(Reader: Rambo) Letter to the White Hats (Strong Language)


Reader Post | By Rambo

My Take:  Written to the WHITEHATS

I am curious how deep Trump and M.I. are going to take this thing.  Are they going to show the NASA Patents or the actual “NASA STAR” which is a high altitude lense, (Weird, 370,00 feet up when the dome is purportedly 395,000 feet up) placed in direct sunlight at all times, thereby “creating” sunlight, “geo engineering” bullsh*t, playing God dipsh*ts.  And let’s not forget about all the rest of their toys as they spray us with poison everyday from those f*cking planes.  And if we don’t see the “Tanker Terminators” (the Pilots) of these planes in the Gallows for crimes against humanity at the F*CKING VERY LEAST, I’m not good with it.

Are they going to show the hangings/executions of G.B. Sr./Jr., McCain, HRC, Podesta’s, and all the rest or are they just going to tell us about how gruesome it was?

Are we going to see the underground DUMBS from the P.O.V. of the SOF’s as they infiltrated the bunkers and found the children in cages all over the world, or is that just to scary for the f*cking sleeping sheep???Are we getting all the documentation on the collusion with China, the Treason that each and everyone of our “elected” officials partook in, or is that sh*t just to “intolerant”???Are we going to see and/or have access to all the REAL footage, because everything so far is f*cking CGI, of NASA and what the earth is actually shaped like, because ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, that sh*t is coming out.  And it’s not to prove anything either way,  BECAUSE I DON”T GIVE A  SH*T, it’s just that the ABSOLUTE TRUTH must be told, because we don’t trust anyone in “power” anymore!!


I’m all in with “The Plan” and whatever road it’s taking us on, but the only thing I’ll NEVER BE OKAY WITH, is anything less than TOTAL, COMPLETE AND FULL DISCLOSURE of every single act of Sedition from every single Traitor.  Every single act should be available, and if some trendy little soy boys don’t want to watch it, then so be it, but it MUST be easily obtainable for all.  And why is that you just asked me?????Because, EVERYTHING has been a lie.  And we as the citizens of this Constitutional Republic have spent our whole lives living in a f*cking illusion.  (Not everyone of us)  And I say, NO MORE BULLSH*T!!!!!!!!!!And if you think that some asshole politician standing in front of everyone “telling” us what the f*ck is “real” is going to cut it, well, that’s NEVER going to happen.

So, White hats, whatever “Art of War” sh*t you’re doing right now, all good, but when these P.O.S. Vipers, THESE F*CKING CANNIBALS are all beheaded and gone, WE THE F*CKING PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY WANT ALL EVIDENCIARY PROOF OF ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And if we don’t get it, I’ll spend every waking minute of my life, every dime I have, making sure that it does.   And trust me, you DON’T want me knocking on your f*cking door every day.

Just ask these tight pants wearing Zombies who give me sh*t about not wearing a mask.



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