(Reader: Miron) Catherine Austin Fitts, 2 Interviews to Enlightening the Discerning Truthseeker



Reader Post | By Miron

Catherine Austin Fitts Truths in this interview,  to actually understand the hidden secret world of GOVERNMENT and shadow money from an insider not scared to shed light on Liars of the hidden second set of books and ambiguous semantics ! 



Mercenaries first for how many years(Insiders Too) , must I repeat  and the one of most hurt Iraqi nation of financial warfare that I salute…..its well deserved to Iraq and every nation, financial warfare was wrought onto including VND and Zimbabwe.

One day the QFS to know and add Her points to All and every action to actually understand and exercise the world meritocracy system in true execution of acts within this current platform of existence. This is the blessing of this  Christmas 2021 , as we’re told by many here in the RV world. QFS activated…QFS long live an account of everything,  finally Truth may find a base and establish itself in a complete world of lies and fabrication, visible in plain site everywhere Pushing Vaccines, Masks and a gamed Financial system run by the shadow system of everything by the PTB.

This History folks we have all lived & witnessed, will prove that the PTB allow many machinations as evident to all(vaccine & poisoning for profit), to accomplish their Ideal,  We the people must insist on Truth Transparency Justice for All, to bring balance within coexistence. 

The greed that this secret plan has sprung will bear many many fruit for us to all bear witness …Ron Giles I salute you for your latest article articulating Our reality within a framework of this CABAL.

In Truth, this is our only worth for in EONS only spirit consciousness has worth, That PATH of Humanity our cost in this immediately future.

I must State Openly & Clearly that As At 26 December2021 : to much suffering has been allowed to be inflicted by commercial interests upon Humanity to profit from,  while Financial powers have clearly usurped all forms of fiduciary duties to Humanity in control of Humanities vest interests as stated in Constitutions of Humanities Self preservation and self interests against self profit from the corporate Kleptocracy 

Please listen to understand,  this is my gift to all.

Knowledge from my discernment. I pray for a Ron Giles outcome(infinite humanitarian monies for TRUE prjects without self enrichment)that would elevate Humanity most, hopefully no hurt will come to those that were “under/not-planned for “as in a world everything is linked and if to much investment in one country,  many other countries can suffer,  which to date is unaccounted for in Truth and has created this unequal state of being on earth…3rd world independents, who if “don’t tow the line”  bombs fall on or are murdered by state sponsored murder.

Level the playing field PTB, or be remembered as Enslavors of Humanity.

Truth Transparency Justice

We are Witnessed. 

To All who seek profit within this space, be as profitable as You wish, remembered you did nothing if purity of Love as price tags of profit are for the now…

I see billions suffering today in a world if Unlimited wealth 

Why ??? Is it all only for Fintech and the Central Banks…insiders…




only Frank26 states what may be the trigger…almost every other has spoken untruths, maybe playing their books on harvesting Humanitarians as so many other long gone after filling the subscription base with UNTRUTHS 

I personally send love to all military agencies within this insider group of harvesting…maybe this QFS has complete understand to merit you Full worth of your dealings and your sowing so that Your Reap is valued 100% to your testimony and words and actions of Humanitarianism 

Love Light and Grace


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