(Reader: timjoebob) The Art of War? More Like Psychosis


Reader Post | By timjoebob

It’s so insane and diabolical and ultimately stupid that one can only come up with “WTF?”

Our so-called leaders who are ‘dumb-as-fence-post-politucal-parasitites’ have had the audacity to actually brag about how they’ve studied ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu as if that’s going to make a difference in a battle against an adversary where the very origin of such a philosophy comes from the absolute masters of war.

Pure unbridled madness. …and stupidity on a universal scale of immeasurable magnitudes is what is afoot here. The White Hats/Alliance have misinterpreted and underestimated the savvy war mongering hoard of China. They, China, already rule the world. What more proof does anyone need to see? The only Terra Firma they don’t own or control in America is Florida and Texas…and maybe South Dakota. There is no United States of America…only the Divided States of America…the Commi-Fascist States of Americhina.

Mike Adams: “The ‘vaccines’ are simply the weapon system to exterminate enough active duty soldiers so that America’s defenses will be largely nullified. Once that is accomplished, the invasion begins. This is how China coerced America into killing off its own active duty military soldiers before invasion. Classic Sun Tzu, Art of War: The war is won or lost before it even begins by reshaping the battlefield.”

I’m not alone. Mike Adams usually always calls a spade a spade. He calls it the way he sees it. I see it. Do you see it, now?

A for sure ‘death experience’ or at least a ‘near death experience’ is guaranteed for all. I don’t think 80.1% or more support is going to make one little dent in the armor of such a villain. China did their homework…I mean Satan did. Before you poo-poo me, maybe you should consider the evidence of how this war is really going. Look at the evidence. Be practical. Be honest. Take a really good look. Whether behind the scenes or out in the open, the web of Satanic cultism is so pervasive that I’d say we have about a 20% or less chance of winning at this stage of the game.

And people wonder why I’m on edge 24/7/365.


That pesky little thing called ‘evidence’ paints a very bleak landscape in my art collection.

There’s going to be a tsunami of back peddling articles coming out. Look at Trump. He sounds like Biden on the vax. OMG!

Trust the plan. C’mon, man. Give me a break. You expect me to trust a plan where it’s allowed to eliminate or disable the very military that’s supposed to be protecting us?

Somebody seriously needs an anal cranial inversion removal.

When I do the simple math, my answers don’t add up to a win, but, it does add up to a freight train load of unimaginable dystopia if these so-called White Hats/Alliance don’t pull their heads out of their asses long enough to see that 80.1% or more support is just an arbitrary number meant to sound like it’s an intelligence operation that knows no other possible way of defeating such a formidable foe other than just trusting a plan that nobody even knows how it works.

Talk is cheap.

Action is pay dirt.


MSM still rules the airwaves. Chemtrails still cover the skies. Vax is still the rage. Mandates still move forward. Commi-Fascist Americhina slips deeper into oblivion. The awakening is slower than molasses in freezing temperatures. The Fat Lady has committed suicide because her concert has been canceled indefinitely.

Really? Seriously?

Yeah, I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy today. Remember, death and destruction comes first before anything else.

Planet Psycho holding true to form in a fake reality. It’s all illusion. But, try telling that to people who have lost everything.

Trust the plan.



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