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I’ve watched this country go down a dangerous path for a long time now and thought maybe it’s time for this conversation. Then again maybe not for some, but regardless it needs to be said. I saw the tipping point many years ago and walked away. I got caught up in it myself as a youth.

If you live in the United States you live in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory ladies and gentlemen. It’s all there for the taking but it doesn’t mean you have to take it all. Try not to listen to your deadbeat grandpa if he’s a bad influence too lol. Something bad happened to every brat in that movie and they each had their own vices and weaknesses.

Mankind here has reached the peak of insatiability and the “pandemic” only shined a spotlight on that. I have never heard the word essential so incredibly misused in all my life. From toilet paper being essential to Door Dash drivers being essential workers and everything in between. It’s called cook it yourself and use a warm washcloth if you have to. Easier just to avoid a lifestyle that keeps you on a toilet in my opinion.

It’s also more hygienic because napkins are only so effective until you wash your face. There’s a line from a movie I always liked and that’s “fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life son.” In all fairness I was that young man once myself but the line couldn’t be more true. A quick story of a personal account I had several weeks ago on the topic of essential was I was behind a woman at Dollar General in the checkout line who had a shopping cart full of nothing but 20 Oz 6 packs of Mountain Dew. And I mean full.

Several kinds as if she was panic buying all they had. Now I live on the Illinois/Iowa border and this was in Illinois. I overheard the cashier say the machine won’t accept Iowa EBT because we’re in Illinois and the lady said that’s ok and paid with another option she had. As I am leaving she gets into an Illinois plated car and leaves.

Why is this person running around with multi state benefits buying anything but essentials with them? Totally bilking the system for a nonessential commodity, an amenity. Reminded me of Edgar in Men In Black. “Give me sugar, in water.” Funny scene and all but that’s who you’re surrounded by today in American society. A bunch of “Edgars” jonesin for a fix. A question people need to ask themselves with supply chain gaps and shortages is, are there really gaps and shortages or was all the things that are terrible for people artificially cheap and did someone or something put a stop to it? Quality water usually costs more than soda with carbonation and corn syrup added to it and that’s no accident folks it’s a diabolical scheme.

It feels good to have your cup full, but the feeling never lasts if we do not ever empty our cups. Folks have been caught up in consumerism and forgot the art of emptying the cup. Making sacrifice, to be grateful when they receive. The fact is when you get up everyday you receive suggestion from the matrix until the time you go to bed. It comes through a screen, the radio, and even all of your coworkers, family, and friends.

There’s a little “Agent Smith” in everything everywhere you go and he has multiplied and taken a stronghold on this nation. So much so that if you want to be a cut above nearly everyone around you that you’re almost better off to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing or saying to do. Try bettering yourself today and Agent Smith will come at you with guns blazing I can assure you. I see a nation suffering from an abundance of “choice,” not a pandemic. I don’t see a failed health care system causing high premiums.

I see an overused health care system as a result of poor choice. No one makes us smoke, drink, do drugs, eat junk food, drink soda, or any other things that are terrible for us. We just give into suggestion. No one makes us have a driveway full of certain cars and toys that keep us grinding away our whole lives either. We just give into suggestion. No one makes us have a big house to keep us holed up in and trade for a life inside vs the outdoors and all of God’s greatest creations. We just give into suggestion. No one makes us have big families or pets so there are more mouths to feed than we can effectively handle. We just give into suggestion. And when it’s all done nobody makes us buy a piece of real estate and a box to put our empty vessel in so someone can make one last pop off us. We just give into suggestion.

In fact no one makes us do any of the things that incur unnecessary cost into our lives that force us to jobs we hate to work for a 40+ hour week to maintain our “hustles and facades.” We just live in a “cult”ure that has tricked us into believing we should. Speaking of the word should. Take note how much you will hear this word in your life. See how many times you hear a sentence begin with “you should” and you may find yourself surprised. Listen for how often a food commercial tells you to “try” something. Do you need to try anything if your life is fine just the way it is?

Sometimes it’s not always about what we can bring into our life to make it better or improve it. What we can remove from it or abstain from is far too overlooked and underrated. If one can master the art of being happy with less and/or doing nothing, then anytime “something” comes around it’s amazing. A monk has a better day at one with nature than most Americans have in a year blowing a hard earned wad.

I would encourage many people to explore different cultures and ways of life around the world and you may be very surprised to learn that we are closer to a nation of kings and queens living in self entitlement than anyone would want to admit. We don’t own our lives, they own us, and thus corporate America owns us. So once the honeymoon is over, the pretty diamond on the finger loses it’s shine, you have to take the kids to Disneyland every year just to keep things interesting, and then run to happy hour after your shifts to maintain your sanity, I fear for you and have fun chasing those dragons all your life. The Who wrote a great song about this “experience.” It’s called Eminence Front. Give it a listen sometime.

A life like that will likely leave one on their deathbed wishing they could buy their way out of the situation so they can go chase something else to maintain the high. The phrase “self love” and the idea of loving one’s self have completely been misconstrued too. If you have a warped sense or interpretation of what abundance is it will catch up with you sooner or later. There have been many kinds of kings throughout history. Some were men hardened by an integral life of survival and would stand in front and die for their people.

Living examples of what they wanted their people, their flock, to be. Shepherds. Then there were also plenty who barked orders at everyone around them, required servicing, and laid around being fed grapes like a Roman. A life of hedonism. Time has shown over and over those empires never lasted and always fell in the end. Read about Charles II of Spain, there’s a real good one with some disturbing autopsy information that could make you question your life choices. I can’t pick on the kings without picking on the queens either. This whole “I’m a queen” nonsense that’s popped up in our culture has to stop. Anytime I hear this phrase uttered I usually have to pause and say to myself “what have you done lately to deserve such a title?”

It’s even become a popular tattoo, window decal, or bumper sticker. Thanks a lot Beyoncé and Queen Latifah. The best kings and queens who ever lived never had to announce it, they did it for the pure love. With the concept of notoriety well beneath them. They did it to honor God by caring for his people and not misguiding them. We all have our people under us whether we are acknowledging this or know it’s happening. We are each a living breathing example for everyone who follows us. Whether they be your kids or someone else’s. Someone is watching you. It’s the lifestyle of that of a lion vs that of a swine so choose your kingdom wisely. We can lead a pride or we can lead a hog confinement the choice is ours.

The Rogue Program


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