(Reader: GK) Dedicated to all Who have Fallen


Reader Post | By GK

In the hollow of my heart
In the shadow of my doubt
I softly wonder
what the world is all about
In the corner of my eye
I see a second coming
In the rhythm of my lifetime
The beat is slowly drumming

At the depth of darkness
I’m not a lonely singer
In the belfry of innocence
My soul is a dead ringer
In the coolness of the water
My body senses numbing
breathing in the sounds
an echo of the drumming

Bang goes the drum
Bang bang bang goes the gun

In the wake of our father
I feel a certain ease
humbled by the gesture
of a man upon his knees
In the strings of the universe
the one’s worth strumming
are the dedicated few
playing for the love of drumming

In the hour of the last
I see a rain of tears
to wash away the remnants
of a world so full of fear
in the symphony of forever
I hear someone humming
to the tempo of the song
a constant drumming…


And now for my essay.

Hospitals gained our trust. The medical industry gained our trust because for a hundred years they gave light and dark equal attention. They were there to mend broken bones and put the blood back into us that we lost. This and other emergency measures left us believing in them as all good.

Yet the medical industry always had a dark side. This side used people as guinea pigs. They experimented on us with medicines, vaccines and surgeries every step of the way. They knew they needed our trust for this. They kept meticulous records to make sure they could learn from their data.

The hospitals are one of many such black versus white, yin and yang excuses for playing God that humankind has used to rationalize life and death experimentation. They used the same philosophical approach in war, psychology, crime and punishment and social engineering.

They are predators first. They used money and banking to facilitate every whim. Fauci, Gates, Epstein and an endless list of predators excused their horrors by doing good 50% of the time. That other 50% didn’t make up for evil or good, it caused it. One would fire an employee that created that constant instability.

Communism or socialism doesn’t ever work because of the nutjobs who run cut throat capitalism to make sure imbalance rules. That’s how the psychos stay on top.

A sociopathic, psychotic warped approach to the world. I doubt they can understand that most of us are– live and let live, take our turn, share, play the game fair-sorts,  whose expectations are simply that the idea of commerce and law be a fair level playing field.

Most of us believed anything less would be immediately seen and justice would fill that hole instantly.

Many are waking up to the treachery but not nearly enough. I keep hearing people say the Jews are the most persecuted people EVER. And that right there is how they get away with it. Because as much as they were asked to leave a country… There was a good reason for it.

Why are they the most dominant names in psychology? A weapon they crafted. They knew that by using psychology as a weapon they could trap any culture, religion, individual into blackmail by identifying their weaknesses.

It’s not rocket science, although the German Jews were leading that science too. How do I know this? The Jewish Rabbis by the thousands have told us so. They tell us then deny it as part of the mind eff that basically states whatever they need at the moment is okay because they don’t have to explain themselves to barn animals.

What about the Jesuits? Jewsuits… Just the same bloodline tainted by rabies from the blood drinking that has created the proclivity toward a paranoia that is aggressive, premeditated and treacherous.

Syphilis spread by the act of using the mouth on babies penises. Is that alone not a major sign of deviant tradition that just screams it is time for a major intervention?

Think about that Golem creature in Lord of the Rings. Shifting from friend to foe in a heartbeat. The nature of the scorpion.
Most of us do not have that killer instinct and sure, pushed too far of course people can finally defend themselves, and that is why they use a diabolical long term treacherous plan. 

They ran Hollywood and used it as a weapon. They ran the science labs and used them as a weapon. They ran the courts and used them as a weapon. Monopolies were always their first priority.

And we are here, slowly realizing they are trying to surgically kill off their enemies when the opportunities arise at a hospital visit. Worse yet the entire pandemic is a Trojan horse to use specially designed poison batches to target their enemies.

Stalk patriots and know their patterns. Hey Doc make sure such and such gets the special mix.

Poisoning is their favorite method, whether one at a time or poisoning the entire town’s well water. True throughout history.

I could point out their tricks in every decade but can’t you get a clue by now and figure it out. The Talmudists are running treachery left and treachery right and here we are in the middle thinking they want us to be showered with wealth…. That they want us healthy and prosperous.

I neither trust Trump and the hats or Q or Kim or any of them. Too many red flags on all sides.

I wrote the poem above when I was 22. One would think I was well versed in the Bible but no, I really think my life was illuminated the day I got hit by the train and died briefly. Ever since I have known things that I confirmed along the way.

I think any Jew that is not of a treacherous nature who doesn’t believe in their supremacy doctrine should denounce the religion and political predation and just join humanity.

We need good Jews like Henry Makow to join us poor cows… Moo.

I have doubts about all religions being nothing more than very diabolical strategies for dominance.

Trust is step one in being screwed by the devil.  They destroyed the trust repeatedly and we need to stop with the mental gymnastics– making excuses for them. But after betraying trust what do they ask? That we trust them.

Cirsten wandered into the killing field. And we are all one broken bone or chest pain away from the same fate.

There are many Jewish Doctors showing themselves to be on the right side of the ethical oaths that they vowed to uphold. They seem quite surprised themselves that medicines double as biowapons. I find a Doctor who got the clot shot themselves to be like a chef that cooks in a filthy kitchen with cross contaminated ingredients. But they have to recognize this was a long term plan right? And the Talmud stated it as a goal decades and centuries ago. Or do you tune out your Rabbis?


Today’s White Hat Auxilary on Chronicles is written by an English blueblood MI6 banker who is over 80 and show’s his elite mad senility. And what does that say about his sycophantic hangerons?

Although he and I agree on the over reach of the Zionists, I find his words give away his arrogant elitist pomposity.. His shout out to CYBERNETICS as a goal to live for 200 years and yet everything he says contradicts the idea of humanity being something he actually cares about. He does not want us to have wealth, he has said many times we are welfare bunnies. Clingon Wookies who would destroy the world money system. Could we do worse that the London bankers? Really?

Isn’t it amazing they always have the endless zeros to stage war, engage in bioweapon mad science, never end human trafficking, or starvation, and fund then stiff mercenaries. Yet digital zeros is always in black ink but the idea of we the people having nice lives of liberty and free choice scares the hell out of them and the ink is red for us. Inject toxic sludge but not food to Africa.

Amazing how Kim Goguen shows the same control freak attitude about all those zeroes. John and Kim appear to say the exact same thing. We need them to do all the thinking for us. They say so regularly.

And by not allowing us to live long lives with what God gave us in nature but instead use Luciferian cybernetics, I think that says it all, does it not?

I don’t feel good about we the regular normal sane people winning this war because the insane control freaks appear to be well in front leading us into more madness. Guys like John and actresses like Kim in the role of a lifetime.

I bet most of you didn’t even see what I just told you about in that article, did you? The very idea he didn’t mention us being paid and how many of us would be depopulated before cybernetics would allow a small percentage to live to 200. God decides when we die. Every one else murders or commits suicide.

For the Kim followers. We should all be trustees with at leat 8 zeros and let us show the pompous windbags what nice people do with money. I trust the 5 billion of you before the Jewish bankers, John or Kim. We balance check books and run household budgets and do so in superior demonstrative exemplary fashion.

Sure hope there really are white hats that are better than auxiliary white hats.


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