(Reader: Stefan) Merry Julian Christmas!


Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from still FRG occupied Germany, dear patriots!

All of Germany is occupied? No! Not all of Germany! Unlike Asterix the Gaul, the resistance of the awakening people, vaccinated or unvaccinated, is stirring not only in a small village with magic potion, but everywhere. The political actors are getting crazier and crazier, the MSM are becoming more and more untrustworthy and it seems as if everyone is ripe for the psychiatric ward. The KKR company is doing more and more educational work through the taken over BILD newspaper and the taken over TV stations. The only problem is that the BILD does not enjoy a good reputation and is still not taken for full by many indoctrinated people. But nevertheless it becomes ever more Germans, who give vent to their displeasure with walks. Whether larger or smaller cities, more and more people are taking walks in the streets. Walks because we don’t have to register them. Also demonstrations we would not have to announce actually, but there we were misguided in the last months by gatekeepers. Today only the “state power”, the policemen are led around at the nose, because at arranged meeting places nobody is, except some policemen. So, glad tidings to the outside world: It runs!

In some cities, for example in Munich, walkers are still surrounded or locked up by the black-clad “mercenaries”. But there are also cities where the few policemen are encircled by the promenaders. And, we read something like this and are amazed, there are also cities (and they become more and more), where the “policemen” only accompany the people, protect them from harm by left-wing “counter-demonstrators” (how can someone demonstrate against walks?) or Antifa. Yes, I don’t want to gloss over anything, there is still violence against peaceful people on the part of the “police” (by the way, I write “police” in quotation marks, because they are all employees of a company and not civil servants, and many of them already know that). The violence is directed, of course, quite cowardly, against the elderly, children and women. I am always ambivalent about many of the videos and images I view of these violent outbreaks. I just can’t understand that a human being can inflict pain on another human being with a tool (baton or rubber truncheon), or that tear gas is used when children and elderly people are simply out for a walk.

There are only two possibilities here, in my opinion: Either these mercenaries are not human beings or they are so brainwashed that they have been deprived of emotions. A third possibility is that in all these scenes and incidents we also only get to see a show. What do I base such a thing on? Well, I notice that those who film keep filming instead of helping. Then we would have to read or hear reports about the victims, especially in alternative media, on the following days. But what? Missing. In a video from Holland a “demonstrator” was attacked or “held in check” by a “police dog”. What was funny about the video and the pictures was that the man had THREE visible arms, and on one obviously artificial arm the dog had bitten. Yes, dear director, there are always people who take a closer look, be it at masks, at computer tricks, at stage plays in the “white house” and at demonstration scenes. Those who blindly follow the dying MSM, of course not.

Now we have Christmas. According to Julian calendar. And tomorrow it will be Christmas according to the Orthodox faith. Will we get presents or will we have to keep waiting? Don’t you guys feel like the show is getting boring because it keeps dragging out the end? All the decoders of the Q-Drops don’t know what to do anymore either. After one, two, three and four-year deltas, is this coming up to five years? They don’t dare yet, do they? Although there are already many “soothsayers” who are already talking about March and June 2022, whatever it is. No, now numbers, i.e. distances in days are dug out for a change. All of a sudden the dates of the drops are not interesting, now it’s days. 555 days of drop X, 1111 days of drop Y, BOOM week last week, BOOM week this week, BOOM week next week. The only BOOMs I’ve witnessed take place underground at depths of ten kilometers, anywhere in the world. And the MOAB has been floating in the air for years.

What are the gifts that come our way every day? The official narrative of the actor-governments, the official narrative of the MSM, the real events on the streets and in addition the feeling that something is massively changing worldwide. At least with some people, or with many, we are after all not yet sufficiently connected, but still divided and separated. Where do we go from here on the list of items in the plan? How long are we all going to put up with this energy-sapping wait? No matter what anyone does, giving up is not an option, is it? Is this all a final test for everyone and for everyone? Let’s assume that all the reports about the alliance military deployed around the world are true. Don’t all these guys and gals have families? Don’t they want to celebrate Christmas? Don’t they want to celebrate New Year’s Eve? Above all, this was the second time they were deployed around the world and couldn’t be at home. And think about it, who’s paying for all this? They have to get pay, don’t they? Isn’t it bad enough that they have to deal with an enemy that is not human, that they had to see things that no one really wants to see? Put yourselves in their shoes. Don’t you think they want an end too?

Every day that does not yet show us much that is visible on the outside, because there is still a lot that is hidden, brings us further towards our goal. We can also be happy about every day that passes without us taking greater damage. We have made it this far and to this day. So we can be glad, be proud and also be grateful. No matter how long it may take, I am convinced that many things will happen simultaneously from a certain point on. Not like in a domino, where the first stone is bumped in one place, no, many stones will be bumped in many places. The times where everything should or had to happen one after the other are over. Death of Queen and Pope, Three Gorges Dam, fall of Bitcoin and other unregulated coins, stock market crash, bank crash, new currencies, fall of cabal “governments”, media failure, EBS, it can all happen at the same time, worldwide. Because the alliance military is everywhere!

Who cannot or does not want to follow me there, he should do that. Everybody is responsible for himself, so also for the knowledge what he gets, for the opinions which he forms from it. But here a current example, how we were led behind the light: Today is Three Kings’ Day here, we celebrate “Three Wise Men.” Well, this is the day when the three met to go to the manger and deliver gifts. On the sixth of January? Weren’t the three boys a little late on that? Namely, thirteen days? Or were they on the road for 352 days because there was no navigation system yet, or because they went three steps forward and two steps back? Or did they permanently get lost? Or is Christmas perhaps today and not on December 24? How often and how long do we have to be lied to before we start asking questions?

My Christmas wish from the Alliance today is for a swift crash and liberation day, may it come as soon as possible. We are standing with one foot in the new world and we want to finally take the next step with the other leg. But this is still held by our own gum on the sole and by hands of the gatekeepers. Let’s tear ourselves away, shall we?

Kasachstan has fallen! Hold the line!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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