Steve Beckow: Did President Trump Take the Vaccine?


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

January 2, 2022

Did President Trump Take the Vaccine?

I imagine a lot of people are wondering whether President Trump did or did not take vaccines and booster.

We’ve been told that he’s speaking in code about it. Here’s Poof, for example:

“There are people falling apart, others not doing the job they were assigned, and people not understanding the coded language being used by your front line people like trump, that you can’t take verbatim.” (1) [My emphasis.]

The best additional explanation I’ve heard (my thanks to Sitara) comes from One Who Serves and Shoshanna through James and Joanna McConnell.  One Who Serves began:

One Who Serves: We are ready and gearing up for your next year, your New Year’s Eve celebration, and the new year that is coming. We will give just a bit of a hint here: what a year this is going to be in terms of truth coming forward. Get ready, because it is going to be quite astounding at times. But we will save that more for your New Year’s Eve celebration here. …

There is much information and misinformation that is being brought through here. And the truth is somewhere in the middle, we will say…. There are things that are going on, as you have heard many times behind the scenes, behind [President Trump], that he is working in a certain direction, and he must work both sides of the coin here….

And he is needing to do certain things to bring about a certain occurrence and various events that are building up here to bring about the more full change, we will say the change that you have been expecting in terms of your announcement over the airwaves, and many various ways. You call it the EBS system. It is all building for this.

So whether or not he has taken the shot or not taken the shot is really not important here. Even what he says to the people at this point is not important, other than he is playing a role here. He is playing a role. Now at times that appears that that role is leading to the other side, to the dark side. And at other times he plays the role that is leading to the side of the light. So he is playing both sides here to bring about a great announcement that is still yet coming. (2)

Shoshanna then stepped in and denied that Trump had taken the booster.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, we are going to step out of bounds here, and hope that we do not receive karma for this. But we will tell you unequivocally this one [Trump] did not receive what you call the booster shot. He did not receive this. Namaste.

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: Very good. I thought it was code for something, I don’t know what, but I still think it is code for something.

Shoshanna: Yes. (3) [My emphasis.]

So President Trump is again alleged to be speaking in code.

Remember when he said that Melania and he would be taking an RV to someplace?  That was code for the Reval. The President, it’s been said, must be out of the country when the RV is declared. (I’m not sure if that’s true information or not.)

One Who Serves then advises us:

OWS: Much is coming forward in the times ahead here. So be ready. It is going to be quite astounding as to many things that come forward in terms of your so-called vaccine, which is of course not a vaccine as you understand it, and many other things that will come forward in terms of truth and bringing about more full disclosure of everything that has been happening up to this point. (4)

I’ve been saying for some time that we should prepare ourselves because informative but shocking announcements are coming. This is what OWS is referring to.

How do I know they’re shocking? Because I’ve watched some video so evil, related to children is all I’ll say, that it left me trembling, weeping, and ready to leave this planet. I’m a witness to it so that you don’t have to look at it.

Moreover President Trump faces a divided nation and the possibility of a breakdown of control and worse. I’m willing to allow him to steer the ship of state even if his moves and countermoves don’t seem to make sense to me at times.

So all is not as it seems. But even if it were, in my opinion, President Trump knows what he’s doing.

Soon we’ll hear the whole story.  Do we want to look back on our role in it all and see that we played the role of the changeable crowd, the headstrong mob?  Now we support Trump. Now we want to hang him? I don’t think so. I certainly don’t.

So even though we’re going to be shaken to our cores by some of the news we’ll be hearing at some point, let’s resolve, as far as we can and after we’ve grieved, to remain as much in the middle, in the center, in balance as we can. Trump has his role; I assert that that is our role.

The resolution of all things, I contend, is to be found in the heart, in the center, in the middle. We already know we’ll come through this with flying colors. I never thought I’d hear myself say this: Let us be stalwart by remaining in the middle.


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