(Reader: Chronic Atheltics) Red Flags for Christmas 2021: The Largest Event for Mankind in Human History


Reader Post | By Chronic Athletics

The largest events for mankind in human history and no one is talking about it > The release of St Germain & Rodriquez trust for humanitarian works. Yet only a sentence or two posted by so-called gurus should be the red flag of all red flags. These two trusts are to release the largest funds in the world on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2021 yet not any covered on it on these boards by so-called gurus why is that? Not even one post as to the confirmation that they have been released now on Christmas Day. Something is seriously wrong with this picture…

The post today on all boards should read The St Germain & Rodriques Trust paid out— yet nothing no mention WHY IS THAT????????????????????????????????? Can anyone of the so-called gurus tell mus why that is? and why they don’t post on this issue? 

Why isn’t this front-page news everywhere? Why? Why isn’t this on the post of every single so-called guru that posts on these boards???? 

Let’s connect the dots shall we……. (I strongly urge everyone to follow Dr. David M Martin and watch his latest interview on rumble titled  >

Why Does Trump Keep Promoting the Vaccine?

found at

Not to mention red flag number 2,  Trump continues pushing the jab and straight lying on Fox News and in his interview with Candace Owens. Dr. David M Martin calls Trump out on the carpet for his lies and lack of integrity. Trump got a lot of money from big pharma Trump took a jab called Regeneorn not offered to the public yet has concealed that fact for om the public and made a public statement that he took the jab and boosters and that all jabs are safe and haven’t killed anyone which is a blatant utter lie. Why is he lying to the public on National Television?

This is the team that we are supposed to trust to bring forth a gold-backed currency and stop the steal? 

Just go to the website and look at the collection of its global members if you have been paying attention you would know that Steve Bannon & Donald Trump were awarded membership into this society a few months ago with their pictures right next to all the other members yet now their two pictures are being withheld from the public eye on their website yet their membership inclusion is not … why is that? Why is General Flynn & Ron De Santas listed beside some of the most nefarious characters in the representation of the evil that they supposedly condemned? Trump is guilty of allowing the murder of innocent people of all ages across the globe and directly targeting Americans and the elderly aged 65 and older along with the rest of the conspirators including the owners of Blackrock and their hold on the military-industrial complex to this crime against humanity — 

Item #3 so-called gurus –when we run a stat analysis on data they provide for the posts by the top so-called top gurus over the last 8 months (not necessary to go back any further) one can start to clearly see some interesting and disturbing trends and pattern in the data traits happening by all of the above and the percentage ratios for intel/misinformation that they have been stating come front and center…are they being intentionally mislead by their handlers? The ever provers of hopeium… tomorrow, two more days, this date that date, my intel military sources blah blah blah.. Even a broken clock is right twice a day! 

One glance at the website and one or two interviews with Dr Davod M Martin alone dismiss everything they have pitched stated nad told the public on these boards let alone the 98% ratio of incorrect info dismantled by them constantly everyday day in day out, the only thing that is correct is the constant pitch of hopeium to keep you and I to come back each day and keep your hope alive never disclosing the source or stating a reference source. I am not here to shame them or belittle them. They need to fully understand the ramifications they have in playing the pawn in the game and are either a) being used or b) willfully participating in deceiving day after day month after month. Send in a FOIA Freedom of Information Act request on this intel they pitch and see what you get back in return….  meanwhile, no election overturning -no final results happening, no stop to anything and Trump continues to push jab etc… why is that? 

If you don’t at least consider these red flags and stop to question the narrative are you really free anyway?  Merry Christmas


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