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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

The day before yesterday was winter solstice. Thank the creator, the days are getting longer. By the way: When I write of the Creator, it may well be that I also mean a Creatress, so don’t nail me down on that. I already put enough words on the gold scale when I write or share news on the channel so that readers don’t pigeonhole me into a category I don’t belong in at all. And I certainly don’t continue the denigration of our German language by going along with the Gender crap. It’s bad enough for me to follow the new German spelling rules, because everything looks wrong to me when I follow those “rules”. I have also been told that the English translation has grammatical errors, but I don’t care about that either. What matters is the content of what is written, just as we should not judge people by their appearance, but by their actions and what they say. This is something crucial that we will also have in the new world: There will be no more status symbols or judgments of appearance. Only the human being will count!

Portal days, winter solstice, full moon, incoming energies, channelings, predictions, dates, Schumann frequencies, one-, two-, three- and four-year deltas, gematria, duration of videos, delta day numbers, horoscopes, calls to meditations, etc., DO YOU STILL COME? Posts from the military, coding, decoding, opinions, guesses, views, assertions, etc., DO YOU STILL COME? I’ll be completely honest with you guys: I’m not coming along anymore!

Most of the channels I subscribe to for research purposes, I just scroll through every day. Whether it’s bloomers, hearts, unicorns, praying hands, or any of the above, it’s just getting too much for me and it’s getting worse by the day. How are we ever going to be able to act on our own responsibility or even begin to learn it, if all we do every day is browse channels and get messages that mostly don’t happen. If we follow someone who can only make assumptions just like we do. I don’t mean the channels that just post messages or news and let the readers decide for themselves what to make of it. I don’t mean the channels that keep patriots in line by spreading positivity. Isn’t it so that everything that was done in the old world (which, by the way, is dying right now), by whomever, shouldn’t really interest us. With me then always a bad conscience comes up, because I have resisted actually much too late, instead mostly looked away and have permitted many things.

I can still remember it well: 2020 was the year of awakening and 2021 will be the year of change. We also passed this on to our readers and viewers. And? What happened? Off by at least a year, right? Let’s do this: Let’s watch videos from last year, read articles from last year with predictions and then determine what all the horoscope operators, channelers, etc. said and what of it came true. And then we can decide if we can believe or trust them this year. Perhaps we learn from it that we should also remain here in an observer position and not take everything from everyone at “face value”. What is left if we rely on all the great forecasts? Here, too, we hand over our personal responsibility to others instead of shaping reality ourselves through our actions, our thoughts, the way we would like it to be. This reliance on others needs to change just as much as scarcity thinking, perhaps it is even more important. Indeed, it has led us to where we have been. In disguised dictatorships. “They do what they want up there anyway!” will soon be over, because in the future we will do what we want! The last months and years of digital struggle have shown us that.

That’s why I prefer to deal with my future, which will be better for all of us. What is taking place right now is a war with digital soldiers, who, by the way, are getting stronger and stronger. The Deep State is getting weaker and weaker because it has already lost every “battle” before it started. The Alliance, the Earth Alliance are getting more powerful by the hour, by the day, the military is positioned worldwide to catch even the last stooges. They do not know it yet, still weigh themselves in security, think they still have power over the people. Especially in Germany still to notice, unfortunately. But their days are numbered, justice will come. How many people finally have grown doubts? How many policemen realize the mistakes they have made in the last months? How many vaccinated people realize they will never get out of the vaccination loop, refuse further vaccinations and finally fight back? Folks, this is a smoldering ember that will soon ignite a fire the world has yet to see. And how many police realize they stand NO chance against thousands of protesters when push comes to shove? Above all, many realize that they were just used. Police officers are also residents of a country, police officers are also human beings who can’t be fooled for long.

The cleanup has been going on for a long time, now around Christmas time it will be pushed again, I am sure. When and how can’t matter to us, can it? The important thing is that it is happening and it will happen. It is the same with the future wealth of all of us. It doesn’t matter whether it comes from any historical funds, whether it comes through the exchange of ZIM and currencies, whether it comes from the LWS or from organizations with similar concepts, whether it comes through access to our collateral accounts or whether there will be unconditional basic incomes. It basically doesn’t matter, does it? I maintain that no one is right with any statements and forecasts, because no one can know about it. All of this is unprecedented, never has an entire world been completely liberated and all of its inhabitants become rich in one fell swoop. And those who have worked out this plan and are carrying it out never give any information to the outside world. “Hey, guys, in two days we’re going to do a hard lockdown so we can arrest all the people in authorities, OK? Prepare yourselves ahead of time, stock up on supplies, if you can’t do that, you’re out of luck!” Does anyone really believe that? That information will be leaked and published so the Deep State can prepare? At least the stooges, the heads are already gone.

So I just scroll through and take myself out of a lot of information because I realize that it overwhelms me and also “pulls me apart”, not to mention the time that I then lack for perhaps more important things. Who can watch several videos every day (” Must see! “), which are not always short? Who can read several articles every day that also take time? And above all, all the information that is currently emerging does not go in one direction. Here something is asserted, which does not arrive or also did not arrive, there again an expectation is pushed up, and another info pulls us down again. What do I have to deal with assertions about our past, or about our present, if NOBODY can present conclusive proofs. It’s not really interesting now, we’ll soon get all the information we need first hand and conclusively proven. Do I have to get involved in discussions there now or act up as a knowledgeable person? Everything comes in its time. Truth always prevails.


None of us needs to follow anyone, no one needs a leader or guide. Everyone should come back to his own responsibility and get information to implement this responsibility. Get your own picture, connect dots yourself, form your own individual opinion. And not just parrot everything that leaders or leaders say. That’s what has led us to where we are now, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if we were raised, indoctrinated or otherwise influenced from the outside, everyone now has the unique chance to pull themselves out of it all. And we should pull ourselves out, we need our powers soon more than ever. Now, when everything seems to be coming to a head, calmness is important. Act more thoughtfully, wisely and prudently observe everything for the time being. There is still time to act until the last thing has been cleared up. That still takes time. At a certain point, changes will have to come simultaneously or shortly after each other, but we are not there yet. Maybe it will happen now over the coming holidays, we don’t know, only suspect.

I may retire. Watch cheesy Christmas movies (they all have one thing in common: they show what our world will soon look like every day!), or read an uplifting book, or maybe I’ll finish painting pictures I’ve started. Or I’ll take our dog on more extended walks. Maybe I’ll also tidy up the apartment, I’m the only one who takes care of that in our house anyway. Maybe I’ll drink a few glasses of wine or beer and just look out the window. The bird world is very active since it has become cold and I have started feeding them. Who knows, maybe I will also get some new inspiration and write articles. Anyway, I am looking forward to the new world that is about to show itself. I am very grateful that I am where I am, that I can do what I want to do. It is already a little bit like it will soon be for me and for all of us. Give yourself a nice Christmas present, take some time out and deal with your own future without worrying about how and when.

So, since I don’t know if and how I’ll be locked in over the holidays, I’d like to thank all my readers today for their support in 2021, as well as the site owners who publish my articles. And I want to wish you all a great Christmas, quiet days and rest. Fill up with strength for the future tasks, who knows what gifts we will get. Thank you for giving me your attention. Thank you!!!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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