have been made, and many promises have been made through the extended community that have yet to be realized after extended periods of time. There must be a Rubicon, so to speak, and to my mind, if we do not experience the following in the immediate future, then it will be evident that we are being carrot-and-sticked into the Great Reset:

– Takedown of the Mockingbird Media
– Decertification of the fraudulent election
– Evidence that autonomy is built into the biometric-based Quantum Financial System
– Notification of the USTN
– Cease and Desist of all vaccine mandates
– Arrest of Fauci, Gates et al
– RV

The more we are in action, and the more we pray and meditate toward the positive resolution of this conflict, the sooner our dreams will be realized. Each one of us is the Hero we have been waiting for.


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