Sleep Walking into a New World War


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 10, 2022


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

Russia can mobilize 20 million troops and its ally China can mobilize one hundred million troops while the US has been creating ineffective military combines against them both.  Russia, China and Iran are now allied in a Pact of Steel based on NATO and ghost of SEATO common threat of the US’s own creation. I have opposed this policy from its inception and there is no reason why we should not be friends with Russia as they desired in 1991 and China that we befriended in 1972.  

In the period of 1989 to 1991 Russia made overtures to the US to dismantle its communist system and return to Christianity. In the deep state meetings at this time I proposed that they be treated as the Prodigal Son and be accepted with open arms. But my OSS-CIA colleagues would have none of it. Russia was defeated in their eyes and now they would be destroyed. Number one said that Russia had troubled us since 1945 and we were not about to repay them with kindness. It was now time for revenge. We would dismantle them and the goal was fifty states that we could exploit and loot with sinister oligarchs as in the Ukraine and Russia. One of the greatest looting operations of all time was conducted. Under Stalin Russia had regained all its Tsarist possessions that they had lost in World War One and it was now time to unwind the Russia state as after World War One as the CIA planned.

The oligarchs were created from the Trotskyite guttersnipe in the Russian nation and in its former Ukrainian province financed by Lord Jacob Rothschild . Over a trillion dollars was stolen much of which transferred by the Russian Central Bank to London. This applies to Russia and the Ukraine. A CIA asset Boris Yeltsin took over, and then followed about ten years of unprecedented looting. Through a series of economic convulsions such as hyperinflation, Jeffrey Sachs shock treatments, and daily shootouts in the streets of Moscow by Trotskyite looters called oligarchs fighting over the division of the spoil, the Russian nation essentially collapsed as the CIA that organized this chaos clicked their glasses at Langley in joyous celebration.  

Those in Russia under the poverty level in 1989 totaling 14 million in communist Eastern Europe and Russia rose under CIA supervision to 168 million people.  Old pensioners whose retirement benefits were wiped out by the CIA planned hyperinflation were found begging in the streets for bread.

Russia finally woke up to our polices in the bombing of Belgrade for 78 days in 1999 over a falsely alleged massacre in Kosovo set up by the German BND using Albanian agents as part of the NATO plan to destroy the traditional ally of Russia, Yugoslavia, that had tied down 22 German divisions in World War Two that might have made the difference at Moscow in 1941. Yugoslavia undermined the underbelly of NATO according to the CIA who supervises the BND.  The ethnic unrest was fomented by the German BND under CIA supervision throughout the 1990s in Yugoslavia as they had done in the Sudetenland before World War Two in order to break the powerful Yugoslavia apart. All this talk about liberty and freedom is pure propaganda as there is really no freedom in the US and never has been as we see in the forced mandates on lethal vaccinations that are dramatically increasing the US death rate.

This is the 40% death rate rise from the genetic vaccine damage to the immune system. The so-called coronavirus has never been isolated or proved to exist and the giant number of cases in 2020 were created by the phony PCR tests yielding billions of false positives. It all was an imaginary PCR pandemic of false positives. And that is how it was planned. The insurance company death payments in 2020 were about the same as the year before so there was no pandemic. The theory behind the vaccines it appears is to enhance Darwin’s survival of the fittest doctrine whereby by reducing the immune systems of all the world’s population those whose immune systems were weakest would die off while the stronger would live accelerating the Darwin doctrine of survival of the fittest and thereby reducing the burden of such inferior populations on the world.

Insurance executive says death rates among working-age people up 40 percent

The BND is the successor of the German World War Two Wehrmacht intelligence arm entitled Fremde Heere Ost (FHO) or Foreign Armies East under Reinhard Gehlen. Under the OSS it was named the Gehlen Organization and later took on the name Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND as a shortened form. It was largely overrated in World War Two failing to pickup for example the troop concentrations by Stalin around Stalingrad but was accurate in its appraisal of the Russian demographics demonstrating that half the Russian population was under twenty based on Stalin’s promotion of births outlawing sodomy, contraceptives, and teaching against all forms of onanism in the schools. He followed the marital principles of Saint Augustine that the conjugal act should always have a procreative intent restricted to marriage as a form of natural law that you do not sow in a field not expecting to harvest its fruit. This created Stalin’s huge armies numbering at the end of the war 11,365,000 troops. Hitler refused to accept Galen’s report that he could not burn the Russian Army out throwing it on the ground as he had planned to burn out the Russian army by inflicting huge casualties even in retreat. 

The key issue brought up by Alexander Solzhenitsyn against Stalin was the mass incarcerations in the Gulag and the famines that struck in the 1930s in western Russia.  In his old age Molotov, who had essentially been dismissed by Stalin in the early 1950s, and certainly was beyond the point of his currying favor, said that he had traveled in the affected areas and the charges are largely untrue.  The Gulag was never that large. They are certainly not reflected in the census records excluding World War Two deaths. In other words, Solzhenitsyn wildly exaggerated. Now, I read his tomes and never once did I see him advocate the holy concept of marriage as Stalin did. He was a fake.

Stalin was not a communist. He was a spy for the Tsarist Okhrana on the Bolsheviks and to his surprise the Tsar fell. His chief opponent after the death of Lenin was Trotsky who was a mass murderer.  Trotsky wrote before the revolution that the great mistake of Robespierre was that he did not kill the royal children which he intended to carry out as he did on the Tsar’s children and those of other royals. Trotsky was an agent of Baron Eduard de Rothschild who financed Trotsky through his agent Jacob Schiff in New York City. The Baron’s agent Parvus carried out his plan to overthrow his enemy the Tsar. Baron Eduard initiated World War One by having the Archduke assassinated, and essentially controlled all the belligerents including the Tsar’s advisors who violated his orders not to start a mobilization which triggered the German mobilization.  20 million died by his machinations and in World War Two that the Baron also triggered 85 million perished by forcing England and France to go to war over Danzig that was 99% German which was absurd.

Fall of Eagles – Sealed Train Decision (9m)

In the 1936-1938 these agents of the Baron were tried for treason in Russia and executed while the whole world press denounced Stalin for killing these Trotskyite murderers under the media orders of Baron Eduard de Rothschild.  They were called the Yevseks or Yevraiskaya Sektia of the Bolshevik Party and the Lubavitch Rabbi Joseph Schneerson said Stalin acted as an agent of God.  That is why no one in the west has a good thing to say about Stalin as the Baron did not control him though Stalin kept the Rothschild’s Maxim Litvinov around as a liaison. Now, Lord Jacob controls Russia through his Trotskyite oligarchs who are the same wolves just wearing different clothing (Matthew 7:15).

We have gone into this subject in depth elsewhere but we shall just make a few more points. First, Stalin went to Christian Seminary until he was twenty.  In the book of Joshua 1:18 it was stated that those who disobeyed an order of state would be punished for treason.  Moses was faced with a rebellion of every man in Israel over 20 except Caleb and Joshua, and God sentenced all men over 20 among the Israelites to death to take place over 40 years in the wilderness. Machiavelli in his “Prince ” states Moses was the greatest leader of all time as he managed to survive such a rebellion having God as his backer.. Stalin essentially moved against those who were planning to kill him and Trotskyites had killed millions of Russians in the Civil War after World War One. Khrushchev cooked up almost all his charges in his 1956 speech and in reply Marshall Konstantin Rokossovsky said Stalin was a saint. Stalin was a protege of Henry Ford of the United States and they were friends. This is why Stalin is treated with hatred in the west just like those who promote virtue.

Stalin wrote to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, calling Henry Ford “one of the world’s greatest industrialists” and expressing the hope that “may God preserve him.”

“It should not have been thought that Stalin was a socialist, and we quote from the socialist favorite of Tito, Karlo Steiner, who served 7,000 days in the Siberian Gulag for being a communist as follows:

“I have tried to show (in my book “Seven Thousand Days In Siberia”), therefore, that developments in the Soviet Union had nothing to do with socialism: that, on the contrary, it was a counter-revolution (Tsarist, see Stalin’s movie in 1944 on Ivan The Terrible who fought off similar Boyar conspiracies as Stalin faced from Trotsky and his followers) ) led by Stalin in 1936, an attack primarily directed against socialism itself, that brought them about. This is proven by the extermination of the old party leadership between 1936-1939. It is proven by the pact between Stalin and Hitler against socialism and democracy in 1939. It is proven by the betrayal and abandonment of German communists to the Gestapo. After the war, Stalin provided another proof: the newly founded People’s Democracies were subjected and exploited in a manner recalling the most implacable imperialism.”

The irony of our situation today is that the US, EU and Russia are controlled by the Rothschilds. Lord Jacob controls the oligarchs in the Ukraine who control that government and he controls the oligarchs in Russia including Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government. The Trotskyite oligarch Abramovitch, agent of Lord Jacob, created Putin. And Lord Jacob controls the US. We call this the deep state today. If we read Benjamin Disraeli he tells us in Coningsby that the Sidonia (Lionel de Rothschild) family controlled all sides in wars that they initiate. So this was par for the course.

“If my sons did not want warsthere would be none.” ~ Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschilds wife.

But Lord Jacob does not control the military and the security services of Russia.  So this the wild card. Rothschild stands to lose his controlled Putin if they undermine him too much. We shall go on with our narrative.

A Manchester Guardian reporter walked the Kosovo 1999 site finding no blood on the ground or cartridges beside the dead bodies proving that they were not shot there and wrote it up. I attended the deep state meeting which was called to address the Manchester Guardian article.  At the meeting the CIA took the position that nothing should stop the bombing of Belgrade based on some commie screed as this was too great an opportunity to lose. They damned the BND for messing up the whole affair but our controlled media would be ordered to bury the story on page 26 of the leading dailies as the New York Times and Washington Post and we would say we are launching a six month investigation.  I maintained that Russia would wake up after seeing on television their Slavic ally in World War One and Two bombed and rearm. Number one, OSS-CIA etc., said we cannot pass up this opportunity and if David is right as he usually is we will cope with it then. Well, if you follow the Ukraine crisis the proof is in the pudding as the Viennese say.  They woke up.

The implications of our present policies are outlined below. We are not able to assemble sufficient force on the Eurasian land mass to address the Russia alone, much less China, and Iran in combination and we are about to lose the entire Eurasian land mass including the EU described by Mackinder in his “Heartland Theory” in his “Geographical Pivot of History”.

Later, in 1919, Mackinder summarised his theory thus:
Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;
who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;
who rules the World-Island commands the world.
— Mackinder, Democratic Ideals and Reality, p. 150


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

Now, we have written in footnote three below that Russia can mobilize 20 million troops for an invasion of Europe if NATO declares war on Russia over the Ukraine. The highest US military authorities of the deep state say the Russians can reach the English Channel in two weeks against our three weeks. These 20 million troops were trained over the last twenty years as Russia completely modernized their army, missile forces and air forces from about the year 2000 to today and of these 20,000,000 we would say three million troops can be immediately mobilized while the rest can be mobilized in stages. It is a vastly superior army than at 1989 and can certainly retake the entire Soviet Union should they so desire this time under Christian auspices.

China can move to retake Taiwan and Iran can shut the Straits of Hormuz as diversions who are allied with Russia unlike 1989 when China was allied to the US in outflanking Russia. General Barry McCaffrey counseled me at a Harvard Club luncheon that the US cannot keep the Straits open. At that time they had not acquired hydrogen bombs and missiles from North Korea (which they have acquired since that time) that they can fire close to the US refueling in Venezuela or Cuba.  This means the US cannot use nuclear weapons to open up the Straits.  The General was Director of Strategic Plans and Policy, Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Here is his outline:

This closing of the Straits of Hormuz would trigger an implosion of the derivative structures overhanging the world economy variously estimated to be by the BIS somewhat less than 600 trillion but by prominent Swiss authorities at 1.5 quadrillion dollars. Last year’s world GDP was about 85 trillion which gives us some perspective. Goldman Sachs oil derivative expert told me that the closing of the Straits of Hormuz would drive the oil price to five hundred dollars to a thousand dollars a barrel crashing the world derivative markets pulverizing all the world’s stock markets. Warren Buffett explains that these derivative structures are potential financial weapons of mass destruction for which he is holding 149 billion dollars in cash to cover the risks of the derivatives underwritten by his insurance companies. So the sanctions that Britain has been working on with the US can be counter-sanctioned by these actions of China, Iran and Russia who are part of a secret Pact of Steel.  See footnote two article entitled: “Can Russia Have Peace” for more details where I explain that Russia, Iran and China control over half the world’s oil supply. It is vitally important that the media understand these basic facts rather than cheerlead into a World War as in 1914.

If we wish to understand of the effectiveness of these massive Russian forces, we should listen to the video below by the retired Colonel Glanz discussing how they were used in World War Two and our piece entitled “Checkmate” which link follows:

“The Soviet-German War, 1941-1945: Myths and Realities” by COL (Ret) David M. Glantz

In the Checkmate article next we go over how Russia can counter any sanctions by actions that will blow up the entire world economy. This is not Venezuela, Cuba or Iran alone.

Russia’s Missile Warning, US Faces Checkmate at the Ukraine

The checkmate link above addresses this British threat by Boris Johnson below.

Britain warns Russia over Ukraine: we’re working on high-impact sanctions

Footnote two:

“Will Russia Have Peace? article is in the following link and scroll down in the link for it. This article reflects a Peace Conference speech by me at the Russian Duma in the summer of 2019:

Is World War III Near? (with USA Curriculum Vitae)

In the above please be sure to click within the link the USA Curriculum Vitae as it makes for interesting reading.

Footnote three:


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The CIA-MI6 has moved to forestall a Russian invasion of the Ukraine by creating instability to Russia’s west in Kazakhstan potentially creating a two front war. While this is a distraction, it should not require many Russian troops to subdue the country.

20% of its population are Russians of about 19 million people. None of the Russians participated in the riots. It would not take a large force to subdue it, and if war comes in the Ukraine, the Russians can field 20 million troops as in World War Two though to be realistic they can reach only the three million figure in a very short time and can easily reach the English Channel within three weeks though some of the highest US military officials say two weeks. Two million of these have served in the army within the last five years and are highly trained. The twenty million figure is not a myth though they are in a different reserve category than the two million as they have served more than five years ago. The US only has about 60,000 troops in Europe.  Russia can easily handle Kazakhstan as well as NATO whose power is a myth. The bulwark of NATO in Europe is Germany which had the famed army of World War Two but today it is a wreck.

Germany’s Military Readiness is Abysmal Despite NATO Obligation. As Germany prepares to assume the mantle as the head of NATO’s crisis response force in 2019, its military forces are in a horrible state of readiness that has left the military virtually non-deployable.

In the US, meanwhile, the trained military reserve numbers 800,000, of which more than half are in the National Guard. This means that Washington would not be able to quickly cover personnel losses during a large-scale conflict (for example, with Moscow or Beijing). At the same time the US Armed Forces have trouble meeting manpower needs in peacetime, largely due to the low level of recruitment of new military personnel.

This is the reason in this poker game that NATO says that their nuclear weapons will be used as their conventional forces are nearly worthless. If we consider NATO sane, and that is a big question mark, then this is the most dangerous bluff in world history as Russia has relatively sealed it air space with the S-600 and S-700 defensive missile shields which are far in advance of the S-500 defensive missile that travels over 16,000 miles an hour carrying ten interceptor missiles which can travel 115 miles high and a horizontal distance of over 2,200 miles. The Russian air space can be considered sealed but since there is no perfection here they have built nuclear bomb shelters for 40 million people for the few missiles that might get through..  NATO countries have no defensive missiles of any value and have built no bomb shelters for their people. In a nuclear war, Russia would lose 10% of its people at most, US 80% and European NATO 90%. See next article entitled Checkmate.

Russia’s Missile Warning, US Faces Checkmate at the Ukraine | Operation Disclosure Official

Jan 5, 2022 | 23:14 GMT CIA Stratfor:

The crisis could also be a factor in dissuading the Kremlin to back off its most escalatory scenarios in Ukraine. The volatile situation in Kazakhstan could limit Moscow’s options for an escalation or intervention in Ukraine in the coming weeks, as the Kremlin could conclude that simultaneously increased tensions on two of its large land borders would be imprudent. Furthermore, some of Russia’s forces normally based in the Urals designated for contingency rapid response operations in Central Asia, such as units from the Central Military District’s 41st Combined Arms Army, are believed to be among those currently deployed near the Ukrainian and Belarusan border. Finally, while it is still unlikely that Kazakhstan’s political crisis spirals into a full-blown armed conflict or prolonged standoff, Russia may be compelled to deploy military forces to its border with Kazakhstan in case they are needed to secure Russian-speaking areas of the country, possibly drawing forces away from Ukraine. 

Our intelligence sources advise as follows issued Wed, Jan 5 at 5:52 PM European time:

The trouble in Kazakhstan is sponsored by British intelligence (MI6) with the goal of creating another Maidan on the Russian border.

P. S. The situation is far worse than reported. Law and order has collapsed. The capital is burning.  Source says that this “Maidan” is staged right before the meeting of Biden and Putin, and is clearly to prevent any kind of agreement.  

Another source disagrees. They are trying to force Russia to back down in the west by creating a major distraction in the east. It is very clever. The Russian military and intelligence is watching. These are being interpreted as war provocations.

Another intelligence report from Russia Wed, Jan 5 at 11:15 PM European time:

You are correct in your report. It appears that Putin has completely lost his nerve as at Maidan. Russia is rudderless.

Tokaev asked for Russian help with Russian troops. 

They are being sent. See next link:

But as you know there is significant trend in Kazakhstan to end the use of the the Russian language and letters and doubtless the Russian troops will not be favorably received. Now the rebels are not significantly armed in comparison with the Kazakhstani army which can easily put this down by themselves but the Kazakhstan government does not appear to have much backbone either. In other words, if there was some leadership from Moscow this could be straighten out with low cost by a Stalin.  It is not dissimilar to Maidan where local forces could easily have put down the rebellion except Putin abandoned them. What is interesting is the rebels are coordinated when the internet and telephone communications have been shut down that agrees with your source’s assessment that a foreign power is involved that our sources also say is MI6.

Look to the traitorous oligarchs.

David Lifschultz


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