(Reader: Radar Rider) Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss


Reader Post | By Radar Rider

Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss.

The golden rule (the REAL golden rule) says: “He who has the GOLD makes the RULES”.

The ‘cabal’ globalists apparently HAD all the gold, the power, and total control over us little people (aka peons, serfs, slaves, useless eaters, etc.)

NOW we are to believe the ‘good guys’, the ‘whitehats’, the ‘Alliance’ TOOK all the gold, the power, and the control over us away from the ‘bad guys’, the ‘cabal’.

So NOW, the ‘Alliance’ globalists HAVE all the gold. And ‘we the people'(still being peons serfs, slaves, useless eaters) have NEW masters, NEW bosses.

Instead of malevolent dictators, I guess we will have benevolent dictators?

The ONLY thing the ‘good guys’ did was wrestle control of the planet, the people and everything else away from the ‘bad guys’, who were our OLD masters, our OLD Boss/Bosses. The ‘Alliance’ didn’t do that for OUR benefit. They did it for THEIR benefit.


THEY let the dark forces run the world for hundreds or thousands of years. NOT US. THEY didn’t have total control of you and I, and they didn’t like that. The ‘good guys’ plan was to kick out the ‘bad guys’, so these ‘good guys’ could take over. Take over ALL of us, to rule us, to control us, to treat us like the slaves, serfs and peons we’ve always been. And ALWAYS WILL BE.

They were upset, because they felt THEY should be in control. Maybe the ‘good guys’ had some kind of agreement with the ‘bad guys’ dating back hundreds or thousands of years. Maybe the ‘bad guys’ promised to give up running the planet at some point, but broke their deal with the ‘good guys’. Maybe part of that deal was for all of humanity to be freed at a determined time. But, being satanists, they decided to keep control of everything, because that’s what satanists do.

So, since the cabal broke their promise – repeatedly – the ‘good guys’ decided enough is enough. They launch their plan to ‘free humanity’ and to give all the control, power and wealth back to We the People. Sure, it sounded like something us peons, serfs and slaves could only dream of. Something the ‘good guys’ could sell us, in order to get us on-board with their grand plan. And like any ‘plan’ we’ve ever heard throughout history to break our shackles and chains, it sounded unbelievable.


“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Likely, in the very beginning of the plan to free We the People, the ‘good guys’ “intended” to end our enslavement. But, since people are people, something went wrong – intentionally or not. Someone on the ‘good’ side entertained the idea that, maybe, it would be easier to just SAY the things we peons, serfs and slaves want to hear, instead of actually following through on their promises, at least for now. Sure, getting the world to a place without conflict, war, poverty, debt slavery. etc. sounds do-able. But it’s a really, really HARD thing to achieve for EVERYONE, right?

Maybe that person told others on the ‘good’ side their idea. Maybe then they all decided….”Ok, we LIKELY will be able to keep our promises to free all of humanity – eventually -, but maybe we should start slow, like with the rich people….you know, the ones who really aren’t in dire straits, but could use our help anyway.” So, the ‘good guys’ decide to go this route, and feel morally certain they’re doing the right thing.


Any damage, pain and suffering of We the People would be ‘acceptable’, for the greater good. I mean, the ‘regular people’ have suffered since the beginning of time, so what’s a few more years, decades, centuries anyway?? They can handle it, and it builds character!

And THAT is where we are today.

The damage, pain, and suffering continues. Every day we’re told ‘we’re almost there’, and ‘it’s right around the corner’, and ‘just hold the line.’

The intention of the white hats/good guys/alliance is to take care of THEMSELVES. Period.

At whatever point in history, they decided to say one thing and do another. Once they had control of the planet and everything and everyone on it, they decided ‘why not just continue ruling the peons, serfs and slaves, but in OUR way…it takes more work to try and dismantle the entire slave system, so we’ll just re-configure it, re-brand it.’

The cabal was so evil. But we, the Alliance, are good. We’ll be good dictators, not like the other guys were. We’ll persuade the peons to join the fight, and accept our plans as their salvation. And we won’t use the same methods and language as the cabal did. We will have control of everyone and everything, because WE, the Alliance, are the rightful rulers and owners of planet Earth, its people, wealth, resources and WE will create the perfect world!!


Don’t be fooled. The cabal was the OLD boss. The alliance is the NEW boss.

Only GOD gives us our freedom, rights, sovereignty, peace, security. We were born with all of these things and more. NO ONE on this planet, or any other planet, can save us or has any claim on anyone or anything.

God is in control. God cares for us, loves us, protects us, shelters us, and allows us to live as free and sovereign beings. Everyone and everything on all planets and in every universe belongs to God.


Only GOD will save us.

Remember that.


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