Kat Update: Charlie Ward and Moving into NESARA/GESARA


Operation Disclosure | By Kat, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 12, 2022

I started listening to Charlie Ward in March 2020 when he had 37 subscribers on YouTube. A friend sent me a link & I was hooked.

Back then Charlie was making “walking videos” on his iPhone & those remain my favorite vids of Charlie’s.

Charlie would say, “Good morning. It’s such a beautiful morning” & since he was walking beside the Mediterranean in Southern Spain it always WAS a beautiful morning.

Then Charlie would say, “Now I don’t want you to worry. Covid is nothing more than the flu. It says so on the CDC & WHO websites [it did back then.] Masks are very harmful. You have nothing to worry about with 5G, the riots, or even an Alien invasion. This is all White Hat distraction to bring in the Global Financial Reset.”

Charlie’s words were music to my ears. I’d first learned about NESARA from Sheldan Nidle in 2005 & also about the RV / GCR at that time. 

I didn’t feel worthy then to hold Currency for New Earth. I had to continue my inner journey & study Prosperity from the many excellent teachers out there: Charles Fillimore, Catherine Ponder, Louise Hay, Wallace D. Wattles & Florence Scovel Shinn, to name a few.

Every one of those Prosperity teachers underscored that Prosperity & God go hand in hand.

After 7 years I felt confident enough to hold Currency in order to help the New World manifest & as I began to buy an IQD or VND note here & a ZIM bond there, I also bought a few notes of Currency for friends who were on the path of awakening.

All told, I’ve been holding Currency for 10+ years & my Faith that this program is God’s plan hasn’t wavered one bit.

I’ve heard EVERYTHING over the years: 

The RV is a scam
The GCR will never happen
it will be this
it will be that
‘Goodness, EVERYONE can’t have plenty of money or we’ll turn into Venezuela!’
(remember that one?)
It will happen on this date
on that date
the rates are this
the rates are that
redemption centers
no redemption centers
no 800#s
It’s Reno
It’s Texas
he knows
she knows
they know… etc.

None of the chatter that has proven to be evanescent INTEL has altered my Faith. I stand with Ron Giles on this point. 

This is God’s plan that will be implemented via Q Team, God’s agents on this Earth & when THEY are good & ready to release it.


Quantum consciousness is INFINITE consciousness. 

Prosperity & Abundance in God’s Creation are INFINITE. INFINITE. INFINITE. 


Gene Decode
“People are going to be amazed
with where life is.
For me, there is one God of all creation
it’s the living God, the living God doesn’t do death.
Their death-cult does death, the fake cabal god. 
The living God does only living.
So there is nowhere you can point to 
planet or star or whatever 
where you’re gonna say there’s no life there.
No! Sorry, not true. 
In a plethora & a variety 
that defies the imagination 
because we don’t have the imagination of the Infinite.
The Infinite creator creates life beyond
in a complexity & a diversity
& a beauty
I mean a beauty,”


Gene Decode also underscores at every opportunity, that White Hats have seized a Googolplex of gold, money, diamonds, precious metals, etc.


6-11-21 Gene Decode & cirstenw video
“The Vatican D.U.M.B. is 1500 miles long.
It goes from Rome to Jerusalem.
When they first went into it,
they discovered the first 150 miles were crammed
floor to ceiling with solid gold bullion.
Now they’re  further into Vatican D.U.M.B., underneath Albania,
& they found MORE Gold.
It’s not 34.7 QUINTILLION
that’s what they’ve already removed
now they’re talking in the SEPTILLIAN.
It’s like, why don’t we just say Googolplex?
It’s like we’re getting numbers I don’t even comprehend.
This is The Alliance gold.
It’s going all over the world 
because they have meticulous records. 
For EVERY D.U.M.B. they find stuff in, 
of where the Gold in that D.U.M.B. came from. 
This part now is from Singapore, Thailand & Philippines 
Taken [stolen] to the Vatican long long ago. 
They’re repatriating it to those countries 
(from whom it was stolen.)

10-19-20 Gene Decode, SpirituallyRAW video
“Did I mention [the cabal] have meticulous records 
of every person, not just you, but your parents, 
your grandparents, your great grandparents… etc.
all the way back
for thousands of years
of how much they’ve looted from you & your family 
that you are owed
& not only that, it’s exactly to the penny
& that also goes to the cities, the states, the provinces, the countries
ALL of that is reappropriated…
It is a world that there are very few people that I know 
who can visualize it completely
it’s going to be so different”


Therefore, I am not prepared to play cheap with God & I know God won’t play cheap with me. God never has in my entire life. I’ve played cheap with myself, but God never has with me.

And since, I believe, everything has to be done in Spirit before it can physically manifest, the RV/GCR is already DONE in Spirit. Just a question of Q Team giving the Earth downbeat.

Regarding accurate news on the RV/GCR/QFS, Charlie Ward was bang-on 2 years ago with his INTEL & he’s been right all along with his continued reporting, so I see no reason to doubt him now. 

The below brief transcript is from a 1-10-22 video with Simon Parkes & Mel K. In it, Charlie clearly outlines what MUST HAPPEN in order for the GCR/RV to go forward.Simply put — Biden must be out of office.

I know in my heart that 2022 is THE year when God & Q’s covert war with the devil & his depraved demon army becomes overt. 

When disclosure of the deep state demons and their prison matrix goes global. 

When televised trials begin: Military Tribunals, Nuremberg-type trials & Trials at The Hague for Crimes Against Humanity. 

2022 is also the year when the GCR WILL happen & when amazing new healing technology is released because everything is headed for NESARA / GESARA or as some like to call it, TRUMPSARA. The name doesn’t matter, what’s implemented does.

Did I think much of this would happen before now? Yes, I did.I believe Charlie Ward when he says even White Hats didn’t realize how deep the evil went. 

Q The Storm Rider posted that the reason it’s taken Durham longer than anyone thought he would take is because, after the 2020 Election, they found mountains more crimes then they ever imagined existed.

Q The Storm Rider from 9-25-21: “Durham—end game HRC/OBAMA/CIA/Five Eyes, Stolen Election, Foreign Occupation in all 3 branches of U.S. Government [Law of War Manual, chapter 11,] Fauci, Gates, CDC, NH, WHO, World Bank, Child Trafficking, etc. The Crime of the Century is Unfolding & being exposed by hundreds of thousands of White Hats across the world. They are bringing down a 6,000 year old satanic system.”


Juan O Savin
than you can imagine.
This is for the whole planet.
We’re playing Casino Royal for planet Earth.”

Gene Decode
“This war is not like WW 1 or 2
This is a war for Creation
This is a war for all of Humanity everywhere
This is a war for the Milky Way
Our Solar System
This is a war for it ALL
This is THE WAR
The beginning of the war between Dark & Light
If we do not prevail here 
We’re done.”


Given everything that had HAD to happen up to this point, 2022, in my opinion, will be the most thrilling year we will have ever experienced in our lives.

As Q would say, buckle up.


I would like to express a belated heartfelt thanks to Giacomo, for very gracious words of appreciation for Patrick, Judy, the whole IDC Community & me. It was so kind of you to write it & is truly valued.

I would also like to express my unceasing thanks to Patrick for this forum. Bless your heart, Patrick, for all you do for this community. I can’t imagine this path without you.

I wish everyone a miraculous 2022, chock full of every happiness & blessing there is, as we keep trudging this fascinating road to Freedom & Ascension for Earth, Humanity & Solar System.

Without a single doubt — The Best Is Yet To Come,

This is Kat, over & out.




8:00 Charlie Ward: From my sources, what I’m hearing, is that all this is being set & staged [Kazakhstan] to WAKE THE MASSES UP. There ARE people beginning to wake up.. 

8:18 The confusion in Iraq, my heart tells me.. it’ll all resolve itself & you’ll have a Middle East Gold-Backed [IQD] Dinar which will be equal across every single country. That’s how I see & hear things going forward. 


I wasn’t aware there were 2 possibilities in play. I had no idea. 

[Note: New World Order Totalitarian Financial Slavery Reset vs White Hat Freedom Humanity Gold-backed NESARA/GESARA Quantum Financial System GCR/RV Reset.]

9:05 Charlie: It was through the Grace of God that I was working on the Good one, not the bad one..

9:40 All of these distractions, even with [Tennis player Novak] Djokovic in Australia. These are distractions. Immediately I saw it I thought, this is the White Hats exposing the government so that the people stand up against their government. 

10:00 We all know that we’re moving into NESARA/GESARA, which means that the current Government system of the world, including America, will not be the same.

10:18 In America it will be a NESARA government that won’t be run out of the White House. I can’t say more than that… & no proper business has been done out of Washington D.C…

22:12: I can let you know that the Quantum Voting System is tried, tested & they’re ready to go. It’s already interfaced to STARLINK. The issue now is not whether that works or not, but for every single person to have the new phone whether it be a Tesla phone a Q phone, they’ll all be interfaced to STARLINK & not like the old phones which are connected to the internet.

22:32 Once everybody realizes they have 100% security with STARLINK… anybody nowadays, these hackers can get into these mobile phones… with the new Q phones, Tesla phones, etc. they won’ be able to because it’s working on Quantum technology.

23:15 The Quantum Voting System was accurate beyond belief in the 2020 Election..

29:05 Not a chance [can the deep state can get away with Project Blue Beam.] I go back to April 2020 when I was told there would be virus, vaccine, 5G, riots & Alien invasion. I was told that nearly 2 years ago. And we’re there!

29:20 I was talking to Michelle Fielding & she said there’s 2 or 3 things that have to happen before we move forward:

29:29 #1, the obvious,
Biden to be taken out of office,

29:35 #2 It would be fitting that they collapse the U.S. Economy so that the new system takes over from the failed economy.

29:45 #3 the announcement of the Queen’s death.  


Kat Note: According to Romana Didulo & many others, QE2 & her demon family are long gone, all have been executed for Crimes Against Humanity. 

But Q is making a movie & we’re watching actors, CGI, body-doubles, clones & whatever else to keep the illusion that the millions who have been arrested are still walking among us. 

So when the announcement of QE2 happens, it will be when Q needs it to happen, like RBG.

If QE2 dies in London, it’s codenamed Operation London Bridge.

If QE2 dies in Scotland, it’s codenamed Operation Unicorn.

RT News
Social Media Blackout Plans for Queen’s death:
British PM will be informed that “London Bridge is down.”
Royal Family website transforms to a black holding page with a short statement. 
All government social media pages will display a black banner.
Retweets will not be allowed unless cleared by Parliament’s Head of Communications.


33:44  Charlie Ward: We came [Humanity] very very close to be taken over [by the deep state demons] & I’d hate to think it was part of the plan to wake people up.


Colleen & Charlie Freak 7-9-20
We were down 11:59:59… I think we were down to our last second, our last breath…

Had the Q-team not unleashed & unrolled everything that they did on the back of the coronavirus we would’ve been down for the count… 

Cabal’s Plan
Stage 1 – chem trails with smart dust & nanoparticles
Stage 2 – vaccine with microchip, lowering immune system, causing sterility
Stage 3 – 5G with 440 hertz of causing our thoughts to create chaos & pain
Stage 4 – FEMA camps & body bag disposal


Gene Decode 9-16-20
Let ‘em see how close the cabal came
Which was literally wiping out 11 out of every 12 people on Earth
& enslaving everybody else
& everything they know would have been gone


Juan O Savin, pg. 59 KID ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD
Waking us up to what they have been doing
is the entirety of the Q-project. 
The beauty, intricacy, & simplicity of the Q team project, 
is its success at helping the multitudes of patriots
rise & meet together in digital cyber space for this “Battle Royale.”


33:50 Charlie Ward: One thing Simon & I talk about is what do we see happening today, tomorrow, this week.. the answers I’m getting back at the moment & I’m starting to appreciate more & more every day—how deep the tentacles have run from every aspect.

34:08 At the start, when I started with you, Mel [K], we were talking about the takedown of the Vatican, the Queen moving out of Buckingham Palace [both in March 2020,] & then in November [Charlie means January ’21,] everybody moving out of the White House.

34:20 None of those 3 buildings have been used since then. Not for their original purpose. Cuz they’ve all been stripped throughout because the Queen has never ever been back to Buckingham Palace.

34:39 Now we’re talking about the Phoenician families [13 bloodlines], the Peyseurs/the paymasters [who had $34 Quadrillion bucks in the bank, seized by the White Hats for Humanity.] They were taken out in May/June of 2020.

34:47 So the head of the beast was taken off.

Then we get down to the 2nd level & 3rd level. We’re now down to the level 5th, 6th & 10th level  of the little foot soldiers. There are THOUSANDS of them out there. That’s what’s being taken out right now.

35:09 I wake up a lot in the night to sounds of planes & in Spain technically, we’re in a lockdown from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. The amount of Military action, of U.S. planes, Lockheed Galaxy C-5’s, the BIGGEST planes in the U.S. Military, capable of lifting huge weights & huge amounts of people..  

Air Force C-5M Super Galaxy, will stay in the Air until 2040’s


End transcription

I can verify what Charlie’s saying. I’ve been hearing tons of aircraft in the last month. Granted, I live near a Space Force base & several other Military Bases, but I’ve been hearing more aircraft than usual overhead day & night. The Military in S. California are on it. Whatever they’re doing here, around Earth, deep inside Earth & in the Galaxy, God bless, Godspeed & God protect every single brave warrior.




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