For those Who have Given up, Grow Some Stones


Operation Disclosure | By Bruce Haines, Guest Writer

Submitted on December 28, 2021

For Those Who Have Given Up, Grow Some Stones.

Yep, this is a response to all those who have condemned the plan, who have tossed in the hat and complain like a sullen child that the endless disappointments of no EBS, not GCR, is just too hard to take and we should just toss in the towel. 

What about a “near death experience” do you not understand? 

What about not revealing the hand you are playing do you still not get?

What about your FAIITH in what is going on underneath you as you sit quietly at home with your cushy recliner, or your cold brew next to your computer and screen as you quietly move from site to site looking for answers and good news while the underground horrors of those in the military continue to kill and work on your behalf so you can continue to moan and groan about how hard you have it.  Yeah, it’s hard to endure the heartburn from the great Christmas feast you just had with your family and friends or that soft pillow you lay your head on tonight.  At least you are not in a DUMB with horrors to the left and right and all around which you wish you had never seen. 

Yes, and I expect when you read this you’ll quietly mutter “another poor idiot who has had the wool pulled over his eyes and is hopelessly stupid for not accepting what we who are in the know see – that it is over. 


Poor idiot.

No, I’m not the idiot and that poor idiot was not meant for me.

I won’t belabor the point, because I want to make sure and keep it simple for those of you who would know exactly how to end this if you were in charge. 

Uh-huh. Sure.

This is a war of a magnitude you can only imagine is “hard” but when the details (if ever) are revealed, you would probably soil your pants and thank God that it was not you doing the hard, gritty, and necessary work of stomping out the vermin that are the Satanist Cretans.

So, for those of us who are in the group waiting and are sure victory is coming as it is in the hands of God and who have not given up, know there are a lot more of us optimists who have the faith to hold the line and post videos and research and take the slings and arrows from family and friends – who all long ago wrote you us as unbalanced as we proceed down yet another rabbit hole with no definite answers. 

Stand tall, trust in the Alliance, in the over sixty years of planning , or for those who have “died” and will come back to life as they help behind the scenes, for those who continue to keep your faith close to your heart, and know that victory will be for all of mankind – even those of you who complain and whine and give up – the victory will be for you too. 


For those who will trash all that has gone on that you know nothing about, your anger and your negativity is EXACTLY what the Deep State wants you to do – be further divided, spread your loosh back into the dark so they can continue to feed and get strong on it.

You negativity is playing into their hands and working directly against those with the guts and determination to fight and not give up. 

Try a bit more meditating, try a bit more belief the unseen but real activity going on under your comfortable noses will yield the final victory.

It ain’t pretty, but it is necessary and it is war.  It is a near death experience  which you must embrace, not throw negativity at. 

Grow a backbone and quit complaining. 

And after all my raving, I will tell you I love all of you – I feel your pain as I feel it too, but I will not throw anything but words in opposition.  They are only words.  The true message of this response is I love all of you because I know you want what we all want. 

Freedom and a Beautiful World.

It is coming. 

It would come a lot faster if those who are throwing stones would take those stones and build a wall instead – one that is strong enough to sit on and watch those who have the weapons fight for us in this war. 

They deserve more than us throwing stones at them.


Happy New Year all – next year will be one for the records and then we will finally experience what a REAL Happy New Year is all about as the mop up of the Deep State will be well underway. 

The phrase is WWG1WGA. 

It is not WWGCWGI (Where We Go Complaining, We Go Individually).


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