(Reader: Liberty) Patriotic Slavery: Two Life Circles for Humanity!



Reader Post | By Liberty

Patriotic slavery. TWO LIFE CIRCLES for humanity!

Today I want to share great news about our Global Meditation and petition for immediate Divine intervention and the first contact with our alien friends.

Probably many of you have already read Cobra’s report on our mission. Nevertheless, I want to once again draw your attention to this message. There is a VERY IMPORTANT MOMENT.

So, in order.


EVERYTHING PASSED VERY SUCCESSFULLY, THE FORCES OF THE LIGHT (civilizations friendly to us) FINALLY STARTED MOVING FASTER AND DECISION and helping humanity to free itself from slavery !!!!

This is very good news, because it means that we are now heading towards the goal again. I think many of you have noticed that Earth’s liberation has been stuck in place lately. Now we are on the move again and this movement is very positive, more efficient and relatively faster!





And these are really GREAT TIMES AND THESE really are the times of the GREATNESS OF HUMANITY !!!

There is a small negative point in Cobra’s report.

This is where Cobra describes the problems with signing the petition.

Remember, we signed a petition for immediate Divine intervention, as well as the first official contact with friendly alien civilizations.

Cobra says the first version of the petition was blocked. Then the Pleiadians contacted the positive military (USA and Russia) and told these military that the free will of the people cannot be blocked.

The military reacted very violently and NEGATELY to this.Do you understand what this means for humanity?




If not, then let’s try to think together.

We ask questions and try to answer them.


Why did the Pleiadians turn to the positive military to block the petition?

ANSWER: positive military have a relation (influence) on blocking our petition (our free will!). That is, they took some part in this blocking and / or blocked this petition.

(I thought the psychos were blocking this petition, but it turned out that our “idols” were also involved there.)


Who are the positive military men?

ANSWER: These are members of the Alliance ground team who will save humanity from evil psychos.





Why did the positive military reacted violently and negatively to the pleiadians’ statement of violation of the free will of humanity?

This is the worst question, because the answers will be unpleasant!

First, it follows from this reaction that the positive military DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THE GALAXY LAWS, but want now and probably after the Event to arrange everything on Earth according to the old, according to their ideas and long-outdated traditions.

That is, those patriotic idols that we worship now want to build a NEW EARTH after the Event according to the OLD RULES.

These old rules are well known to all of us: we are the people, and they are our rulers (masters). They want to decide everything for us, decide HOW TO LIVE AND WITH WHOM TO BE FRIENDS!

To put it another way: the Alliance ground team does not care about the FREE WILL OF HUMANITY.They say that they are worried about the territorial integrity of the country and other excuses to prevent us from communicating with our galactic family, because if they allow active contacts with aliens, then sooner or later, they will lose their power and they will have to abide by Galactic laws.

And this does not suit them at all!

Because the Alliance ground team (White Hats and Ko) want to rule the world after the Event. They want everything to be according to THEIR RULES (and NOT according to the Galactic civilized laws!).

They still behave as if the territory of the country where they are located belongs to them personally.

These new patriotic idols want to replace the old system of cabal-psychopaths with a new system of cabal-patriots.




That is, humanity will not be free again and will be ruled by new leaders who will DECIDE EVERYTHING for us.

In order not to repeat the mistakes of mankind and not jump from one slavery to another, we need to be VERY Vigilant, STOP FINALLY WORSHIPING SOMEONE and FINALLY TAKE OUR LIFE AND CARE OF PLANET EARTH IN OUR OWN HANDS and not allow someone something for us to do and decide !!!!!

I want to sum up and remind everyone that we are GOING INTO A BRAND NEW WORLD!

This world WILL NOT LIKE THE OLD WORLD at all!


The country is the property of the people, and the government is the people who IMPLEMENT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!

Members of the government and other officials are REPRESENTATIVES OF THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, and NOT the masters of the people!









And this can only be possible when WE REMEMBER OUR DIGNITY AND GREATNESS AND


Precisely because the ground Alliance does not come to an agreement even among themselves, and also because the ground Alliance still hangs in 3D with its consciousness (egotism, ambition, arrogance and other weaknesses), that is why we are still trampled in this shit under named covid.

That is why we constantly freeze and cannot finally bring this struggle to a victorious end!

The members of the Alliance not only cannot come to an agreement among themselves, but also cannot come to an agreement with the Galactic Society!

This is a huge anchor that slows down the liberation of Planet Earth.

And the name of this anchor is human weakness!

Greed, ambition, arrogance, selfishness, disrespect, ingratitude, etc.I am very interested in how “positive” world leaders will cope with the temptation of infinite wealth ????




I am not sure that many so-called patriots – the idols of world popularity, will be able to resist wealth, and will honestly, cordially and fairly distribute these material benefits among ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH!

I’m not sure the new governments will be crystal-free !!!!

Money confiscated from psychos, plus money from funds (for example, the Saint-Germain Foundation and others) – THIS IS ENDLESS RUNNING !!!!

Name me at least one world leader from the world patriots known to us from the ground Alliance, who has a high organization of the Soul and can resist infinite wealth and work day and night for the good of his people ????

I cannot name such a leader. And can you?

Because we will have to heal our weaknesses for a long time !!!! For a long time we will have to transform from monkeys into GOD’S MAN (that is, a man who lives in Soul, heart and conscience !!!).

Often it seems to me that if the Earth Alliance played less of their enchanted performances and games in front of everyone, then we could quickly end the power of darkness on Earth and cost less victims of this covid psychopathy.If we continue to slow down the processes of the liberation of the Earth with our stupidity and selfishness, then very soon there will be no one to save, because the psychos lately of lawlessness and compulsion to vaccination have already collected a large harvest of human victims !!!!!

Psychos from the very beginning played fights WITHOUT RULES, and we constantly played some kind of performances with legal actions and a game of decency. As a result, ordinary people became victims of these games (as always in the history of mankind – the upper classes fight, and the lower classes die in millions).

Precisely because humanity is still VERY FAR FROM PERFECTION, the heavenly team of the Alliance throws TWO RESCUE CIRCLES to humanity – QFS and humanitarian workers of Light (precisely those few people who are able to have access to enormous wealth and at the same time work hard to transfer this wealth humanity, and NOT try to appropriate these funds for themselves).And to the representatives of the ground Alliance, I convey my heartfelt greetings and gratitude for the fact that they perfectly cleansed the cloaca of evil on Earth and under the Earth! This is definitely a huge job !!!! We are very grateful to you for this !!! And that’s why we respect you very much !!!!!

Also, I want to remind the representatives of the ground Alliance that THE WORLD OWNS ALL PEOPLE, and not you personally!





Without friendly alien civilizations, without their technologies and their participation, it would be ABSOLUTELY UNrealistic to free the Earth !!!!

And I also want to remind you that in this struggle for the liberation of mankind from thousands of years of slavery, a HUGE TEAM took part (and still does !!!) !!!






Divine Intervention Activation Report

Our activation was a big success, with over 250,000 people participating in the meditation on December 21st and over 190,000 people signing the petition.




This is far more than the Guinness world record claimed by Deepak Chopra:

And is one of our most successful meditations up to date:

Pleiadians were very much present during the activation on December 21st and many people felt wonderful energies:

The process of signing the petition was much more tumultuous. The Cabal has interfered with the signing process on the first petition website a few times and finally deleted the petition page, so we had to migrate to the second petition site.

As soon as the first petition site was deleted, the Pleiadian High Command contacted top brass in the Russian and US military, telling them that a critical mass of Galactic Codex principles has been violated, because people’s ability to state their free will about the extraterrestrial contact was severely obstructed. The Pleiaidian High Command has then revealed one part of their intervention plans to the top brass in the Russian / US positive military factions. This has triggered strong reactions within the military, as the Russians felt that First Contact goes against the territorial sovereignty of the Russian state, and many within the US top brass felt this intervention goes against their religious beliefs. This has led to the following development:

The signing process continued on the second website, and a critical mass of 144,000 signatures was reached on December 11th.

The very next day, many cloudships appeared across Japan:

After the critical mass of signatures was reached, the Pleiadians have communicated that the legal basis for their intervention on the surface of the planet is now established.

They will start contacting first the individuals who are participating in the Contact Dish project:

Since Galactic Law overrides local laws, this contact will be established regardless of the local laws in the countries where people will be contacted. The Pleiadians have stressed that they want to initialize the contact as soon as possible, but will NOT contact anyone until the basic safety of contacted individuals can be assured, and for this the Dark forces on the physical plane need to lose more power. They do not wish to say when the contact sequence will start, but when it starts, it will start suddenly without warning.

People who do not own land will be contacted also, but for that contact they will need to be in nature at least 60 meters/yards away from the nearest human being to avoid implant / biochip interference, and as far away as possible from the local military bases.

As soon as this contact happens, and even before, it will trigger strong emotional reactions among the surface population. Remain calm then, and use common sense.

The critical mass reached for our meditation on December 21st has started the planetary grid reversal process. This practically means that now the Light Forces are reverting the energy fields around the planetary surface from the inverted negative energy grid, created during the Archon invasion in 1996, back into the Light grid. This means a full offensive of the Light forces on the non-physical planes around the Earth surface, removing entities, dark technologies, anomaly, everything at once:

It is now a full scale war there, and Lightworkers / Lightwarriors are seriously attacked, but this is the final battle which has now reached the surface of the planet, at least on the non-physical planes, and it will lead into full liberation.

Planetary grid reversal process will clear all anomaly that made dark forces and evil possible and eradicate the cause of evil and darkness from this Universe forever.

The Light Forces are now focused on clearing the primary anomaly on the astral and lower mental plane. On the astral plane, they are clearing the so-called “jealousy network”. Nothing more can be said about that now, just two hints:

Removal of the primary anomaly on the astral plane will start removing the cosmic cause of negative emotions such as anger or fear.

On the lower mental plane, they are clearing the so-called “invisibles network”. Removal of primary anomaly on the lower mental plane will start removing the cause of false ideas matrix. False, erroneous ideas right now form more than 90% of the thinking processes of the surface humanity.

As a result of this clearing, people are beginning to be aware of the mind virus, as both Musk and Putin have stated publicly:

On the physical plane, this final offensive of the Light Forces is clearing all remnants of the dark force fleet in the Solar System, and all negative subterranean bases. All captured dark beings are offered a “surrender or die” option. If they surrender, they need to accept the Galactic Codex, accept the Light and repair the consequences of their past actions. If they are unwilling or unable to do so, they are taken to the Galactic Central Sun for restructuring via the Ganymede sorting facility.

The final offensive of the Light Forces on the physical plane on the surface will NOT be initialized until the danger of excessive violence is removed, and both non-physical planes and primary anomaly need to be substantially cleared to achieve that.

On the quantum level, the Light Forces have managed to clear all black wormholes that the dark forces were using for secure quantum communication, and as a consequence, secure and unhackable communication network of the dark forces has fallen apart. Top Chimera leaders now have to use encrypted communication that can easily be hacked by the Resistance. As a side effect to this, there were significant developments in the creation of the positive quantum financial system (QFS).

All Black Stones and all Chimera spiders on the surface of the planet, including those in the Urim base, have been removed.

On the surface of the planet, there are many legal initiatives that go parallel to the Planetary Liberation Petition, and are slowly but surely building legal infrastructure for arrests of the Cabal during the Event and their subsequent trials.

Disgusting deeds of Anthony Fauci are finally being exposed:

Fauci is fully exposed in this excellent new book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr:

Klaus Schwab is exposed here:

These people are not safe anymore, and 2021 was peak Davos:

The bunkers will not help them, as the Resistance is waiting for them deep below:

Covid virus was created by the Chimera-controlled DARPA and released as a mechanism against the progress of the Light Forces towards the liberation of the planet:

Panicked, the dark forces are now using the pandemic as a tool to impose a worldwide totalitarian state in their last ditch effort to control the surface population. They are doing this by inducing mass formation psychosis:

By keeping the people in perpetual state of confusion, hopelessness and fear on purpose:

Leading to the death of science:

Reliable intel about covid is hard to find, but here are some pieces.

About the end of the pandemic:

About lasting immunity against covid:

About ivermectin:

About covid tests and DNA data harvesting by China:

And about vaccines:

This brilliant interview with Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, sums it all up:

This might be the beginning of the end of the official mainstream covid narrative:

People worldwide are organizing into peaceful non-compliance, and here is a link to resources:

Happy New Year:

And Victory of the Light!

Victory of the Light!


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