Will Putin be Replaced as Khrushchev?


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 5, 2022


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We have an irony here in that the Cuban missile crisis led to the end of the rule of Khrushchev and now Putin may fall over the Ukraine crisis. The United States policy regarding the Baltic States, Belarus, and the Ukraine follows the same polices as Hitler’s National Socialist Germany and the Kaiser’s Germany.

Here is Hitler’s view:

“The political aims (of Germany) of the invasion of Russia (under Hitler as today) being the creation of the Ukrainian State, a separate Belorussia and a confederation of the Baltic States.” General Franz Halder. (Franz Halder, Kriegstagebuch : Tagliche Aufzeichnungen des chefs des Generalstabes sea Heeres 1939-1942, Band II: Von der geplanten Landung in England bis zum Beginn des Ostfeldzuges (1.7.1940-21.6.1941) Hans-Adolf Jacobsen (ed.) (Arbeitskreis fur Wehrforschung, Stuttgard, 1963, pp. 32-33 (22 July 1940. Hereafter cited as: Franz Halder, KTB II.

Here is the view of Field Marshall Paul von Hindenberg:


The German Supreme Commanders were also furious at ruling out of annexations, contending that the peace “must increase Germany’s material power”. They denigrated Kühlmann and pressed for additional territorial acquisitions. When Hindenburg was asked why they needed the Baltic provinces he replied, “To secure my left flank for when the next war happens.” However, the most profound transformation was that a delegation from the Ukrainian Rada, which had declared independence from Russia, had arrived at Brest-Litovsk. They would make peace if they were given the Polish city of Cholm and its surroundings, and they would provide desperately needed grain. Czernin no longer was desperate for a prompt settlement with the Russians.

The US CIA intelligence operation in 1990 and 1991 managed through brilliant work from our old OSS hands in defeating Russia from within and without.  Here is how it worked.

First, Kissinger and Nixon fly to Beijing in 1972 to create an alliance of the US-China against Russia. Now Russia was outflanked on their east and on their west by NATO.  Later Brzezinski lures them into the Afghanistan to give them the Afghani war starting on the Russian invasion of 12-24-1979 tying up over 100,000 troops, which was followed by the US crashing the oil price in 1985, and then the display of US advanced military equipment in the US invasion of Iraq after Bush set up Hussein the green light to invade Kuwait on 8-2-1990, and combined with the Star War Fiction, led to the complete demoralization of Russia. The drains were significant with 400,000 troops facing China, and 600,000 of their troops facing NATO.  Russia was outflanked and in financial distress. It helped that Yeltsin was a CIA agent. Russia collapsed.  

The US then moved to institute German policy of Drang Est Osten whereby as at the Versailles Treaty 25 million Russians were cut off from Russia as the Versailles Treaty did to German populations of Germany that were cut off from Germany by joining the nations of their enemies. See our study in footnote one. In the meantime, 16,000 Russians have been killed in the Donbas and Luhansk by a US sponsored war as Russia seeks to protect its Russians trapped in the Ukraine as Germany sought to protect their Germans cut off in Poland in 1939 wrested from them at Versailles. The Russian military and security services are unhappy with Putin not protecting these Russians.

The Maidan crisis in Kiev in 2014 was mishandled by Putin for when he was called by Obama he was promised that if Putin’s allies did not shoot the demonstrators the US assured Russia that his Russia friendly government would stay. Putin had to know that a President of the United States does not make such decisions as he is a puppet. It does not matter if it is Trump or senile Biden, neither can act independently of the deep state. Nor is the Supreme Court any different or the Congressional leaders.  There has never been in the US a system of republics or democracies but only the control of the deep state, which means the financial overlords as Rothschild, who controlled it since 1776.

Now, instead of acting in Russia’s interests in 2014, Putin now faces a crisis of his own making and the military and the security services do not think he is competent to handle the crisis. In fact they were unhappy with his handling of Georgia when he wanted to similarly abandon Abkhazia and South Ossetia but countermanded it. Now, the military and security services (SVR, FSB, etc.) are infuriated at the bungling in the Ukraine. Putin stands to be replaced as Khrushchev for a hardliner as Brezhnev. 

It is important to understand the Russian soul.  The soul of a nation is reflected in its literature. In the US you will find its soul in the sordid and depraved Trotskyite Philip Roth who is the original Portnoy. The Portnoys run the US as agents of Rothschild stealing in cash settlement manipulations of the indexes on Wall Street diverting a trillion dollars a year to their own thieving pockets by which they draw to them the beautiful daughters of Japheth.  In Russia we now have the Trotskyite oligarchs who similarly rob and morally pollute Russia as Leon Trotsky before them. Putin embraces them which is utterly unacceptable to those who love Russia and now he hangs on a thread.


Let’s look at Russian literature to understand the Russian soul:

Anna Karenina was inspired by Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. Anna Karenina had married an old man, and had a son, which she abandoned for love that was not genuine as she was married. The disillusion killed her. This novel suffers from the influence of the depraved France and does not reflect the Russian soul.

Anna Karenina (1961) อันนา คาเรนินา (2504)

In the opposite sense is Alexander Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin. We have a similar story here with a Russian end.

I was in Moscow for about six months not long ago on business and a meeting was arranged at an art gallery in the evening. There was a beautiful Chopin piece being played at the end of the hall in concert, and when I finished my business I was asked to attend the recital by a famous Russian pianist. I only sat for about 15 minutes and it was over. The pianist was apprised I was in the audience, and said he wanted to play a piece overriding governments as a token of the esteem of the Russian people to those of the US that I represented. It was a piano piece by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. At end I was expected to say a few words.

So I spoke on the poem “Eugene Onegin” and Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s speech at the unveiling of the Pushkin Statue in Moscow. Dostoyevsky said the poem was wrongly entitled Eugene Onegin and should have been entitled Tatyana who was the true heroine. In the story a dissolute and refined dandy from Saint Petersburg goes to see his dying uncle whose estate he will inherit. The uncle dies and he decides to stay for a while meeting Tatyana Larina and makes friends with a neighbor Vladimir Lensky who becomes his best friend. Tatyana falls in love with Eugene who does not reciprocate as she is an ingenue, and Tatyana’s sister who is engaged to Vladimir also throws herself at him. Eugene rejects her too and casually warns Vladimir who takes it as an affront challenging Eugene to a duel that Eugene regrets as he loves his friend. Eugene shoots Vladimir in the duel and he dies. Eugene wanders off to Europe deeply wounded by these events.

Then, a few years later he comes back to Moscow and goes to a ball seeing a sophisticated Moscow lady married to a general forty years older than she.  He asks for an introduction and falls madly in love with her this time as she is none other than Tatyana and asks for a private meeting. She grants the meeting and he proposes that they run off together. She declines out of duty, honor and the Biblical prohibition of adultery. She says she still loves him but he must go as her honor guides her. Eugene leaves a broken man.

Then, I said after recounting the story I agreed with Dostoyevsky that the poem should have been named after her as the true heroine, and she represented the soul of the Russian people who will sacrifice themselves always for honor. I came to Russia to honor that soul.

All of a sudden this aristocratic audience jumped to their feet the men roaring and the ladies crying out. It was a standing ovation. The ladies and girls were weeping.  I was astonished. I had unwittingly touched their soul.

These are the people that the US as a successor to Hitler will face with the same determination that Russia showed to Hitler, Napoleon and Charles XII. The main problem for the US is that it is not the nation of Henry Ford who was extolled to the skies by Stalin but the US of Victoria Nuland who is a Trotskyite saboteur of the US nation. The next link gives an appraisal of the Victory Nuland NATO v. Russia in war.


Scroll down in the next link for our study on cutting off of 25 million Russians by the 1991 border demarcations.

Is World War III Near? (with USA Curriculum Vitae)

David Lifschultz


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