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Reader Post | By Done with it

We get it!

Our government and medical profession is trying to depopulate us.
The bankers are trying to enslave us.
The teachers are trying to bully the children and brainwash them.
The church is trying to shame you.
The politicians are trying to screw you over and over to get rich.
The justice system is trying to shut you up.
The stores are trying to starve you.
The oil companies are trying to make you stay at home.
The airlines are trying to stop you from traveling.
The internet gurus are trying to censor you.
The main stream media is just lying to you over and over.

So really what’s new?
This has been going on for years.
It has now went into hyperdrive.
We know it and we knew it would come.
So what do we do about it?

The term “Enough is Enough” and “We’re Not Gonna Take It”
Really means we are not complying anymore.
So don’t comply.

We were told to sit back and eat popcorn and just watch the movie when it was critical to remove this crap while we had the power.
Now we are being asked to do more.
More of what?

Do not comply to anything asked of you.
We just talk and talk and still comply.

As usual the common people are the ones to suffer and always do.
We need to sacrifice more and it will be a while longer.
My life is now and I don’t have that much time.

I say we stand up and just say no. Time is up and we are taking back our lives.
We’re not going to be puppets anymore.

Mankind has to take a stand and say it’s not going to be this way anymore.
We’re moving in this direction and if you want to follow, come on.
We are always the ones used as ponds by both good and bad people.
We can’t handle the truth. Try me. You never have told me the truth.

I will follow my heart whether you want to come or not.
Will not comply!

I drew the red line long ago and will not cross it.
Give me Liberty or Give me Death.

You may ask what can I do?
As I have.
My heart felt answer is this.
Do not comply.
Get off medicines that are not needed and most aren’t.
Eat healthy. Eat less. Cook at home.
Do everything that can to build you immunity, that is what it is all about.
Immunity, immunity, immunity.
Everything has been done to destroy your immunity for the kill shot.

If your immunity is up you will survive.
You were made to get sick.

That is what builds immunity as well.

Most of all do not trust everything the Medical Profession tells you.
Years ago I learned that if the Government or Medical Profession said it was good for you then it probably was bad and visa versa.
Your body is the greatest healer.
Use it.

Ponder this, if the Government and Medical Industry was payed more to benefit man than to destroy it, would they take the most money?
Yes they would.
It’s all about money.

Done with it


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