The Lightworkers Call: What this Awakening Really is about


Operation Disclosure | By Luna, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 5, 2022

The Lightworkers Call: What This Awakening Really is About

Let me first say that Awakening has nothing to do with the cabal or the ‘elites’ but everything to do about your ascension. You see awakening is a spiritual process of balancing light or dark within. We do that by spiritual practice or through meditation or even prayer. No one cares why we are awakening, just what can we do to speed this internal process. Awakening doesn’t care about anything else.

 As Lightworkers  we can see the dark but not get pulled into it. Worldwide darkness is a projection of unhealed darkness. It’s not intellectual. We are balancing the Light and Dark. We can bring in more Light through our spiritual realizations. The more we work on ourselves the greater our light within becomes. In turn we feel lighter too! There must be more to life than we can see.

 Awakening is not about judgment it’s about acceptance. Even though our selves recognize the light, many other s do not have the capacity to see, feel and heal. We do not get pulled into that state of fear. Unhealed collective conscious is simply worldwide darkness.

Awakening doesn’t care about the darkness of organizations, groups, cults government’s.Just be in the world but not of it. We heal this darkness by becoming aware of its existence. We are to project  forgiveness and love towards all. There are many people that have fears that live within their psyches and you would never know it sometimes even we ourselves don’t know until something happens to trigger it. Now that is the perfect time to explore it and work on releasing it.

I know that’s easier said than done. Understand that these things happen because you are ready to let it go.Instead many push it back down and ignore these crucial signs. Our feelings actually help us grow. They come up (trigger) for a reason and that was so you would see I and feel it! So you would ultimately let it go. Yes, let it go means you trust the process. You trust your inner guidance or guides that you are ready to move on to the next step. Ascension happens when we decide to work with our inner guidance. Myself personally, I don’t know any other way and for me I have been able to hear my inner guidance nudging me my whole entire life and sometimes relentlessly. Today I have grown and through God’s grace, I am here teaching others to trust as I did.

As Lightworkers we need to project love from afar so we can heal and awaken.It’s a vibration not an intellectual thought Awakening comes by our connection to Source. No one or nothing can keep us disconnected with our God. When we have fear we are disconnected for we are in darkness and not with GOD. So we need to shine a light in the darkness, with no judgment, just heartfelt love. Look at all with eyes of love and hearts of love. Simply maintain the focus of a master. I know it’s hard in this 3D world which I call a world full of chaos but in your mastery you are in the world but not of it!

View everything from a position of love and love, it will become. Love heals everything unlike itself! Awakening  is not a intellectual pursuit. No, number of books nor neither by having numerous degrees can you open a heart that is not ready. That only happens if it has received its awakening. You are not a teacher, you are an awakener. People awaken when their life is mundane or they have pain or just when the emptiness they feel is reflected outward into their lives. As your loving messages arrive they will surrender if they are ready to ascend and only when they are ready. It has to be their choice.  Having no judgments will help heal their awakening call.

Understand that awakening is a vibration not an understanding of a situation. Awakening is about acceptance and that we recognizing the light within. It’s sad but many do not feel, hear or see the harmonics or resonance. They are missing so much! They have missed so much already.  Yet, I understand that our world is full of darkness and my advice to you all is that you don’t get pulled into that state of fear. Worldwide darkness is really the unhealed collective consciousness.   We heal this darkness by becoming aware of it. We all have unhealed feelings of fear in our psyche on some level and that is a fact whether you acknowledge it or not. Just know that alone will impede your growth spiritually.

Know that our true nature is not FEAR, but DIVINE LOVE! We are here to shine a light to the darkness. No Judgment and not being pulled in. Look at all with eyes of love, with hearts of love. When you encounter the darkness just don’t turn away no matter how bad t is. Maintain your focus of that as the master you are.  You see you have never been told or taught that you are a Master. Many lightworkers came from higher dimensions to be here for this transition and because of their love of humanity.

View everything from a position of LOVE.  Just continue to vibrate LOVE for everyone. Lightworkers can transmute the darkness into light. They are wayshowers and can help you find your way out of the darkness. You can do that too but first you must believe in who you are. A master and that also means the master of your destiny!

Maintain your heart of love and love with all your might and focus on your mastery always. What we focus on we will BECOME. Love heals everything.  Look at those awakening with hearts of love. As people in our lives awaken it is you who they will seek. Love them and be patient with them. You had many years of waking up but they did not. The time is now for all to awaken and they will need us. Those of us who are awake or were born awake are charged with a special mission. You will know if you are one of these lightworkers and so, that means you chose to be here and to help those that are awakening.

View it in the position of LOVE HEALS everything . No book or television can teach you how to heal a broken heart. That knowledge is stored within you and so much more.  Let those around you feel your vibrations of love. Share your knowledge with those that are now ready. When their life has no meaning, fear rears its ugly head. The darkness in this world can only heal when we can surrender everything to God.  It can come when we are weary or no longer have hope that things will get better. That’s where you come in and show them the Way.

When this group is ready they will come back to you. They have to do it their way like most of us do but they know where you are for you have been planting the seeds.  Every step you take to heal is a step for all. You must maintain your stance for truth even if those around you can’t see what you are doing or saying. If they can’t hear you its because they are not ready to accept that truth so they can’t move with you at that time but I truly believe they will eventually see it. They must do it their way and their timing. We are not to come from a place of judgment. No one knows what your life is truly about until they can walk in your shoes. Same here! We must respect them for their decisions good or bad it’s theirs to make.

No books, magazine or video can teach you this and it can’t open a heart until it is ready do so then the codes turn on. It must be on our timeline because for us that is the right timeline.  Heal and feel your vibrations of love. Once we are free from the shackles of fear the whole world opens up to you and you realize that not only is this world magical but so are you!

Have you ever wondered what is this thing we call Life?. We must recognize the light within and at this time as many do not. Sad isn’t it but being in this pandemic is actually about waking us up. Waking up all those people that don’t feel,  for they cannot see, feel or hear the same music, harmonic or resonance. This darkness can only be healed when the attachment has been severed. Then they realize that this darkness can only be healed when they surrender. Share your life with those that are ready to wake up for they need you.

Lightworkers this is our time. We have been training over many lifetimes so we know what to do.  Listen to your intuition, don’t strive or push, just flow. Angels walk with YOU always but there are so many of them now here supporting all of our efforts! You are never ever alone though you may feel you are. Understand that you came in with all the keys and they are inside of you. You have everything you need in this life inside of you. If you feel discouraged at times simply ask for help. Understand that your angels are standing by waiting to intervene but you must ask. Truly you do not need anything. Breathe into that knowing and remember who you are! You are a Master and Wayshower and you came here to show many the Way.

All of us here at WBG are here for you too. If you feel called, please join us as we have two zoom calls a week to help people during this transition and what comes next is unity consciousness. Yes, we are a currency group but our primary focus is humanity and all that it entails now and in the future.

You can contact me at and/or join Urban Knight Girl and I on Telegram call, (who has a ministry helping the homeless in Arizona) and who is one of our members at the World Benevolence Group. I will be on her Telegram channel as a regular guest speaker starting January 4, 2022 and my focus there will be on Spiritual Ascension & Truth of Religion.Every Tuesday evening at 5:00 pm CST 8:00 pm EST.

Peace, Love, Light & Joy,


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