(Reader: GK) The Usual Rewrite


Reader Post | By GK

I am pretty sick of the politically correct version of the Khazars weren’t Jews clean up on aisle 2.

First of all when the pagan barbarians converted from their mongrel paganism to Judaism in 740AD the Khazarian Kagan, King brought up over 700 Talmudic rabbis to open synagogues in Khazaria to teach the religion to the Kingdom.

That’s like starting hundreds of football teams with NFL coaches but saying they aren’t playing football but soccer.

Today 92 percent of the world Jews that share all the Talmudic supremacist doctrine are all following the same deviant blend of paganism and secret contempt for nonjews. 

That leaves an unexplained 8% who are supposedly squeaky clean from the 92% who followed Talmudic blood rituals dating back to 740AD. That’s how many years of following Talmudic supremacy?

Where exactly and how does over 1300 years of following both Torah and Talmud at a majority of 92% make Khazars NOT Jewish?

I read Arthur Koestler’s 13th Tribe. Essentially what it comes down to is all the blood and sex ritualist mutts were the mongrel barbarians who decided to hide within the religion of Judaism. And Catholicism. These were the lineages of Canannite and Hittite, sodomites and blood ritualists who took over all civilizations by RAPING, robbing and pillaging.

They are the original phallic worshippers and child rapists and human sacrificers whose lust for sex and blood rose and disappeared everywhere. Mayans are one example and Hittites another.

This speech is the best first hand witness of the lineage of how the JEWS came to dominate all societies in the deviant Talmudic secret practices.


Saying they aren’t Jews but Khazars is like saying Coke is really Pepsi. A cola is made from the coca plant. Same recipes with slight twists. All the converts practicing the same rituals are slight variations on the Talmudic supremacist deceptions.

So I dare anyone show me which Jews claiming to be real Jews are the squeaky clean variety that somehow escaped the 1300 years of the 92% blood and sex rituals? 

The very idea that the Khazarian Mafia is the catch all varieties of sin. White European barbarian abstraction is just another deception. Clearly the elite Jews have designed yet another disposable box of their own history.

Because that is their perpetual strategy to create political or religious temporary hangouts to lead collectives into –then set them ablaze as if they were never part of the criminality.

Next time someone tries to sell you it was the Khazarians and not the Jews think of a similar phrase like all wars are created by Republicans, or all Christians are hypocrites.

In fact, how can we know who was who when recent history shows us TARTARIA was within a couple centuries of modern times and completely buried. A civilization that had real free electricity. Tesla science long before Tesla.

In other words as I unravel lie after lie,  I find another enormous lie about history that contradicts what was just beginning to make some sense. The reason for this is the power elite burns up the last temporary con, and all its history and creates a new operating premise.

What makes me hold Jews to the fire is the Rabbi syndicates stretch thousands of years back and are always the ones reinventing the mechanisms of their power, which is likely how TARTARIA was erased.

Whether Stalin murdering tens of millions of Russians or Tartarians, or 1.6 million German infantryman being marched into POW camps in 1945 and stripped naked and then starved to death.

The Jews who funded Hitler to smuggle the entire German Jewish Zionist Talmudic Luciferian NAZI to Jerusalem to set up the Antichrist and Jesus narrative. They  needed the film reels of naked emaciated men to sell the psychological mind op of the Holocaust.  This set up the lie that everyone wants them dead so they would have to have a premeditated plan to kill everyone else first. Thusly justifying monopoly, racketeering and premediated murder such as bioweapons.

Their motto is “by deception we shall do war.”

But go ahead and repeat their lies for them and give them what they need to achieve their one world order.

Is wising up really that difficult?

Just because you learned false emotional history– is no reason to stop logical common sense questions.

Everything is a lie to empower a Rabbi and Priest class of Satanists.

You need to listen to this speech.

And be Sherlock Holmes about things that sound too convenient. The narrative always benefits the Jews or garners some sort of sympathy. Often times they sacrifice their own to do so. But the truth of the holocaust is how they swapped out 1.6 million german soldiers for the film reels while sending the true Jews to Jerusalem. Now that makes sense doesn’t it? Bait and switch and lie lie lie by inventing manufactured evidence for decades to create yet another death cult religion. Most religions are grounded in horrors of death and blood. Christianity will be replaced by Holocaustism. Watch if you live that long.

The holocaust museums are absurd. How many fake diaries, pictures and gold teeth and fueling another phony con for dollars and strategic power?

I even say Jesus is a blood ritual religion with its fair share of sorcery.

Who wants to join my religion slash science, working title Bullshitism?

I believe in a creator and an afterlife, just question most of the stuff written by the victorious satanists clawing their way across this plane, under this dome.


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