Steve Beckow: Ethnicity vs. the Uniqueness of the Individual


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

January 2, 2022

Ethnicity vs. the Uniqueness of the Individual

There’ll come a day – there’ll have to come a day – when we stop thinking in terms of nationalities and even ethnic groups and begin to think in terms of individuals.

A case we’re all familiar with is the view of all Jews as money-grubbing plotters for world domination. Poles have also been targetted as have Chinese, Japanese, and many other groups who share the characteristic of not being “us.”

None of these depictions has a particle of truth in it. And yet they’ve led to mass murders.

In fact all nations and ethnic groups are composed of individuals who differ on matters. Even if their groups have an agenda and a doctrine, individuals remain individuals and will differ. Moreover each of us is karmically responsible for our choices in those matters.

Opinions about people that amount to discrimination and persecution seem to appeal to people who think and feel mostly superficially. They’re usually used to whip up mob action.  Terrible destruction and a tightening of government control is a common – and indeed usually the desired – outcome.

Truthfully and actually, the path of spiritual evolution that life follows was, is, and always will be an individual affair. The aim of life is that God should meet God in a moment of our enlightenment. (1) That’s an individual journey and outcome.

Spiritual evolution boils down to the individual’s perfect unveiling or revealing of itself. It’s not a matter of what Jews or Poles or Chinese collectively are said to do or not do. That has little bearing on evolution except as the individual assumes it as their own personal viewpoint as well.

We’ve all heard of people who’ve escaped from massive human destruction with their values intact. Those people have chosen not to take the mass viewpoint on. This point was made recently by the writer who notes that consensus has nothing to do with scientific validity. We see that in relation to election fraud and the release of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The bioweapon/virus itself attacks the immune system. The vaccine contributes graphene hydroxide, which encourages clotting, and connects us to a 5G network that promises to control even our thoughts in the future. The plan seems to be to mind-control us until our early demise. They achieve both mind control of the population as well as depopulation of the globe.

And yet everyone is rushing to get the vaccine. Consensus does not prove scientific validity; it only reveals consensus.

Nationalities are largely irrelevant in terms of spiritual evolution.  Where we’ll be born is decided on the basis of the lessons we want to learn. And the body we’re born into is something we wear for that lifetime. What the soul inside carries with it is far more important than what nationality or ethnic group the body is thought to impose on it.

Never mind critical race theory. I’d like to see us de-emphasize nationality and ethnic group and re-emphasize the uniqueness of the individual. That acknowledges the centrality of the soul in spiritual evolution and the more-functional usefulness of the body.


(1) See The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment at


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