Earth Alliance and Patriot News for January 6, 2022


Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 6, 2022

Earth Alliance & Patriot News for January 6th, 2022

Sources: Ted Mahr videos, Q interviews, Gene Decodes live and videos,, C-Vine News Network, Operation Disclosure, Jared Rand, Before Its News,  Romana Didulo: The Real Leader of Canada, Zorra of Hollow Earth, Alex Collier, Dinar Chronicles, Q drops, Benjamin Fulford Website, DoD, Era of Light, and Other Live Conference Calls.

1/6/2022 Thursday’s News: Extremely Hot News; Shoshanna quotes & Q & A, Queen Romana Ridulo, Excerpts, Nick Fleming 1/4/2022 DoD, Articles: Archangels Zadkiel: Focusing on the Light, One Who Serves and Shoshanna: New Year’s Message and Discussion, Ashtar Command: Intense Sweeping, Arcturian Group: The Year of Surprises, and Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: The Matrix.

One Who Serves and Shoshanna: New Year’s Message and Discussion 1/3/2021 Most Important Q & A’s & Statements (Below is the full read)


*Leading into your Spring of this year (2022), where there are going to see many, many shifts and changes, and many truths coming forward.

*They cannot hold their lies any longer. The dark spaces, the shadows must come into the light.

*It is going to be quite an amazing year. It will be the year of revealing; we will say here. Revealing much of the truth that has been held back.

*When Prime Creator says, “Enough,” then that will be the end of the third-dimensional illusion. The third-dimensional paradigm will be no longer here on this planet. And those that are not able to move up into the higher vibrations along with all of you, they will not be here.

*We are speaking in terms of those of the dark forces. They will not be able to withstand these energies, and will have to be moved either to another planet or to a different dimension, or however it happens.

* That you are ready to hear the truth, experience the truth, and then be able to disseminate the truth to others that are ready to hear it as well. Because we tell you that that is going to be what this next year is going to be all about: truth coming forward, being revealed in many different ways from many different sources. Many ‘whistle blowers’ as you call them will be coming forward.

* New governments that is going to come into place. both here in this country, The United States for America as the Republic is reborn, as well as other countries here on the planet that move along as well in what you call the ‘GESARA Plan,’ or many other different projects that are in the works.

* As well as those that are here from the stars that are here to help guide this whole process. They will come into the forefront much, much more as well. Now it is not determined yet when they will show themselves directly, whether it will be this year or not, we cannot say that. (they do NOT like to be called aliens, or ET’s. They prefer Star Brothers & Sisters).

* And you are looking at a great change that is coming in potentially by your Spring of this next year (2023) we will say here.

*‘Seeing is believing’ is third-dimensional understanding. ‘Believing is seeing’ is fifth-dimensional understanding.

* Rather, change Covid to simply a virus, or a flu. You have had the flu for a long time here, and you have survived it.

* As far as the Omicron, we love what someone came up with here in terms with an anagram for that where it is called ‘moronic’ now. Think of it as a ‘moronic’ variant, something that has no meaning whatsoever. Because it doesn’t. It is all part of the program.

* We would add here that many of you have moved from being the Light-Workers to the Light-Warriors. And we have spoken many times about not only anchoring the light as a worker, but spreading the light, sharing the light, sharing the truth wherever you have an opportunity as a Warrior of Light. And that is your mission.

* Just be who you are in the moment, and if it is meant for you in terms of your soul path here to pass away from your body before you go through ascension, that is okay because there is no death. That is what you have to come to understand, and that is very difficult because your programming has said much of the opposite in terms of fear. Fear of dying.

* This one thing that you have not mastered here, as with most, or maybe all, is forgiving yourself, you see.

* You are combatting lifetimes of programming. Lifetimes in other systems. One lifetime here. You are combatting group programming. It is all programming. Illness is programming. Pain is programming. It is part of the illusion, you see. And it is difficult for those that are feeling pain to believe that this is possibly an illusion.

* In terms of, as we say here by your Spring of this year (2022), a great many shift and changes are likely to occur here. But more will come after that, because that will set everything in motion. Those things which will come before your Spring or right around there will set many other things in motion here and begin the process further in terms of rounding up, we will say, those ones that need to be taken out of the picture here.

*. If we are truly in the moment, we have detached from all programs.

* And you are heading into this next year, and it can be quite a year of celebration.

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