(Reader: timjoebob) What is Truth?


Reader Post | By timjoebob

For starters, truth cannot be altered in true reality. I’ve adopted the idea that the only real, authentic, undeniable, unalterable, absolute truth is: ‘God is’. ‘God is’.

That’s it.

That’s the only real truth to me. Everything else is window dressing…illusion. I’m not really here, you’re not really here. We’re all dreaming the same dream…a psychotic dream…a matrix of bs so deep and all pervasive that it takes someone with a hell of an imagination to perceive and comprehend such audacious thoughts.

The entire universe and multiverse/omniverse could just disappear and the only thing left would be God and Heaven.

It feels pretty darn real to me, pal. That’s because it’s supposed to feel pretty darn real. The universe is supposedly our road map home. Home is Heaven. You can’t have any baggage when waking up from the dream and waking up in Heaven. Nobody wakes up in Heaven carrying anything from the illusion…you know…like grudges, disappointment, anger, fear, resentment …etc etc etc. It all has to be forgiven 100% which includes forgiving yourself while you gently lay the body aside forever only to return to the matrix as an ascended master in what would appear to be a body like anyone else, but instead, is just another illusion so as to communicate to the dreaming ones.

The most beautiful part of this, besides being in Heaven and realizing oneness with God, is ascended masters can come and go at will in order to perform God’s will by helping the sleeping people still stuck in the matrix. They can do this without fear of being trapped in the illusion/matrix because they know that it isn’t reality but just a dream state therefore they are able to enter the dream without getting stuck like we did. True ascended masters are here to help us, not deceive us. There are legions of false prophets and so-called ascended masters. They’re everywhere…all over the Internet…..and even here on this platform.

The other day I heard someone say that the devil speaks 90% truth and 10% lies. I disagree. I think those percentages are reversed. It’s my opinion, of course, but I’ll stand firm unless proven otherwise.


It doesn’t matter if you live to 100 or 1,000 or beyond, absolutely nobody gets out of the matrix alive, nobody. You have to lay the body down and let go forever this illusion. It’s done at the level of the mind along with the heart. When you are 100% pure love and have forgiven everyone and everything you will die for the last time. Even though we live forever, some of the inhabitants of the universe and the other universes of time, space, and form, no longer will have to reincarnate into the different matrixes or illusions because they will have ascended into true reality—Heaven.

So, here we are, apparently. Planet Psycho…. Planet Earth…..planet Freakshow…..planet Weirdo…planet What-the-hell-do-I-know. Call this 3rd rock from the sun whatever you want. The bottom line is that the truth is still the truth. What’s the real truth?

Well, I guess that’s up to the individual to decide what truth is to them.

Black Lives Matter thinks they know the truth.

Antifa thinks they know the truth.

Communists think they know the truth.

Satan thinks and knows the real truth and he is scared to death of it.


But, the truth remains unaltered…forever.

Just food for thought.



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