Has World War Three Begun?


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 7, 2022


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

Some are comparing the Russian troop movements into Kazakhstan to the German invasion of Danzig. The key supervisor of the entire US military for the deep state believes World War Three had already started. Here in Danzig, which was a city cut off from Germany after World War One by the infamous Versailles Treaty, the City now called Gdansk, was 99% German in 1939. (These Germans were expelled after World War Two.) It certainly should have been returned to Germany in 1939 as all the German populated lands which were stripped from Germany at Versailles. Much of these lands had been returned to Germany prior to their invasion of Poland.  

Here in World War Two Russia invaded Poland attacking from behind the Polish Army tearing the Polish army apart as all Polish forces faced the German Army. In the war histories in the west this is largely ignored as well that Poland had been part of pre-World War One Russia for a good bit of time.  The attack by Russia on Poland routed the Polish Army which had to shift around sorely needed forces to stem the Russian attack. Russia was trying to create buffers against a potential German invasion as is the present case of the Ukraine though the latter was Russian for about 400 years before it was stripped out in 1991 stranding ten million Russians. There are about 4.5 million Russians in Kazakhstan that are stranded. These stranded Russians all over Asia in the east and in the west could be the source of World War Three as those Germans stripped away from Germany by the Versailles Treaty was the cause of World War Two.

Now as Poland was fighting Germany in 1939, the British and French Armies were supposed to be launching an invasion of Germany from the west catching the German forces between the British and French forces where Germany had a minor force facing them in the west, while Poland faced Germany from the east. Thus the German Army would have faced a pincer attack forcing it to split its forces and have been defeated as the German generals feared. Instead, it was Poland that faced the pincer attack while the British and French largely stayed put. Why? What contributed to this situation? The intuitive genius of Hitler? Hardly. MI6 set it up this way as they wanted Germany and Russia to face each other for a war tearing each other apart as they did in World War One while Britain watched. MI6 planned it with Hitler. You can be sure that they destroyed these records after Germany’s defeat as they had teams looking for them. Britain before World War One was afraid of the Kaiser’s dreams of a giant navy and afraid of Russia moving in on India. They did not want competition.  The policy of playing off these threats by engineering a war between Russia and Germany worked in World War One but failed in World War Two as Stalin stood in its way. Who suffered the massive casualties in World War Two? Russia and Germany as we will shortly elaborate on but not the Anglo-Saxons who set up World War Two under the guidance of Baron Eduard de Rothschild who was out to destroy Hitler as he did the Tsar via their agent Parvus. It was the Baron who instigated World War One by having the Archduke assassinated in Sarajevo so as to destroy the Tsar.  

Fall of Eagles – Sealed Train Decision (9m)

MI6 had financially supported Hitler’s party movement in the 1920s as he had written in “Mein Kampf” pro-British positions and Hitler reciprocated by the Naval Treaty of 1935 agreeing that the German fleet would not exceed 35% of the English fleet. Hitler’s treaty with Stalin essentially replicated the policy of Prince Otto von Bismarck in his Reinsurance Treaty which is a great fear of the Anglo-Saxons today. Bismarck had advised Britain that Germany had no desire to compete with Britain on the high seas.  

In fact, Hitler was given the green light by MI6 to invade Poland guaranteeing Hitler that the British and French would not fulfill their obligations to Poland.  Churchill praised the invasion of Poland by Russia to the sky as protecting part of Poland from Germany knowing fully well the purpose was to engineer a war between Germany and Russia which was the British aim. Then followed the phony war in the west between September, 1939 to May, 1940 as secretly agreed with Germany by MI6 as Germany now had the green light to invade Russia but Hitler betrayed his understandings with MI6 and invaded France instead. Later he betrayed his agreements with Stalin invading Russia. When the death of Hitler was reported to Stalin he said it served him right to end this way as a man who betrayed his word.

These various actions by MI6 were under the supervision of Baron Eduard de Rothschild who was setting up a war between Russia and Germany on one side, and the US and Britain against Germany on the other to destroy Hitler as he had done in World War One to destroy the Tsar starting it off by arranging the assassination of the Archduke. The 1929 stock market crash bankrupted Churchill who was bailed out by the Baron much as his ancestor the Duke of Marlborough was bailed out by Sir Solomon de Medina.  He could not lift his hand or foot without the permission of the Baron. The Baron had set up Franklin Roosevelt by rigging the gubernatorial election of 1928 for New York by Morty Schiff of Kuhn Loeb as agent bank of the Baron who bribed Boss Flynn of the Bronx for the votes and later made him President after triggering the depression in 1929. J. P. Morgan and Lehman Brothers were also agents of the Baron. Roosevelt was a flunkey of the Baron.  This has been covered in detail in our piece in footnote five “Who Holds The Balance of Power In The World” in footnote one.

In Kazakhstan 20% of the population is Russian.  Russia will protect this population as it will protect the Russian population in the Ukraine where it is massing troops. We have discussed this at length in footnote two piece entitled: “Will Russia Have Peace?”

What now is happening in Kazakhstan? We consult the well informed journalist Pepe Escobar:

“Now compare it to what I learned from two different, high-ranking intel sources.

The first source was explicit: the whole Kazakh adventure is being sponsored by MI6 to create a new Maidan right before the Russia/US-NATO talks in Geneva and Brussels next week, to prevent any kind of agreement. Significantly, the “rebels” maintained their national coordination even after the internet was disconnected.

The second source is more nuanced: the usual suspects are trying to force Russia to back down against the collective West by creating a major distraction in their Eastern front, as part of a rolling strategy of chaos all along Russia’s borders. That may be a clever diversionary tactic, but Russian military intel is watching. Closely. And for the sake of the usual suspects, this better may not be interpreted – ominously – was a war provocation.”

Note the phrase “was a war provocation” or we might say a declaration of war against Russia by England and the US. Our sources say this is definitely true and the Russian military considers this an act of war. Here is the source for the above quote from Mr. Escobar:

Steppe on Fire: Kazakhstan’s Color Revolution

Now, we have written in footnote three that Russia can mobilize 20 million troops for an invasion of Europe if NATO declares war on Russia over the Ukraine. The highest US military authority of the deep state says the Russians can reach the English Channel in two weeks. These 20 million troops were trained over the last twenty years as Russia completely modernized their army, missile forces and air forces from about the year 2000 to today and of these 20,000,000 we would say three million troops can be immediately mobilized while the rest can be mobilized in stages.  China can move to retake Taiwan and Iran can shut the Straits of Hormuz. So the sanctions that Britain has been working on with the US can be counter-sanctioned by these actions of China, Iran and Russia who are part of a secret Pact of Steel.  See footnote two article entitled: “Can Russia Have Peace” for more details.

If we wish to understand of the effectiveness of these massive forces, we should listen to the video below by the retired Colonel Glanz discussing World War Two and our piece entitled “Checkmate” which link follows:

“The Soviet-German War, 1941-1945: Myths and Realities” by COL (Ret) David M. Glantz

In the Checkmate article next we go over how Russia can counter any sanctions by actions that will blow up the entire world economy.

Russia’s Missile Warning, US Faces Checkmate at the Ukraine

See footnote two in the below link as to the massive world depression that the Russian ally Iran can pull off by shutting the Straits of Hormuz which the energy derivative authority at Goldman Sachs completely agreed with. Iran cannot be stopped by nuclear weapons as they have via their submarines the ability to strike the US with missiles carrying hydrogen bombs obtained from North Korea.


The checkmate link above addresses this ridiculous British threat by the demented Boris Johnson.

Britain warns Russia over Ukraine: we’re working on high-impact sanctions

Footnote one:

Here we have the article “Who Holds The Balance of Power In The World” (scroll down after clicking link below):


Footnote two:

Will Russia Have Piece is in the following link and scroll down:

Is World War III Near? (with USA Curriculum Vitae)

Footnote three:


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The CIA-MI6 has moved to forestall a Russian invasion of the Ukraine by creating instability to Russia’s west in Kazakhstan potentially creating a two front war. While this is a distraction, it should not require many Russian troops to subdue the country.  


20% of its population are Russians of about 19 million people. None of the Russians participated in the riots. It would not take a large force to subdue it, and if war comes in the Ukraine, the Russians can field 20 million troops as in World War Two though to be realistic they can reach only the three million figure in a very short time and can easily reach the English Channel within three weeks though some of the highest US military officials say two weeks. Two million of these have served in the army within the last five years and are highly trained. The twenty million figure is not a myth though they are in a different reserve category than the two million as they have served more than five years ago. The US only has about 60,000 troops in Europe.  Russia can easily handle Kazakhstan as well as NATO whose power is a myth. The bulwark of NATO in Europe is Germany which had the famed army of World War Two but today it is a wreck.

Germany’s Military Readiness is Abysmal Despite NATO Obligation. As Germany prepares to assume the mantle as the head of NATO’s crisis response force in 2019, its military forces are in a horrible state of readiness that has left the military virtually non-deployable.

In the US, meanwhile, the trained military reserve numbers 800,000, of which more than half are in the National Guard. This means that Washington would not be able to quickly cover personnel losses during a large-scale conflict (for example, with Moscow or Beijing). At the same time the US Armed Forces have trouble meeting manpower needs in peacetime, largely due to the low level of recruitment of new military personnel.

This is the reason in this poker game that NATO says that their nuclear weapons will be used as their conventional forces are nearly worthless. If we consider NATO sane, and that is a big question mark, then this is the most dangerous bluff in world history as Russia has relatively sealed it air space with the S-600 and S-700 defensive missile shields which are far in advance of the S-500 defensive missile that travels over 16,000 miles an hour carrying ten interceptor missiles which can travel 115 miles high and a horizontal distance of over 2,200 miles. The Russian air space can be considered sealed but since there is no perfection here they have built nuclear bomb shelters for 40 million people for the few missiles that might get through..  NATO countries have no defensive missiles of any value and have built no bomb shelters for their people. In a nuclear war, Russia would lose 10% of its people at most, US 80% and European NATO 90%. See next article entitled Checkmate.

Russia’s Missile Warning, US Faces Checkmate at the Ukraine | Operation Disclosure Official

Jan 5, 2022 | 23:14 GMT CIA Stratfor:

The crisis could also be a factor in dissuading the Kremlin to back off its most escalatory scenarios in Ukraine. The volatile situation in Kazakhstan could limit Moscow’s options for an escalation or intervention in Ukraine in the coming weeks, as the Kremlin could conclude that simultaneously increased tensions on two of its large land borders would be imprudent. Furthermore, some of Russia’s forces normally based in the Urals designated for contingency rapid response operations in Central Asia, such as units from the Central Military District’s 41st Combined Arms Army, are believed to be among those currently deployed near the Ukrainian and Belarusan border. Finally, while it is still unlikely that Kazakhstan’s political crisis spirals into a full-blown armed conflict or prolonged standoff, Russia may be compelled to deploy military forces to its border with Kazakhstan in case they are needed to secure Russian-speaking areas of the country, possibly drawing forces away from Ukraine. 

Our intelligence sources advise as follows issued Wed, Jan 5 at 5:52 PM European time:

The trouble in Kazakhstan is sponsored by British intelligence (MI6) with the goal of creating another Maidan on the Russian border.

P. S. The situation is far worse than reported. Law and order has collapsed. The capital is burning.  Source says that this “Maidan” is staged right before the meeting of Biden and Putin, and is clearly to prevent any kind of agreement.  

Another source disagrees. They are trying to force Russia to back down in the west by creating a major distraction in the east. It is very clever. The Russian military and intelligence is watching. These are being interpreted as war provocations.

Another intelligence report from Russia Wed, Jan 5 at 11:15 PM European time:

You are correct in your report. It appears that Putin has completely lost his nerve as at Maidan. Russia is rudderless.

Tokaev asked for Russian help with Russian troops. 

They are being sent. See next link:


But as you know there is significant trend in Kazakhstan to end the use of the the Russian language and letters and doubtless the Russian troops will not be favorably received. Now the rebels are not significantly armed in comparison with the Kazakhstani army which can easily put this down by themselves but the Kazakhstan government does not appear to have much backbone either. In other words, if there was some leadership from Moscow this could be straighten out with low cost by a Stalin.  It is not dissimilar to Maidan where local forces could easily have put down the rebellion except Putin abandoned them. What is interesting is the rebels are coordinated when the internet and telephone communications have been shut down that agrees with your source’s assessment that a foreign power is involved that our sources also say is MI6.

Look to the traitorous oligarchs.

David Lifschultz


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