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Operation Disclosure | By Thinker2, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 24, 2021

Follow the Leader?

Who is your Leader?

  • God
  • Yahshua (Jesus)
  • Trump
  • Biden
  • Parkes
  • Shiva
  • Satan

Are you looking for a new Leader? If Trump and “Jesus” don’t come back, will you let the Satanists be the Leaders?

V For Vendetta “Why they need us”

The Matrix is a System Neo (1999)

Is the System your Leader?




Who taught you, you need a Leader?

I hope you know; We do not die. We reincarnate. If you believe otherwise; You swallowed the lie that death is the end.

Energy (We) can neither be Created nor Destroyed, only Transmuted (Ice, to Water, to Steam, to Hydrogen / Oxygen, to Heat / Light.)

American Beauty Ending (1999)

Some day you will understand.

Yahshua (Jesus) was not crucified for your sins. (That is the Lie.)

He died publicly on the cross to prove; We do not die! (Whose sins did Lazarus die for?)

If only Yahshua resurrected, that’s a miracle. If Lazarus and Yahshua resurrected, it’s no miracle, it’s natural.




When we believe death is the end, we behave one way. (Satan’s way.)

When we believe death is NOT the end, we behave another way. (Yahshua’s way.)

What we BELIEVE defines what we DO!

When we change what we believe, we change what we do. This change in THINKING is called “Repentance”.

Be, Do, Have! (Who are we Being?) What do we have? (Slavery!)

When we believe we need a Leader, we follow the Leader. Which will eventually drive the Leader insane (Power Corrupts).

Do Leaders need followers?

If Leaders need followers, wouldn’t Leaders teach people to follow?

Why do you need a Leader?

The biggest problem humanity has is denying responsibility. “The Devil made me do it.” – Flip Wilson




Can you be responsible, or do you need to blame your Leader? (Project your responsibility onto someone else.)

Are you willing to be your own Leader? (“I made this!” – Way of thinking.)

Is that more responsibility than you can handle? (“You can’t handle the truth!” – Way of thinking.)

What if; instead of looking for a new Leader, we looked for how to be the Leader we want?

Stop looking for a Leader Outside, and start looking for the Leader Inside!“Any Government is as good or bad as the people running it.” – Anthony de Mello

“If all you are doing is replacing one set of Wolves with another set of Wolves, what’s the point?” – Anthony de Mello

In my observation people only need two personality treats to be considered psychopathic; 1. good (Charismatic) 2. bad (Homosidel)

Good Seduces, and Bad Destroys = Psychopathy

  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (one man with two behaviors)
  • Apollo & Lucifer (day & night)
  • Good Cop & Bad Cop (white & black / black & white / Police Cruiser)
  • The tree of knowledge of good and bad
  • Republican & Democratic (two wings of the same bird)
  • Conservative & Liberal (two wings of the same bird)

A Democracy = Mob Rule = Perpetual Conflict = Lawlessness = Lynching = Cannibalism = Voter Fraud = System

Conservative / Liberal are not what we think…
A Conservative respects the Rights and Freedom of others. (If not, they are liberal (RINO).)
A Liberal ignores the Rights and Freedoms of others. (Double Standard / Hypocrite / Satanist)
Conservative: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” – Luke 6:31
Liberal: “Let do what thou wilt be the whole of the Law.” – Aleister Crowley (Satanist)
Liberal Govern-mind: Fascism, Feudalism, Corporatism, Capitalism, Communism, Satanism, Democracy is as Lawlessness as a Lynching, Cannibalism, and Voter Fraud!




The System name change is “Rebranding” of the same old System of Slavery.

The King is dead, long live the King! (One Leader is replaced with another, and the Slavery remains.)

Leaders need Slaves. Are you a slave to the system? Or are you your own Leader.

When all the people are good (respect others), there is no more psychopathy. The result is Unity and Equality.

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal… EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW

The Civil War failed to Abolish Slavery, William Wilberforce failed to abolish Slavery. Guy Fawkes failed to blowup Parliament.

The System Remains, Slavery Remains, Leaders and Followers Remain, Slavery Remains.

Judy Garland – Follow the yellow brick road

(Oz is the unit of measure for Silver and Gold.) “Follow the Money.” – Deep Throat

What are you going to do about it? Follow a new Leader, or become the leader you want to follow?




The Tao of Kung Fu #17 – I worship life

What do you worship? (Life.)

The Way of Wisdom in Action (Tao Te Ching)

Peace Love, and blessings,



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