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Operation Disclosure | By Grant Ouellette, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 6, 2022

Learning Curve (Plateaus) image from TheKnowledgeSmart Blog

This article was written for the open website Operation Disclosure (OpDis).

Disclosure is the act or process of exposing to view, divulging, making known for example a secret, as by removing a cover.

Surely a purpose of OpDis is the disclosure of those who are cabal agents.

An identifying characteristic of cabal agents is they are against disclosure.

They want people to ‘shut up’, to not exercise freedom of speech.

They try intimidation at times.

The cabal has wanted me to ‘shut up’ for 20 years, against my God-given free will.

They could tell me to ‘bitemojob’ and maybe the Creator’s quantum reflection will be in anagram form like in my last article:

What is Truth? JC | Operation Disclosure Official

Onwards with disclosure:

I searched ‘meditation videos’ and Google gave 479,000,000 hits. This magnitude is new information to me.

Anyone can observe a person respond to receiving new information through the denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance process – can get stuck on or skip a step or steps. Anything is possible, including lightworkers’ existence.

What? Saying, “No way!” is denial, giving evidence of the 5 step process.

Anger (stress) has a detrimental effect on health.

‘Believe It or Not!’ is really ‘Believe It or Deny’.

About 7 years ago I finished the learning curve for this 5 step process and ever since I have witnessed exactly this in people’s responses hundreds of times. At times I still catch myself in the process.

The 5 steps seem to climb or rise up the same or similar to the learning curve.

This climb changes a person’s belief system, expanding it to include the new info, or not (free will).

I suggest a poll of everyone on Earth would find that everybody who has had at a least a little time outside of the womb has been stuck in a belief system during their life.

I give the example used in many police shows where an officer investigating a crime becomes clued out and refuses to examine evidence that doesn’t point to the suspect he ‘believes’ committed the offence, as in an episode of the Andy Griffith series in which he plays Ben Louis Matlock (BLM). Ben shows another was guilty.

In her book ‘Who Needs Light’ Dr. Kathryn E. May gives a detailed description of how our experiences create (thought) channels in the brain matching our beliefs. The channels are not there at birth. It seems the channels are created as we go up the learning curve and at the point of acceptance of a belief the neural pathway is complete. The book tells how any learning curve, including the Lightworker Learning Curve, can be ascended by a person at any time, thus creating new channels.

You can’t do anything if you believe you can’t or if you don’t try. I find that instant success is rare in any talent.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

The creation of a new neural pathway in the brain begins with a single thought.

Please consider joining the lightworker crowd.

Any one of thousands of posted articles and channels or the 479 million meditation videos could be your first free will step.

Living in the learning light

Lightworker Grant


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